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My physical, mental, and creative energy is clearly at its peak when I’m in a higher state. My passion and enthusiasm are ramped up


There are days when my mind is in the ‘duh’ state where everything is fuzzy and can’t seem to get it together. But then there are those moments or days where my mind turns on a bit and I can think again. At its best, my mind will fully awaken and my thoughts are crystal clear.


My Story, the meaning that I place on things, has less affect on me while in a higher state. Away from the dulling affects of the Conditioned Mind, I see things that are in front of me in their full detail and presence “as if for the first time.” For me, having a “fresh” mind is everything.


Ideas come easily, access to “genius.”


The “magic” and essence of an experience are present.


Our senses are more in tune with the details and subtleties


Ability to fine-tune and hone your skills, craft, talent


The mind is able to focus and make connections, our bodies find the rhythm of our actions, things click into place


“Success” is the ability to experience high levels of passionate engagement with life in any moment, no matter what’s going on.


Though I love being in action for fun, like skiing, windsurfing, diving, I also love it when I find myself having a ball doing nothing much at all. This reminds me that its the state of mind while doing anything that leads to a life that is fulfilling and satisfying

Are you an entrepreneur or creative and tired of just ‘getting by’?

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