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I’ve been plagued with my family’s legacy of not being able to sing, something I’ve secretly longed for, the ability to freely express my joy, heart, and soul through the expression of music!

I just couldn’t sing the way I wanted. It was definitely a hit or miss with singing in key, the tone was blah, and the phrasing and lyrics hard to remember. And I most definitely could not even think of harmonizing or improvising! (read below how this ALL changed dramatically!!)

And though I spent 3 decades learning, studying, practicing, living, breathing music, music, and more music ….

I just couldn’t do it.

Express myself, freely.

And I tried with multiple instruments including guitar (my main instrument), bass, keyboards, and percussion (which I really love!).

But something was always in the way, blocking what was wanting to come out.

Well, like any reasonably sane person would do, after years and years of trying everything in my power to find a way to let it all out …..

I gave up.

I forgot about it.

Well, maybe not completely! Somewhere in me the hope that maybe just maybe some day a miracle might happen remained alive, if but a dim flicker.

But then …. when I least expected it …

Something happened.

In my ongoing quest of expanding my Life as a Wave body of work and its many “Wave Tools” to tapping and expressing our passion, our genius, I came up with a new approach that would turn out to be the one and only approach that would unexpectedly unleash my inner singer!!!!!!

And then some, actually!

The “Flow Cushion”

I’m still working on how to best describe this approach and what it feels like, but I’ll do my best to give you an idea of what it’s all about.

Try this:

Take a deep breath and stop when your lungs are full and just hold it for a brief moment.

Next, exhale until your lungs are empty and hold it there for a brief moment. 

Breath in again and stop. Exhale and stop.

Notice the stop-start feeling.

Now do the same thing again but this time breath so that there’s no perception of stopping and starting. Make it one continuous experience.

The stop-start is what I call “edges.”

The Flow Cushion is an approach, feeling, and experience where there are “no edges.”

There’s a rounding out of the transitions of your body as it’s moving.

Now try this:

Lift your arm straight out in front of you and then move your arm out to the side pointing straight to the horizon as you move your arm.

As you go from one end to the other, intentionally stop your arm, then start moving it and then stop again, and then keep moving forward, then stop, sideways, then stop.

Again, the stop-start are the “edges.”

Now do the same but as you change directions, slow down towards the ends so that as you go in the new direction, you cannot feel a “hard transition.”

So the essence of the Flow Cushion is where any and all body movements (including your vocal chords if singing) is one continuous flowing expression.

That’ll give you at least a rough idea of what I’m talking about. I’ll be working on a variety of demos so you can really get the experience and the liberating power of this approach! 

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Doing the impossible

Earlier I shared with you my inability to sing on key, harmonize, or improvise.

Well … that has now all changed!!!

As I practice the Flow Cushion on a daily basis when I’m exercising, my body and mind are slowly but surely:

  • Learning what it feels like to be in flow
  • To trust the experience!
  • To not do “course correction” but instead simply go back to the feeling and sensation of the Flow Cushion anytime I notice an “edge.”

So what can I do now you ask??

After years of struggle and eventually giving up all hope, I can now effortlessly and consistently:

  • Sing in key with beautiful intonation!
  • Spontaneously harmonize with the music playing in my headset.
  • Easily improvise my own little melodies off the chord progression.
  • Imitate the sound of the singer as well as any instruments I want to mimic with my voice!
  • And …. the most incredible thing I can now do is ….

Sing along with a song I’ve never heard before!!!

Now wait a minute! How is this possible? I mean, if I’ve never heard it before or let’s say it’s an unfamiliar style or maybe there’s heavy syncopation … how the hell am I able to sing as if I already know the song?!?

That’s impossible, right?

Yep! That is, until we understand the true nature and power of being in flow and entrained with the music, where “the music is doing me,” and I’m simply the conduit for the music to flow through me!

This is a huge game changer when it comes to:

  • Your ability to perform or express yourself creatively
  • Easily and effortlessly moving toward mastery of anything you desire
  • Tapping into your higher abilities that are literally built in your mind and body
  • Enjoying peak states of experiences and joy and fulfillment!

So there you have it!

That’s my little story on how I went from not being able to sing a note in key to being able to effortlessly connect and express music like never before!

If you’d like to learn more about how you can use the Flow Cushion to better do your thing, get in touch with me!

Are you an entrepreneur or creative and tired of just ‘getting by’?

NOW is your time to THRIVE and we can help!


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