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Who am I?

I am a catalyst for change.

What does that mean? I act as an all-in-one source for all the support, encouragement, strategies, and resources you need to do your thing to the fullest.

It is one thing to have an idea, a goal, dream, or passion, and it is a completely other thing to actualize it all into full fruition.

Change, the pursuit of what you want, in any form, can be quite the challenge to be sure – it’s tricky stuff.

What I do is act as a conduit for what you seek – living your higher potential, the pursuit of a passion, starting/growing your business, creating more happiness and fulfillment and less stress and anxiety, optimizing your health, building/improving your relationships – whatever it may be …

I’m here for you.

I offer a variety of ways to work together including 1-on-1 live coaching and personal growth training for individuals and organizations throughout the world.

A small sampling of topics we can explore together:

    • Stress reduction
    • Mindset conditioning
    • Peak performance
    • Entrepreneurship & Online business
    • Teen & young adult program

My Story

Like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, from the book by Richard Bach, I realized at an early age that I didn’t want to merely “hang with the flock to find food and shelter.” I wanted to discover the world, find out what I was capable of, bring new creations to life!

Life is an adventure and meant to be lived to the fullest!

When I coach, I bring the “all of me.”

  • My background in engineering, music, mind theory, as well as …

My energy, my enthusiasm, my skills, my experiences – including 20 years of coaching, extensive training in personal growth, building websites and courses for entrepreneurs, running a successful online business, playing Jazz guitar and world percussion, inventing gadgets, and enjoying an active lifestyle skiing, playing tennis, and kiteboarding.

My training & background

  • Studied core coaching competencies through the International Coaching Federation, of which I’m a founding member and technical adviser for the local chapter here in Buffalo, NY., and through Coachville, a premier source for learning the art of coaching..
  • Participated on the development team for Thomas Leonard, known as “the father of coaching.”
  • Explored other sources of insight and know-how including the 300+ books I’ve read and seminars I’ve taken on personal growth and the nature of life and mind.
  • Learned a ton traveling my own uncharted path and working through the myriad challenges of pursuing my passion.
  • Studied Electrical & Computer Engineering as well as music at the Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts, Musician’s Institute, and Los Angeles Music Academy.
  • Synthesized all of the above into a body of work I call Life as a Wave. Read my ebook, Life as a Wave: 4 Principles of Rhythm & Flow to learn more.

I’ve had some amazing adventures …

Play Button Play Button
  • Lived for a short time on a sailboat in the Grenadine islands searching for the ultimate kiteboarding spots (my #1 passion).
  • Ran a business selling my tabletop waterfalls.
  • Invented gadgets from what I learned as an engineering student like my Automatic Guitar Tuner and Talking Caller ID.
  • Studied Jazz guitar and world percussion with legendary musicians like Pat Martino, Stanley Clarke, and Norman Brown.
  • Played percussion for an Emmy-winning movie, On Hallowed Ground.
  • Climbed to 14,000 feet to ski through the “no fall zone” of Jupiter Peak in Park City, Utah in chest-high powder.

I’ve overcome challenges along the way …

  • Learned how to remain positive while living in my van for 6 months when the music thing didn’t work out as planned.
  • Chose to not be a victim to circumstance while the helicopter flew me to the hospital after a serious ski accident that left me with 8 broken ribs, fractured collar bone, and dislocated hip.
  • Found ways to live my adventures despite my fuzzy mind that often refuses to focus and pay attention.
  • Felt peace within myself after years of loneliness and frustration of not being understood.

And I’ve celebrated wonderful victories …

  • The benefits of committing to exercising every single day without exception (1,296 days and counting!).
  • The freedom of unconditionally accepting who I am, flaws and all.
  • The satisfaction of getting lost in drawing, painting, and sculpting.
  • The fulfillment of making a difference in people’s lives.
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