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The truth is that every sweepstakes prize is taxable. Whether you win $10,000 in cash, a big vacation, or a simple baseball cap, you are legally obligated to declare the prizes on your taxes. Prizes are taxed like any other form of income. Whether you make $50,000 working for an employer or win a $50,000 vehicle makes no difference to the IRS. If an employer offers paid vacation, it must comply with applicable state law. For example, some states treat vacation pay as wages for purposes of wage payment requirements. This 50-state survey including the District of Columbia identifies Yes Vacation pay is only considered wages when an employer policy determines vacation pay is due. New Jersey No. Employers must follow their policy. Not addressed by the state If an employer chooses to provide vacation pay they must give it uniformly and in accordance with established policies or agreements. New Mexico No Not addressed by In these states, vacation time is considered a form of earned wages, which must be cashed out when the employee quits or is fired as explained below . A policy that takes vacation time away is therefore seen as illegal wage theft. Vacation payments may or may not be considered wages for UI purposes, depending on whether the payments are made as a result of a termination of employment as used in Code Section 1265.5. But data studies that track employees behavior can also be used to cull a workforce. As the 2008 recession ripped through the economy, HR officials in the tech sector started to look at those Cataphora charts with a new purpose. They saw that some workers were represented as big dark circles, while others were smaller and dimmer. If they had to lay off workers, and most companies did, it made sense to start with the small and dim ones on the chart. She s been gone four years now. I was surprised that she left everything to me, but we were always close, and her son lives in Houston now. His name was Wofford. Remember him? Why? Roy said. Because I was in prison? I was innocent. You know I was innocent. When that lady got raped, I was with you. So you know I didn t do it. Don t treat me like a criminal, Celestial. You re the only one that knows for sure. Please don t treat me like I got some kind of disease. Multinational accounts have propelled agencies into the international market. Shell was responsible for my building a worldwide network of agencies. This Shell ad is from Ogilvy Mather s Frankfurt office. When a 20-year-old sells his Internet company for $30 million dollars, you read about it on a tech blog. The event is lauded and showcased for all to admire. Sidelined is the process-you didn t hear about the long hours of coding the founder had to endure. You don t hear about the cold dark days working in the garage. You don t hear about how the company was founded on credit cards at 21.99 interest. You don t hear about the founder and his rusty P.O.S. Toyota with 174,000 miles.

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