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Gift Card Balance. Gift Card Number PIN Gift Cards can be redeemed online at, by phone, and at Books-A-Million, Bookland, and Books Co. stores. Available in any amount from $5 to $500. Ships for free. Redeemable online, by phone and in stores. Need to check the balance on a gift card you received? Follow To check your gift card balance click My Account in the top right then Gift Card Balance . A pop-up window will appear and you will enter the gift card number and PIN located on the back of the card or in your eGift certificate email. You can also check your Gift Card balance using My Account. Sign into your account, scroll down to the Manage Payment section and you will see Gift Card Balance. Enter your Gift Card information and click Check Balance and your balance will be provided. A PIN is not needed for E-Gift Certificates issued before 1 3 2017. Manage Your Millionaire s Club Membership Call Books-A-Million s customer service phone number, or visit Books-A-Million s website to check the balance on your Books-A-Million gift card. Need to buy another Books-A-Million gift card? Browse our selection of cash back and discounted Books-A-Million gift cards, and join millions of members who save with Raise. In Figure 2-1 , Rapport Online ranks the return on investment, defined as cost-effectiveness in generating leads, for a variety of online-marketing tactics. The lowest ROI appears at the bottom of the cube, and the highest appears at the top. Lesser came back in 1985, this time with legendary boaters Bob McDougall and Lars Holbeck, and another helicopter. The chopper ferried supplies, abetted portages, and served as a security blanket should things go sideways. But there was no sideways. The trio pulled it off, completing a milestone first descent down the whole of the Stikine. 1 In Advertising Inside Out , W.H. Allen, London 1977 The first thing Mike Swanson did when he exited the building was check his reflection in the mirror. This wasn t vanity it was protocol. The building was the Willis Tower, formerly the Sears Tower, 108 stories of cold steel, black glass, and modern ingenuity. From the ground, Swanson had difficulty looking up. He is severely afraid of heights and just the sight of the Tower s upper edge, some 1,451 feet above, made him nervous. But looking up wasn t the issue just then. That s because Swanson hadn t exited the Willis from the street level. He did not use the main doors. Nor the side doors. Not even the emergency exit. Swanson had just jumped off the roof. To make the long-term burden sustainable, the U.S. needs a broad alliance, to spread the load, to reduce excessive burdens on itself. It needs others to agree on the basic causes and solutions. It is not poverty, it is not deprivation, it is something more fundamental, a resurgence of Arab and Islamic pride, and a belief that their time has come. The objective must be to reassure and persuade moderate Muslims that they are not going to lose, that they have the weight, the resources of the world behind them. They must have the courage to go into the mosques and madrassas and switch off the radicals. 36

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