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BBD Creation Zone

Where the magic is happening … putting together a vision 25 years in the making!

Untapped Genius Enterprise

Giving you EVERYTHING you need to:

  1. Unleash your built-in potential of your mind and body
  2. Clear the “muck of the mind” and “find the flow” so you can …
  3. Create MASSIVE momentum to …
  4. Impact the world with your ideas, creations, and passion and …
  5. Live your adventure to the fullest and create an AMAZING life along the way!

Niche Alignment

  • You have a burning desire to do/create/bring something great in this world BUT aren’t doing it! Or not full-on or just KNOW that you’ve got a TON more in you to offer the world!
  • You realize that when all is said in done, it’s ONE thing and ONLY one thing getting in the way! What I call the hocus-pocus of the mind – the doubts, fears, and other limitations the mind is so great at creating and that have the power to stop us all in our tracks … even with the very BEST of intentions, will, might, discipline.

The ONE primary and universal “problem”

Point blank, you want to be doing your thing but shit’s getting in the way!

SINGLE cause of what’s getting the way??

Your Mind and it’s creations. Period. End of story.


Offer Alignment

Build a Untapped Genius Portal membership offering to:

  • Serve as “the ultimate support system & playground” to help FULLY bring your ideas, creations, and passion into the world and … Create an amazing life along the way!

2 Main Components:

  1. Power of Community – to connect, support, and create!
  2. Life as a Wave – my framework to free the mind and find the flow

Initial Goal: 

  • 100 members at $30-$50/month
  • Objective for each member – to create solid, tangible, measurable movement in 1 area/project/idea
    • up to YOU to decide what that ONE thing is! And how you will measure success!
  • Time frame: 8 weeks
  • Cost: $40 or $20 / month
    • Will be: $50-$500 / month depending on Membership level:
    • Silver – base membership
    • Gold – silver + 2 1-1 coaching / month
    • Platinum – gold + 3 coaching / month + ?


Features for BETA:

  1. LIVE weekly Life as a Wave Core Trainings on freeing the mind of the fears, doubts and limits of the mind and how to find the flow to create momentum, growth, and expansion in what you’re doing and in your life!
  2. Facebook Group
  3. LIVE coaching seat
  4. Access to Coach on Demand App BETA – for instant access to 3 dozen “Wave Tools” to support you in the moment when you need it most!


Launch Alignment


Impact Alignment


My Story and what it means for you …

  • HUGE passion!
  • MEGA blocked!
  • Problem – I have what I call a “Flow Stutter” that has had a devastating impact in every facet of my life:
    • I “stuttered” when playing guitar, percussion, and singing even after 3 music schools and 30 years of dedicated practice!
    • Social anxiety and other fears that stopped me dead in my tracks from:
      • talking to girls
      • getting on stage
      • knowing the joy and thrill of being in flow when expressing myself in any/all forms
      • experiencing the simple everyday joy of connecting with others, building relationships ..
  • My Solution – Life as a Wave
    • after reading over 300 books and taking countless seminars, and just as stuck as ever …
    • I wiped the slate clean
    • And started from scratch using elements of:
      • science
      • music
      • nature
    • To …
  • Life as a Wave, 25 years in the making, is now a universal framework to move, grow, and expand in any/all ways you can ever want!

Are you an entrepreneur or creative and tired of just ‘getting by’?

NOW is your time to THRIVE and we can help!


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