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Presenting a unique 1-on-1 live training & coaching experience…


for next-level mastery, creativity, growth and vitality

You’ll learn how to use a simple and powerful framework to access peak levels of ABILITY, CREATIVITY, and FLOW so you can be at your best and thrive in every way.

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Which are you?
(of the many faces of peak performers)

idea person, inventor
entrepreneur, business owner
artist, creator
teacher, coach, consultant
yoga, meditation enthusiast
parent, homemaker
musician, composer
thought leader, visionary
scientist, engineer
performer, actor, comedian
health & fitness enthusiast
adventurer, thrill seeker
writer, blogger, poet
high-performance professional
athlete, competitor

If you have a deep passion for what you do…
And a serious desire to take things to the next level…

Then you are going to LOVE the unique experience of a Peak Performance Flow Session! You will discover little-known forces at play to:

  • Be the very best at what you do & love
  • Develop your skills, talents & abilities
  • Perform at your highest level when it counts
  • Access new ideas and ways of looking at things
  • Expand your creative abilities
  • Have more energy, clarity, and vitality
  • Enjoy more peak moments, ah-ha’s, epiphanies
  • Clear whatever’s in the way

So in the end… you can be at your best, grow your impact, thrive in life, and have a blast.

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But things can get in the way …

On some days you’re “on” when things come easily, and you enjoy the hell out of it. Then on other days… you can’t seem to find your groove, and everything feels like a struggle.

Countless obstacles can get in the way of experiencing more of what you want, starting with what could be considered as the main culprit

Your Mind – leaving you feeling…

  • Overrun with doubt, fear, & self-limiting thoughts
  • Stuck in over-thinking, old patterns
  • Overwhelmed
  • Scattered, unfocused

Your Body –  has its limits too…

  • Barriers to higher levels of performance
  • Fatigue, lack of energy
  • Physical pain, injuries

Your Life – and what you want ends up getting bogged down with…

  • Stress, worry, and anxiety while dealing with hectic days and unexpected challenges.
  • Not enough time or energy for your dreams after work, family, and to-do’s.

Clearing what’s in the way is not always the easiest thing to do.
And at times can seem downright impossible!

What it is to be in flow

(the gateway to living and enjoying your life to the max)

Pause for a moment and think of a time when…

You were doing something you love, and it felt easy, even effortless – perhaps immersed in creating something or moving your body to the rhythm of music, lost in the experience, simply going for the ride and thoroughly enjoying it – the deep engagement, the fun, the unfettered freedom…

How would you like more of this type of experience?
(and if so, what kind of difference could it make in your life?)

In your business? In what you are here to do? How about in what you love doing more than anything else? And how about in your connection with people and the impact you want to have in the world?

As you will discover, being in flow is not only about a feel-good experience! Flow matters! It is the key to mastery, activating your very best abilities, accessing unique ideas, and so much more! But when it really matters in the moment… even in a life or death situation, you most definitely want to be in a peak state of focus and responsiveness in the moment!

You can absolutely experience flow in everything and anything in your life, including doing your daily routine, creating and performing, getting to the next great thing, even when working through challenges or simply taking in the beauty of the moment.

When you’re in flow, whatever you’re doing will seem:

  1. Effortless – it feels easy even when in massive action or doing something complex.
  2. Enjoyable – the sense of fun and deep engagement are ever present.
  3. Extraordinary – you are at your best, and life is at its richest.

Simply put, there is no better experience than being in flow.
(but it can be quite elusive unless you know some key secrets!)

[sta_anchor id=”details” /]Find your flow

with Carl Contino of Untapped Genius as your guide…

During your private online Peak Performance Flow Session, you and I will explore an approach I worked on for over 23 years called Life as a Wave™ that combines principles from engineering and the arts in an utterly unique way to help you…

  • Move toward mastery – using a force of nature to help bring things in to sync, rhythm, and flow.
  • Perform at your peakby tuning in to an array of feel-it-in-your-bones feedback loops.
  • Access fresh ideas and creativity – by acting as a channel or conduit for what you seek.
  • Manifest what you want – using basic physics of movement and waves.
  • Free your mind – of the limits, doubts, and fears that can get in the way.

What you seek is about physics. I know. Sounds strange, right? And to be sure, there are great approaches out there, but they lack some key components that make all the difference.

Life as a Wave™ can serve as a foundation for other modalities to make them more tangible and measurable – giving you the edge you’re looking for.

Admittedly, it’s nearly impossible to describe in words. The best way to “get it” is to experience your own Peak Performance Flow Session! Here’s what it’ll be like…

The journey…

We’ll connect online using my video conferencing room where we can see and hear each other. I’ll share my computer screen like a “virtual classroom” as we dive into the world of peak performance and flow.

You’ll pick 1 thing that you’d like to have, do, or experience more of in your life, and we’ll use that as the context for discovering the nature of flow and how it can help. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride…


  • 1 hour journey
  • You’ll pick a day and time when you can be relaxed and able to enjoy the experience.
  • You’ll have a video recording to keep.
  • And… if you can get your hands on a drum, you’ll want it by your side!

By the end of your session…

Access to more of what you seek… will be yours.
(And YES, you will have tangible tools you can begin using right away!!)

“Carl, I don’t think I can sing anymore, I’m too old.”

Said by a mature sales coach I had recently met. And to that I said, Well, I don’t teach singing, but I think we can do something about your challenge!” So after our first Flow Session, I asked how it was, and he says,

“If I didn’t say the experience was a 10 out of 10, I’d be lying!

And then … he proceeded to sing out loud in his car in utter joy!

Hi… I’m Carl “the Catalyst,” founder of Untapped Genius

Starting as a kid, I had big dreams and even bigger road blocks – cognitive issues like poor memory, lack of focus, and a muddled mind, along with social anxiety and other fears that stopped me in my tracks. After 300 books, countless seminars, supplements, and visits to doctors, nothing worked.

So I created my own approach I call Life as a Wave™ synthesizing my years of training in both engineering and the arts. This “holy grail” approach helped me tremendously with my challenges and also opened the doors to higher abilities, creativity, and flow!

Today as a mindset & peak performance coach, I’ve had the honor and thrill of working with people from all walks of life, from the homeless to the famous, and all ages, tap their built-in potential and fully do what they’re here to do.


Joakim Ekburg – World Percussionist

Carl, you need to know what a huge impact you had on me when we were roommates in music school… you taught me how to not force the music or other things so much, but to instead “find the flow” in everythingI’ll never forget that. I often speak of those days, coaching us on life and how to live it to the max. You did all that – you, my friend.

Experience peak performance on demand…

Book your session today and prepare to find the flow so you can do your thing to the absolute fullest.


This invitation will self-combust in 72 hours, so book your time with your flow coach now!


Kern Konwiser – Multi-Emmy Winning Filmmaker

“In my career as a filmmaker, there are countless risks that I have to take. I turn to Carl’s methods on a daily basis to help me make those choices with courage and conviction. He’s helped to give me a creative freedom that I might not otherwise have claimed as my artistic right.”

Ready for your journey?


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