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You’re here to live your passion to the fullest,
be more creative in your work and play,
and ultimately thrive in every way
in your life, your business, your dreams.

Welcome to Untapped Genius, where it’s all about tapping your potential and living life to the fullest.

Every person has a seed of magic inside them. At your core, you are amazing!

You want to be happy, to feel fulfilled, live your life to the fullest, be fully expressed, and to make a difference.

But you’re stuck.

Despite your desires and efforts, you are not yet where you want to be. Inherently, you know you have more potential inside you, that life should be more rewarding than what you are currently experiencing.

Perhaps you have doubts. Maybe you’ve stalled. Maybe it seems like you’re trying hard but not seeing any lasting results.

I know what it is like to be stuck …

For many years, I felt the pain and frustration of not being able to do my thing or find my groove. Not being able to find or fully express my passions. I had big dreams and a sense of adventure, but over time a pattern emerged where I wasn’t making any progress. I was losing hope.

I tried everything in my power to fix what was getting in my way. I read over 300 books on personal growth, health, nutrition, spirituality, peak performance, and attended countless seminars. But, it got me nowhere.

And then…

… I discovered something that would change my life forever.

I discovered a universal approach to overcoming the barriers that were holding me back.

And now I’ve developed this body of work this into the Life as a Wave system, and I have been able to help many people just like you get back into the flow, to find their adventure, and to live their lives to the fullest.


I know what it is to be stuck …

Many times, in many ways! I know what it’s like. To say I’ve been stuck is a huge understatement!

I felt that pain and frustration of not being able to do my thing to the fullest for many years. After 3 decades and 3 music schools, endless hours of practicing, I was never able to FULLY express the music in me – for some crazy reason, I would stumble, falter, and fall over and over again when playing various styles of music on my guitar, and then eventually bass, keyboard, and dozens of world  percussion instruments.

I just couldn’t find my groove … not only in music, but in my life. I had huge dreams and sense of adventure, but over time a pattern emerged where no matter what I wanted, the more I tried to get it happening, the more let down I felt, my belief that things could be different, that I could really change, went out the window.

I tried everything in my power to fix what was getting in my way from moving forward in my life, and in my passions. I read over 300 books on personal growth, health, nutrition, spirituality, peak performance, and on and on .. and attended countless seminars, got medical tests done, tried a variety of nootropics (supplements for the brain), and on and on … and on and on … and in the end?!?

I got  nowhere.

After 20 years of trying, I was just as stuck as ever. I was beginning to lose any remnants of hope I had left.

So, I decided to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch by asking myself a simple question, “What does life want?” And the answer hit me almost immediately, at it’s core, “Life wants one thing … more life!” Life wants to grow, to thrive, to move and expand. I began to notice insights from the natural world. And I realized that there were lessons from my background in engineering that seemed to align. I was amazed to see that my passion for music also seemed to fit a similar pattern.

I began bringing in what I had learned from my other things and began approaching everything from the perspective of …

movement, cycles, rhythm, timing, tempo, pacing …


Over the next 20 years, the different elements slowly but surely, and often unexpectedly came together – until one day, it ALL clicked! What emerged was …

a unified approach …


to EVERYTHING I wanted to experience in my life. I call it Life As A Wave  and is …[more]

And now? 

After a lifetime of pursuing my passions with lack luster results, to say the least … to have come to the conclusion that it would never happen for me, that there was no hope and no sense even trying … that I just didn’t know how to get it all happening, despite my very, very best efforts, … that despite my entire history of endless and relentless onslaught of setbacks, disappointments, and setbacks …

I can fly!

everything in my life has opened up. My abilities have sky rocketed. My ability to think clearly, to be creative in all I do, to experience the life I’ve always known I could have … the experiences I knew were to be had … 

I now have access to it all.

You too can fly … and I want to help

I have been sharing my Life as a Wave approach witheveryone and anyone who could benefit from it … and I want to share it with you!

So you can overcome the barriers that are holding you back from achieving the life you want. It has become my life’s work, my mission at play to help a billion people free their minds from what stops them from finding the flow in their lives so they can do their thing to the fullest.

I’m so excited to share how this approach and the accompanying Wave Tools can help you find your flow so you can be yourself and do your thing.

And remember … you are unique! There is no one else quite like you. The world needs you, your ideas, your creations, what you have to give. We can help.

Ride The Wave Of Your Life …

Come join us for a free Ride the Wave of Your Life webinar where we will explore what it is to fully live your passion by freeing up the mind of the things that get in the way so you can do what you’re here to do! 


  • The one thing that is responsible for not living your life to the fullest.
  • How to get past the fears, doubts, and other mental blocks that can stop you dead in your tracks
  • A powerful technique for take your challenges and circumstances and turn them into “fuel for new growth”
  • 3 Keys to experiencing more flow in your life, work, and play
  • How to have more fulfillment and happiness no matter what!

Sign up below, and we’ll see you on the other side!


Our Mission

The heart and soul of Untapped Genius is steeped in the conviction that every one of us is amazing, that deep within there is a seed of magic that when recognized, enticed, and supported will absolutely blossom into something beautiful.

Yes! You CAN do this!!

Our mission is to provide all the support, tools, and inspiration you could possibly need to tap the magic within to ultimately experience more flow with what you want to do and experience.

There are two keys to living your adventure to the fullest:

  1. Freeing the Mind of the blocks and barriers, fears, doubts, limits, and and other constraints that get in the way.
  2. Finding the Flow to be at our best and enjoy the moment. It’s the difference between “making things happen” vs being “pulled forward” by your vision with a sense of ease, enjoyment, and fulfillment. When we are in flow, we are at our best!

When was the last time you were in the flow of life?

Join our Untapped Genius Tribe

You’ll be immediately taken to the free Ride the Wave of Your Life webinar, plus you’ll get:

BONUS 1: You’ll get a copy of our free ebook: Guide to Life as a Wave: 4 Principles of Rhythm & Flow.

BONUS 2: Get beta access to our app Alexa-enabled Coach on Demand App

Teen & Young Adult

The moment you meet Carl, the passion and enthusiasm for his work is undeniable. Carl’s coaching methods include practical, interactive and fun approaches to handling real life challenges. He has been a mentor, a coach, a supporter and a friend to our son who continues to grow and develop in his social interactions and personal connections.

We’ve seen a better attitude, improved self-confidence and a heightened social ambition. My husband, myself and especially my son, highly recommend Carl, with his unique style and distinctive positive outlook.

Margaret Kazz
Management Consultant & Mom

Health & Business

I just got off a two hour coaching conversation with Carl Contino, The Groove Coach. To say we had a blast would be an understatement! Besides the amazing energy, flow, and talking that went on between us, I have to say that Carl was masterful at reminding me of my Awesomeness!

When we kicked around the issues of food and weight, he totally got the arena I had just stepped my toe into recently. His one rule is NO RULES and it spoke right to that part of me that rebels when I try to impose rules.

One of the last things I said to Carl, and maybe I even said it twice was, “You’ve got the goods, man!” If you want a coach who will meet you where you are, explore lots of possibilities for shifting energy and thoughts, Carl can get you to where you want to be!

Janice Masters
Therapist & Coach

Mindset & Creativity

Carl has created one of the most original and invigorating frameworks for enjoying creative freedom in even the simplest and most mundane parts of everyday life.

It’s a simple and achievable way to engage in courageous living. If it’s true that everything that we do is motivated by either our hopes or our fears, then Carl’s created a way to act on our hopes without being distracted by our fears.

In my career as a filmmaker, there are countless risks that I have to take. I turn to Carl’s methods on a daily basis to help me make those choices with courage and conviction. He’s helped to give me a creative freedom that I might not otherwise have claimed as my artistic right.

Kern Konwiser

Health & Peak Performance

Carl, you need to know what a huge impact you had on my life when we were roommates in music school, I lost 70 lbs (!) in 12 weeks because of what you showed me. And you taught me how to live my life. You told me things that I’ll never forget.

And Jimmy, remember him barging in and doing push-ups in front of the tv? How he put down the booze, lost weight, and got those huge shoulders?!

I often speak of those days you helped us both out, coming up with a nutrition plan, working out together, coaching us on life and how to live it to the max. You did all that – you, my friend. You need to tell your story, guy. The world needs to hear what you have to say, so don’t be so damn modest about it!

Joakim Ekberg

Ready for that ride? Come join us ...

Join our Untapped Genius Tribe

You'll be immediately taken to the free Ride the Wave of Your Life webinar, plus you'll get:

BONUS 1: You'll get a copy of our free ebook: Guide to Life as a Wave: 4 Principles of Rhythm & Flow.

BONUS 2: Get beta access to our app Alexa-enabled Coach on Demand App

I'm Carl Contino, life coach and founder of Untapped Genius. Over the past 20 years I've had the honor of coaching folks from all walks for life, from the homeless to the famous, and all ages. When I coach, I bring "the all of me" to the table, including my intense passion for life (in spite of rather incredible challenges), my diverse background in personal growth, music, engineering, online business development, along with my love of inventing gadgets, painting and drawing, and getting out into nature, skiing, and kite surfing.

Are you an entrepreneur or creative and tired of just ‘getting by’?

NOW is your time to THRIVE and we can help!


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