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Free your mind … find your groove … live your life!

No matter what your passion, mission, or endeavor, it all begins with the mind, right? That’s both the good and bad news. If you’ve ever tried to control your mind, change your thoughts, or force the mind to behave, you know just how difficult (if not impossible) it can be! Isn’t it ironic that the mind – the source of our abilities – is also what gets in the way?

What I’ve found is that …

One key to having a smooth-running, turned-on, and fully-functioning mind is to be aware of the (often invisible) constraints, limitations, and false perceptions the mind creates moment to moment. Notice I did not say “change” the mind. It’s more about observing what’s going on – like watching a movie – allowing it all to be there and then to know how to step outside of its effects.

What I do …

As a coach, I get to help people clear the muck of the mind so they can tap its built-in abilities to better do their thing – in other words, I help them stop fighting their brain!

I’ve been helping folks free their minds for 18 years using an approach I call Life as a Wave. I love seeing the incredible relief and joy they get to experience being free from the mind’s self-generating limiting thoughts, false perceptions, harsh judgments, and other illusions that bind us – and the results of heightened creativity, intelligence, and clarity that naturally emerge.

You and I will …

1. Talk about what you want and what’s getting in the way of moving forward.
2. We’ll explore some truly fun and powerful ways to step outside the limiting effects of your mind and entice it to run smoothly.
3. We’ll also investigate the critical role that timing, pacing, and rhythm play in what you do. If you push too hard, you’ll ruin the flow. If you hold back, you will ruin the flow. The trick is to be aware of the timing, rhythm, and pacing as you seek to create what you want to experience.

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What Other’s Say …

Life/Creativity Coaching

Carl has created one of the most original and invigorating frameworks for enjoying creative freedom in even the simplest and most mundane parts of everyday life.

It’s a simple and achievable way to engage in courageous living. If it’s true that everything that we do is motivated by either our hopes or our fears, then Carl’s created a way to act on our hopes without being distracted by our fears.

In my career as a filmmaker, there are countless risks that I have to take. I turn to Carl’s methods on a daily basis to help me make those choices with courage and conviction. He’s helped to give me a creative freedom that I might not otherwise have claimed as my artistic right.

Kern Konwiser – Emmy-Winning Film Director & Producer

Personal Growth

I personally could write a dissertation about the ways I enjoyed your presentation … nothing but inspirational. In fact it was just right for me considering what I needed that day. I could go on and on really, and I will at some point.

For now I will say this: I think you have a knack for articulating ideas. And you have great ideas…ideas people need to hear.

You are a shining star.

Cyd Cox – Professional Coach

Health/Wellness/Performance Coaching

Carl, you need to know what a huge impact you had on my life when we were roommates in music school, I lost 70 lbs (!) in 12 weeks because of what you showed me. And you taught me how to live my life … you told me things that I’ll never forget. And Jimmy … remember him barging in and doing push-ups in front of the tv? How he put down the booze, lost weight, and got those huge shoulders?!

I often speak of those days you helped us both out, coming up with a nutrition plan, working out together, coaching us on life and how to live it to the max. You did all that…you, my friend.

You need to tell your story, guy. The world needs to hear what you have to say, so don’t be so damn modest about it!

Joakim Ekberg – Musician

Are you an entrepreneur or creative and tired of just ‘getting by’?

NOW is your time to THRIVE and we can help!


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