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Pitfalls to Personal Growth

… and how Life as a Wave handles them

Wooden LadderWhen it comes to personal growth, there is certainly no shortage of great (and sometimes not so great) tools, techniques, philosophies, approaches to creating what we want, but most do NOT address the tricks of the Slippery Mind, let alone offer any insights about them.

Common tricks of the Slippery Mind

See vs Know – there’s one part of the mind that knows things and another that perceives things. The two don’t talk to each other!

Watch this little demo

Fresh to Stale – the best distinctions/tools lose their vibrancy, life, efficacy over time.

Life as a Wave offers an approach to keep things live and fresh!

Who You Are While Doing Something – trying to use an approach or make changes from a lower state of mind

Life as a Wave offers key insights into being in a higher state of mind that is desired for implementing any wave tool …

Push’n’Shove -forcing ourselves to change

Life as a Wave addresses this and offers an more powerful approach of Pulled Forward. Etc

Distinction vs Experiencing a Distinction – great approaches out there to making changes but too few offer ways to integrate and incorporate and to KNOW when you’re experiencing it.
Life as a Wave offers lots of distinctions (tools, tips, etc) AND offers a variety of

Am I doing it right? – how do you know when you’re doing a particular approach/exercise correctly? You need FEEDBACK in real time
Life as a Wave – provides “feedback tools” to KNOW what’s happening in any micro-moment in time so you KNOW if something “is working”

Great ideas but do they WORK? – how do you know?
Life as a Wave – provides LOTS of ways to know!!

Trying to Change By Trying to Change

Focusing on the single Issue vs Everything But or …

Creating an Environment to Support/Facilitate/make effortless The Change

Fact: You cannot remove, erase, or destroy ANY of the following:
triggered responses
The Story and it’s Creations
SO ….
it’s about tuning into a HD channel domain

Are you an entrepreneur or creative and tired of just ‘getting by’?

NOW is your time to THRIVE and we can help!


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