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Thinking a SolutionIs Your Brain (and Your Thinking) Getting in the Way of You Realizing Your Greatest Potential?

My preferred clients are capable and talented folks, know they have talents and abilities, but also often struggle with what I like to call “brain glitches.” You may have associated yourself with having a learning disability, such as dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, or something similar. Common symptoms are poor memory, problems with focus and concentration, and a lack of fluency in expression.

Rather than clear thinking, you often experience the opposite, what I call “fuzz and static on the line.” Your thinking is muddled. You’re naturally restless. You feel that what you experience inside your brain isn’t what “normal” people experience. Instead, your brain can sometimes cough and sputter and get itself all wound up in a knot. Thinking is cluttered, jumbled, and sometimes frantic and ungrounded.

These are all obstacles that get in the way of expressing your “untapped genius.”

Having similar issues in my life and finding no relief, I have finally discovered that all of these and related issues can be boiled down into a single problem, what I call a lack of being in a “higher state of mind” – where thinking is clear, and you’re in sync with both your higher capacities and your surroundings. It is an achievable experience that brings clarity, energy, creativity, and flow, as well as (interestingly) the timing, coincidences, and resources into view. You know when you’re in this higher state – everything works, seems effortless, natural, and smooth without friction or obstacles.


Ready to Move Beyond The Challenges & Get to the Good Stuff?

You know that you have profound gifts, but your mind gets in the way of fully realizing those gifts. It feels like your brilliance is trapped inside your own mind, and you can’t seem to get it out into the world. You know you’re smart. However, so far, it simply has not been possible to consistently step outside the prison your brain has built. At times, you’re frustrated beyond words and, of course, that only makes things worse. You and your mind are at odds, making the level of success you seek elude you.

45 years of struggle with these difficulties has led to my creating tools to move through the things that get in the way of living life as we’ve intended. I’ve been my own guinea pig and you can benefit from the results of those experiments. Every time I experienced problems caused by my own brain “hiccups”, I worked on it. I invented as I went. And though the journey continues, I have indeed found a way through the brain muck and to be at my best!

What Are You Looking to Improve? 

The following is a sampling of what Life as a Wave offers:

  • Improve your state of mind, mood, and well-being
  • Tap the power of your mind
  • Manage your energy more effectively
  • Sharpen your memory, clarity, and focus
  • Experience new levels of creative expression
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  • Increase your ability to learn new skills, sports, and other abilities
  • Master your talent and passion
  • Work with problems more effectively
  • Pick up on signals and cues from your intuition


My approach: Life as a Wave

This is not about some quick-fix, super-secret formula to your dreams. It is a systematic approach to help you overcome the brain challenges that have constrained your life. One of the key skills you’ll master is how to “watch the mind like a movie,” so you can see what the mind is giving you. This allows you to step outside the never-ending affects of the thoughts streaming through your mind. You’re not controlling the brain and your thinking. You’re stepping outside the affects of your thoughts so that you can trigger a higher state of mind — that of flow.

My approach has been designed to help you fundamentally recognize and unleash the beauty, power, and magic locked in you. It has become my life’s mission to helping people get past the obstacles in the way of experiencing a deeper, more intimate engagement with life in every moment, and I’d be thrilled to explore the possibilities with you!


Creativity Word Cloud ConceptMy promise to you is that you will know what it’s like to have a smoother running, turned on and fully-functioning mind that allows the full expression of your gifts. You will realize that your state of mind affects everything.

You’ll discover ways to get into a clearer, smoother-functioning state and outwardly express what’s inside your brain. Finally free from the constraints, you’ll experience peace of mind, fluent thinking, creativity, and stability.



How it Works

Coaching sessions typically occur once per week for an hour. We will talk on the phone (or skype) as well as screen share so you can view my computer while we talk.

Your Next Step – Sign Up For a Free Session

If you’d like to explore further, I invite you to have a complimentary coaching session with me. We’ll have a full hour to solely focus on you, what you want to create, and the challenges you face – absolutely zero sales pressure! It’ll be a fun and engaging hour with my commitment that you leave with something valuable and tangible to help create desired movement in your life!


About Carl Contino

[xyz-ihs snippet=”PageFooter”]After years of reading self-help books and taking seminars, I found that, overall, my life remained unchanged. So I wiped the slate clean and started from scratch by looking to the ultimate source of inspiration, life itself. Observing the natural world, kids, and animals, and then blending it with what I’ve learned from drumming, engineering, and other sources, I ended up with over 200 concepts which now all reside within “the four natural principles of rhythm & flow,” the foundation for Life as a Wave.

I’ve been developing these ideas for more than fifteen years, with the final pieces just recently coming together. I’ve worked with people from all walks of life, from the homeless to the famous, and am thrilled to now share what I’ve learned with you! I hope you’ll join me in riding the wave of our lives to the best and most fulfilling possibilities for you!

Send me an email to further explore Life as a Wave and what it could mean for your life.

Are you an entrepreneur or creative and tired of just ‘getting by’?

NOW is your time to THRIVE and we can help!


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