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Kawaii-fy your life with Kawaii Box The cutest monthly subscription box from Japan! Get a monthly box filled with kawaii things as low as $20 month with FREE shipping! Enter this Kawaii Box Giveaway for a chance to win one! You can choose the entry options you like the most. Kawaii-fy your life with the cutest Japanese subscription box! Each monthly box is filled with kawaii things ranging from kawaii stationery, cute squishies, kawaii plushies more! FREE shipping worldwide! So, as promised on the title, here s a Kawaii Box giveaway! yay! it s been a while since I get to host a giveaway from them . GIVEAWAY . Dolly Kaye Kawaii Box Giveaway Thank you so much for reading my post again. Have a nice day and goodluck! . Get your monthly Kawaii Box Subscriptions now This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY. Thank you Kawaii Box for sending me this box to open up and for hosting a giveaway for my subscribers! So a bit of info, Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription service that sends out a box each month. The boxes contain cute stationary, plushies, accessories candy from Japan. You can also receive these things by entering my giveaway more details at the bottom of this post . So, what is there to know about Kawaii Box? Well it s a subscription box run by Blippo that you can cancel at any time, and offers lots of subscription from monthly ones to yearly ones ranging $17.90 p m or $19.80 p m . You receive 10-12 … Stop and frisk may seem intrusive and unfair, but in short time it will also be viewed as primitive. That s because police are bringing back tools and techniques from the global campaign against terrorism and focusing them on local crime fighting. In San Diego, for example, police are not only asking the people they stop for identification, or frisking them. On occasion, they also take photos of them with iPads and send them to a cloud-based facial recognition service, which matches them against a database of criminals and suspects. According to a report in the New York Times , San Diego police used this facial recognition program on 20,600 people between 2011 and 2015. They also probed many of them with mouth swabs to harvest DNA. Double-tap to like strategy When you put your headline in quotes , you increase recall by an average of 28 per cent. Additionally, like a job, you can t control compound interest. Can you demand your bank pay 25 interest on your savings? Hey, Mr. Slowlane Bank, I demand a 25 yield on my savings account! Can you control the economy? Hey, Mr. Economy, can you guarantee me low unemployment and a business-friendly tax environment? Can you control the average yield of the stock market? Hey, Mr. Stock Market, I m tired of 8 returns, can you give me 250 this year? Funny stuff! Can you control anything in this equation other than a furious, labor-intensive search for the best investments to ensure you eek out another marginal 1 ? as advocates, 142 145

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