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Book: Life as a Wave

Version 3

Started August 17, 2013

Development Notes
The entire book in development is contained here on one web page for easy viewing and editing. Book cover mockup #1 is below (outdated …we’ll have a much nicer cover). You can jump to the Table of Contents and links to each chapter here.

Marketing pieces, including list of applications, benefits, etc, and sales page are or will be below the main content of the book here.

Below that is my main container of everything
I’m considering adding to the book – roughly categorized by chapter topic.
I’ll begin putting the snippets into the book itself as I reorganize.

Notes marked for myself are in square brackets [ … ] throughout the book.


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Copyright © 2007 by Carl Contino. All right reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the prior written permission of the copyright holder, except brief quotations used in a review.

Notice: This book is designed to provide information on personal growth. It is sold with the understanding that the purpose of this guide is not to reprint all the information that is otherwise available to people who are pursuing personal growth, but to complement, amplify, and supplement other material and resources. It is an attempt to put a floor underneath what’s currently available with the intention of creating a framework that pulls it all together into one cohesive whole. The ideas presented are meant as possibilities, not necessarily as fact. Creative license is used often, and will be mentioned, in blending a wide array of elements of “truth” and creating a language, model, and adaptable approach to nearly anything one might be pursuing.

Every effort has been made to be as accurate as possible, but inevitably will contain errors, misconceptions, and other mistakes. The author is committed to doing his very best to present the content of his ideas in as clear and concise way as possible, but in no way, shape, or form takes any responsibility whatsoever as to the outcome of applying any of the ideas to a person’s goals and pursuits. It is within the power of the individuals themselves that will produce any outcome. The ideas presented are simply to help facilitate this process. So this book should only be used as a guide to living. Furthermore, any concepts offered in relation to your health are again, only ideas to consider.
Of course, you should consult a physician or other qualified professional before attempting to use any of the ideas presented here. In no way, shape, or form, is the author responsible for any risks involved with improving your health.

The purpose of this book is to educate, entertain, and coach the individual in whatever areas may be of interest. The author and Beaufleuve Publishing shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss, damage, or alleged to have been caused, directly or indirectly, by the information contained in this book.

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Published 2014
Printed in the United States of America


Table of Contents

PART ONE – How Life Creates & the Tools it Uses

Lesson 1: Life Wants One Thing …. More Life – life wants to move, grow, and expand, and everything you do, say, and think either allows it to flow through you or not. Allowing this movement that life sees through you brings movement to your life!

Lesson 2: It’s All Waves – life uses waves in the form of movement, rhythm, patterns, signals, cycles, and more to create and perpetuate itself. Understanding this is critical to helping you get in rhythm, in flow, in step with your life.

Lesson 3: The Wave Magnet – there’s a force found in nature that pulls one part of life into another and creates connections of all types. Understanding this helps create the all-important connections for your vision to grow. Life needs connections to deliver the needed resources.

Lesson 4: Grit to Pearl/Tension Release – how life deals with it’s “problems” and turns them into “fuel for new growth.” You can do the same with your obstacles.

PART TWO – The Ultimate Instrument for Our Own Creative Process – The Mind
We look at the fundamental role the mind plays, both it’s capacities and its “trickery.”

Lesson 5: It Begins and Ends with the Mind – The mind is the most powerful, incredible instrument in the world, yet it’s the very thing that gets us into trouble.

Lesson 6: The Slippery Mind – we look at how the mind can fool us and put us to sleep as to what’s going on around us.

Lesson 7: The Clear Mind – we then get into how to achieve a “clear and awake” state of mind, where we are at out most present, alive, and capable selves. We can use the above “life tools” for this.

PART THREE – The Life as a Wave Approach (LAWA)

Lesson 8: Power of Clear Intent – this is the inception point of “new life.” There’s nothing more powerful than a clear vision of what you want to create.

Lesson 9: The Creation Formula – putting it all together and using it.

Lesson 10: How Deep You Wanna Go? – where you can take this is the juice of Life as a Wave. You’ll get a taste here.

Bonus Materials

Bonus Lesson: Synchronicity 101: – the law of attraction at play


Quick Reference: Benefits of a Clear Mind

Quick Reference: Signs of Resistance – “No”

Quick Reference: Top 10 Ways to Unstuck Yourself by Living Life as a Wave

Quick Reference: Tips and Tricks to a Clear Mind

Quick Reference: Signs of a Higher State

Quick Reference: Signs of Clear Intentions

Quick Reference: Tips and Tricks to Increasing Your Wave Dynamic

Glossary of key terms

List of Top 10 Tips on what you can do for different areas of your life (health, mind, creativity, challenges, etc)

Free basic membership to discussion group to explore the ideas further




Jonathan Livingston Seagull and I

My mother gave me a book when I was eight years old called Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s about a bird and his journey through life. Being no ordinary bird, he wanted different things than what most other birds wanted.

“Most gulls don’t bother to learn more than the simplest facts of flight – how to get from shore to food and back again. For most gulls, it is not flying that matters, but eating. For this gull, though, it was not eating that mattered, but flight. More than anything else, Jonathan Livingston Seagull loved to fly.”


For Jonathan, there were too many things to learn, places to discover, and experiences to be had to relegate all his time to survival needs. He had no choice but to act on the urge to thrust himself full-force into life, discovering her secrets, its splendor. Through flight, he evolved. Through flight, he found freedom.


I imagine my mother knew what she was doing when she handed me Jonathan. As I type these first words of my first book into my laptop, my dog Sophia rests next to me on the couch, and perched on a beam above is a statue of Jonathan, a parting gift from my mom. I feel the Jonathan in me craving flight, and I understand now, and I suppose I’ve always known, what my book is to be about.

I dedicate this book to my mother, who I know is looking over me right now with a knowing smile, and my father, who continues to be a loving support like no other parent could ever be.

And for anyone who recognizes the heightened level of spirit in them, who realize that, as far as we know, this is the one time we have to embrace this journey called life and want to soak in every morsel of the beauty that life has within it; who want to explore every nook-and-cranny of this earth to witness the mysteries that abound; who are here to make a big splash while playing on planet earth; and who, ultimately, want to unleash the urge that clamors inside them to fly and be free in their life, this book is dedicated to you.



“To see a world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wildflower,
hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour ..”



As far back as I can remember, I’ve had an incredible hunger for figuring out how things work. As a kid, nothing was safe from my probing mind. Littered with the guts of my toys, model airplanes, toy rockets, gadgets, and tools of inquiry, like my microscope, chemistry set, telescope, electronics kits–my bedroom was my laboratory for “finding life out.” The smells of glue, solder, and paint seeping underneath the door told anyone walking by that Carl was hard at play.

Heroes like Evil Knievel, The World’s Strongest Man, and the Six Million Dollar Man were an endless source of inspiration for me. Every Friday night, sitting cross-legged 3 feet away from the TV screen, eating Bocce’s pizza, I’d feel the thrill of watching Steve Austin run like a cheetah, lift a car with superhuman strength to save a child pinned underneath, and pick up on things from a mile away with his bionic eye.

I too wanted to be able to do the incredible, the miraculous, things that have never been done before. Whether flying off the bike ramp, speeding down the ski slope as fast as I could (with as few turns as possible), or skate boarding down the hill on my street, I was constantly testing the limits.

At the time, I didn’t give it much thought. Without fear, hesitation, or knowing any better, the urge to quench my thirst for life came naturally to me. It was who I was. It had never occurred to me that not everyone was actively pursuing what drives their spirit, that they weren’t living their lives to the fullest degree possible.

It wasn’t until much later, as an adult, that I realized just how empty some people’s lives were.

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We Are So Much More Capable Than We Realize

I came up with my business name, Untapped Genius, one day while I was thinking about some of the people who have crossed my path. I thought of how brilliant people are, in their own unique way. And I’ll tell you, I’ve met some interesting ones!

Like Curts, a.k.a.”Dr. Fits’n’Stiches,” a once homeless addict, who, one day asked me for a quarter. Instead, I found myself listening to his story as I sat on the side walk beside him. I ended up bringing him over for a meal, and a strange and completely unexpected friendship (and coaching relationship) began.

Over time I came to know his *genius*, his brilliance, his own quirky, unique comic view of life. If only he had a way to bring his unique talent to life, to develop it, to promote it, to benefit from it, and, ultimately, to have a full and meaningful life because of it.

I think of Jason, a 19 year old kid living in Los Angeles with his alcoholic father who told him that he’d be lucky if he ever made $5 an hour in his life. Jason had been told by his school that he was learning disabled and apparently he and his father bought it.

One day I asked him if he had any dreams. I got nothing from him but a blank stare. He had absolutely no idea of what it was to have a dream. Blew me away.

He was different for sure and had some interesting quirks! He couldn’t read well and had a hard time with math. But did he have talent and his own “genius”? You bet! First, he was the most observant person I had ever come across. I once took him to a movie production house to help me work on a project, and within 5 minutes, he knew more about the equipment than I did after being there for a month and a half! And his ability to gab? Let me tell you, this guy could talk and talk and talk! His energy boundless, his enthusiasm infectious – when given a chance, Jason lit up like no one I had ever seen. Again, I thought alot about what his life would be like if he had the support, inspiration, and means to turn his “glitches into gold.”

I could go on, but suffice to say, that when I look closely, I can see genius in everyone, especially in the least suspecting.


Within everyone resides a seed of greatness, that if given a chance, will absolutely blossom into something beautiful.


I know, a bit mushy perhaps, but I really believe this. I’ve seen it too many times. So, for me, this isn’t just a nice thought to consider, but perhaps a statement of fact. A big part of my life’s work has become creating “the ultimate playground and support structure, not just for the Curt’s and Jason’s of the world, but for anyone who wishes for something great.

[will be changing the location and other things of everything in “owner’s manual”]

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Who Hid the Owner’s Manual?

Why is it that there are so many people who are capable but so few of them are fully expressing it? Why do so many people seem to be stuck, unable to make changes in their lives?


Just a taste …
I am most free when skiing through three feet of powder or jumping off a cornice twenty feet into the air. And I love windsurfing, hanging off the harness inches from the water as I skim the surface, looking at the world upside-down. I can get a similar thrill slalom water-skiing, pulling tight on the rope as I prepare to jump the wake and onto the other side, arcing back and forth, like a large wave.

I’ve loved lots of other sports too. I played quarterback and running back in little league football, a pitcher in baseball, and have been playing tennis since the days of playing in my backyard as a kid.

I’ve had fun in other ways. My senior year in electrical engineering, I invented a hands-off automatic guitar tuner that I did just for the fun of it (never developed it, the guts of it now “wall art.”). I also invented a talking caller ID for your phone because I thought, “What’s the point of having the number displayed if you still have to get up off the couch to see it?”

I once did the percussion for a movie called On Hallowed Ground that got an Emmy for best documentary. And I almost played percussion on live national t.v. onstage with Michael Jordan for the NAACP Image Awards (was exciting up to the moment that it had to be cancelled at the last minute because of production problems).

As an extra, I’ve been in a bunch of t.v. shows like Seinfeld, 90210, and Bay Watch, and was even a cop for six months on Hunter, with Stephanie Cramer and Fred Dryer.

In business, I’ve had a short run of mild success with a table-top waterfall business, where I’d sculpt the originals out of clay, and cast them in two-part polyurethane, and dry-paint them to look like real slate, with hints of moss and brush.

And today, I absolutely love being a life coach for very cool people who are about doing great things and getting to play a part in it. And my online business, Untapped Genius, including Life as a Wave, is about to take off. Big fun!

So, yea, it’s been pretty sweet.

But I’m much more familiar with the other side of it–the extreme challenges and disappointments that have played a major role in defining who I am today (and that’s also been the main fuel that has driven this book in front of you, which if I were to sum up what it’s all about, I’d have to say it’s about–movement. How to create a life unstuck.

Probably because I know stuck! I’m an expert at being stuck. Not that I could help some of it, I was born with a few, let’s say, “cognitive glitches,” for one. And plagued by indiscernible learning challenges and might now be called ADD-like symptoms that persist to this day, when on an off-day.

[spread the next sections else where …] My Stuttering Brain …

list of examples …

Boy in the Plastic Bubble

I used to say that I feel like I live as if I were in a plastic bubble, wanting so much to experience as much of life as possible, having huge aspirations, and yet, there was always this invisible barrier that seemed to get in the way. I think I’ve tended towards the show up only when I tried to stretch my wings.

What I didn’t mention in the list of what I’ve accomplished, is that everyone one of those things have had only limited life. And that I have felt the utter agony of being inches away from the “tipping point,” when something really takes-off.


Why? [add text here ….].

Basically, I believe that everything in life begins and ends with the mind. Everything I experience is filtered and processed through the mind.

But there’s just one problem. I was never given an owner’s manual for my mind. I’ve had to figure out how to work with the most powerful instrument on the planet on my own.

Sure there’s plenty of how-to stuff out there. But in the end, I found most of it lacking, and my life still remained unchanged.

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Clean Slate

At one point, I realized that my life wasn’t where I wanted it to be and that I had been following what my fellow beings had told me about how to live. I wanted to find something, anything, that could help me make sense of it all.

I’d also tried just about anything you could think of to handle my “cognitive glitches” that had been the bane of my existence and had, at one point, even lead to a nervous breakdown. I had hit bottom with trying to get anywhere with my lack of concentration, inability to focus on any one thing for too long, or to simply be able to finish what I started with my 1001 projects.You name it, I tried it. Mental exercises, special diets and brain supplements, energy healing treatments, self-help and psychology and therapy, and a bunch of other stuff that I can’t remember, because, well, certain types of memory are just about impossible for me. To this day, I can’t seem to remember things like lyrics to songs or family birthdays, even after making out a list and trying to memorize them. It just ends up getting jumbled up inside, with random swapping of numbers and letters and words.

…. …

What would life look like if I were to wipe the slate clean of everything I’d been taught about it? I decided to try an experiment.

I began by erasing everything I’d been taught about right and wrong, good and bad; what is true, and what is false; what’s realistic, and what’s just a dream; how to work, how to play; what to believe; what to think. I took away all notions of morality, the should’s and the should not’s. I let it all go and imagined I was here on earth after a long visit else where, with fresh eyes to observe with.

I started from scratch and began to rebuild my understanding one layer at a time. I first looked to unbiased “clean” sources from which to base a foundation, primarily from nature, kids, animals – those that have zero interest in what I think about anything.

If I couldn’t see it, feel it, observe and verify it on some level, I let it go.
And when I looked, I found that …

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If you can, read this when you have time to relax and get comfortable.

Before we get started

The ideas presented in this book come from what I’ve learned over the years as I’ve pursued my dreams, worked through some rather amazing challenges, and come from a diverse blend of interests including music, creative expression, sports, my love of “finding life out,” and science. The core of Life as a Wave came from the unexpected fusion of what I learned about waves as an electrical engineer and principles of rhythm I learned from drumming (I share the story of how this came to be in the story Bury the Beat.

These are “big picture” ideas about the basic nature of life and what it means for our own lives. Wide in scope and deep in application, you’ll be able to use the same key concepts, mainly what I call “life tools,” for a wide-range of things from releasing stress, revitalizing your overall health and energy, waking up your mind, to more in depth coverage of topics such as freeing up your creative abilities, mastering your talents & skills. It also provides a floor of understanding for far-reaching topics such as attraction principles, as mentioned in the popular movie, The Secret, and the fusion of science and spirit like in the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know?

Once you get the basics down, you’ll be able to easily build on what we cover and use it for what you want. And If some of the ideas are unfamiliar to you, no worries. Give it some time, relax, have fun with it. It’ll all flow from there …

What we’re going to cover

My aim is to provide every way I can think of to help integrate and to really know these concepts in your bones. Every lesson begins with a story, demonstration, or interesting fact or two to introduce the main idea. We then get into the finer points followed by examples of what they look like in everyday life, and then how to begin using them for various purposes. At the end of each chapter, there’s a question and answer section to make sure things are as clear as possible.


Theme – Following Life’s Lead

The basic idea is that no matter what I’m pursuing in my life, whatever changes I want to make, it can be seen as a “creative act;” the process is basically the same. If you want to lose weight or find a new relationship or learn how to paint, the same elements are at play. We begin by looking to the expert on creating … Life itself.

The first part of the book takes a peak at how life creates more life and the “tools” it uses; The second section focuses on our own creative process and the role the mind plays in both creating what we intend, and in making it also one of the trickiest, hardest (and most exciting) things to ever attempt. Bringing about any kind of change is wrought with paradoxical twists, that when understood, solves some of the more perplexing issues we face. And finally, in the last section of the book, we’re going to wrap it all up in a sort of “creation formula” that can be used as a template for creating whatever you want. We end with a taste of the bigger, deeper implications of the ideas contained within Life as a Wave.

So give this some time, sit back and relax, this is going to be some ride!

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Part One:

How Life Creates & the Tools it Uses

Lesson One – Life Wants One Thing


Life wants to move, expand, grow, diversify, evolve, and transform. Life wants “more life.”


Very simple idea but with big implications. Everything, without exception, is driven by this natural desire for “more life.” It shows up in (more ex) a child’s exuberance for life–boundless energy, natural curiosity, desire to create. It shows up in (another ex), and ultimately it shows up in our desire for “freedom” – freedom to be who we are, to discover who that is, to do what we want.


Our Role

The role we get to play, if we choose and if we know how, is to make it easy for life to have its way through us! Through our thoughts, desires, goals, intentions, actions; through our challenges, problems, concerns (and resolving them); through our connecting, sharing, helping, relating with others; through our creating, expressing, and inventing–we are either allowing life to have its way or not.

Once I began to learn how to become a conduit for life to have its way, I’m finding that I’m getting what I am looking for, and certainly feels a lot better than when I’m fighting it. Actually, I’ve found it to be the fundamental principle that leads to a thriving, healthy life.

But there’s just one thing–we break this “rule” all the time and in many ways. Once I was able to distinguish the difference between someone “allowing more life” through them and when they aren’t, I was shocked at how extensively we impede this urge of life in some pretty fundamental ways!

Here’s just a few:
How we deal with our problems – we tend to fight, deny, block, or force our way through our problems. You can create “movement” through your problem by working with the problem by following life’s lead. I’ll cover this and provide a real example later in this lesson.

Making changes like dieting – we create a vacuum as soon as we say “no” to something. Often, a “no” actually means a “yes” to that thing. Ever notice how the moment you try to deny yourself something, your desire for that thing goes up? There’s a paradoxical twist to creating change without restriction and denial. We’ll cover this in a later lesson.

Raising Kids – teens especially need room to become the young adult they yearn to become, along with the power to choose their own path. There is a way to instill a sense of responsibility and allow your teen to have some autonomy and influence in the direction of his life.

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Yes vs No

A question for you

Let’s say you’re doing whatever you’re doing in your day, and a thought pops up about someone you love or you remember that you’ve got that piece of pie waiting for you when you get home. The moment the thought occurs to you, what happens to your mood? How about your energy? Things get a little lighter, your mood brightens, and your energy goes up, at least a little, right? And what if you have a negative thought, maybe about some work you have to get done or you’re reminded of something bad that recently happened. If you stop to notice, you’ll see that your mood and energy go down.


If you have a “positive” thought, your energy goes up and if you have a “negative” thought, it goes down.


Obvious, right? So why am I mentioning this? It points to something fundamental that happens to each and every one of us in every moment. Every thought that enters your mind shifts your overall “state”–the sum total of your mood, mental state, your energy, and ….. even your perspective and how things look to you. …….


In every moment, with every thought, idea, and action, I either allow “more life” or I constrict it, a little or alot


When you are allowing life to flow through you, you feel it, you have energy, a sense of vitality, wakefulness, things click. It feels good! You’re in sync; you’re going with the flow.

However, when you are restricting life, your energy goes down, your mood is affected, you feel heavy, dull, out of step. It feels bad!

We can bring everything down to a “yes” or a “no”—nature’s digital language. A “yes” is the feeling/sensation of allowing. A “no” is the feeling/sensation of impeding. Yes is an opening. No is a closing.


What it Looks Like

Situation If you resist or block it (“no”) If you allow and go with it (“yes”)
Something’s broken or not working
Frustration, anger, stress New invention, idea, solution
You goof up when in front of others You get embarrassed, turns into a ‘bad’
It’s funny, people laugh, have a good time with
Confronting someone with different belief/opinion You argue, debate, and prove other wrong You explore together, learn, grow


Much of our hardship is the result of “breaking the rule” of Life wanting more life. We constrict, impede, and block the flow of life wanting to express itself in many ways, and we suffer as a result. The following is a small sample of very real issues and how we can begin to work with them in a more productive, life-giving way:


How we deal with problems … is a problem
One thing that messes things up is how we view and approach our problems. We see problems as problems, something that should not be and that needs to be fixed, handled. We’ve been given a war mentality for things, where we set out to destroy the things we deem as “not good.” We have a war on drugs, a war on poverty, ware on terrorists.

Yes, sometimes a situation arises that needs to be handled in the moment. A solution is needed and is close by. You fix it and move on. But there are other situations where there may be bigger or longer-lasting problems that need a refined approach to truly move past and transform them.

There’s a paradox at play with spending too much time stuck in our
problems …

The more we focus on fighting the problem, the more power it is given.

Things that were once manageable become a “big deal.”

A better way: As we shall see later on, Life deals with its “problems” in a different way, a way that is infinitely more powerful and does not break its own rule of wanting more life. Life actually depends on problems and knows how to use them as ”fuel for new growth.” We will cover this in more detail in “Grit to Pearl.”


Real Case Scenario – dealing with a problem as it arises

This happened to me today. While facing the fact that the book deadline is 24 days away, and with the huge amount of work that needed to be done by then, I know I need magic to happen, and the pressure is on. I’m counting on everything falling into its proper place, including the finances to hire a designer and editor for the finishing details.

So today I’m humming along and I hit a bump. The financier has doubts, isn’t sure about investing. It rattles me. I wasn’t prepared for this. I’m so close, my vision near fruition. Everything is riding on being able to pay people to do the necessary work. And now I’m in reaction mode; my brain is doing me; I’m in auto-pilot.

I’m in “no!” mode. How do I know? My left leg starts to pump up and down. My chest gets tight as I feel panic well up inside me. My thinking clouds up as worry sets in. What if I don’t get the money? How am I going to ever get this done on time? And to the level it needs to be?

I jump into problem-solving mode and attempt to handle the financier’s concerns. How do you know your book is going to sell? What if you go over budget? I can tell that I’m feeling desperate as I try to convince him that I’ve gotten great feedback, and from some people who specialize in marketing books, and that the book will undoubtedly sell, and sell well. The timing is perfect for the content of this book.

But nothing’s getting through. I can tell he’s not impressed. I leave utterly bewildered as to what he could possibly need to be convinced that this is a worthy investment. For the next few hours I continued to steam and the deep frustration I felt was palpable.

So I take my pooch our with me to the Elmwood Festival of the Arts happening this weekend a half-block from my apartment. What more can I tell him? Is he blind? What can’t he get it? People annoy me. My dog is annoys me. Everything is tainted with a …

I go home unsatisfied and steam a bit more. I begin to play my drum.

My mind wanders as I drum out a simple pattern that takes little thought. I feel my body open a little. I begin to relax and sink into the rhythm a bit more …

A thought surfaces, “nothing’s more powerful than clarity.” Hmm, that’s right. I continue to drum. Another thought enters, “it’s in the timing of things.” Ah, right! This is true. Things happen the way they’re supposed to when I’m in the rhythm of it, when I’m flowing along not pushing and shoving my way toward what I want.

I forget what I’ve learned all the time, even though I live, eat, and breath this stuff. But I’m remembering it now and I can tell my mind was beginning to shift. One thought leads to another, and then I remember, and I wake up.

Oh yea! That’s right!! He he silly silly me … ok, got it. right. and all
became clear.

This is what happened. When the financier threw “resistance” my way, by expressing his doubts and concerns, I “resisted his resistance” by trying to come back at him with good answers. It didn’t work because while I was trying to convince him, I was in desperation mode, and he could sense it on some level. By default, people will tend to shy away and close down when they sense weakness or victim-like energy. So the more I talked, the more he disconnected from me. I could see his eyes wandering and his body diverting away from the table.

Afterward, I continued to be in “no!” mode, making it impossible to think about what to do next with any kind of intelligence or creativity. It wasn’t until I began to drum that I began to shift. And it is the rhythm that began to melt away the resistance I had been carrying in my body and mind (later, we’ll discuss the role that rhythm plays in this kind of thing).

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Switch into Creative Mode
When I woke up from my reactive mind and began to think clearly again, I knew exactly what I had to do.

I asked myself the question, “what actually could be good about what happened today?” This is an example of a “reframe” which we’ll cover in a later lesson. Here’s the answer that came up:

It’s a chance to use the emotional intensity and tension while pushing against the situation to get super clear and laser-focused on my vision again.

I begin to see visions of people holding my book, the emotional thrill of seeing the first box of books delivered. I see myself falling onto the box and wrapping my arms around it and weeping gently in pure gratitude as I embrace my hard-earned vision in my hands. Whew boy, ok. I feel empowered once again. I know what I have to do to get things moving again and ultimately what will get the finances finally in place.

Not only did the finances come through, and quite easily, that event turned into more content for this book–the story you’re reading right now. I also I think it helped me access a deeper conviction in the ideas found in this book.


Stress Release
[stats] Stress = closed system = “no”
There’s a natural tendency to shut down, retract, tighten when we negatively react to something. And unless released, can remain closed over long periods of time. This unresolved stress, which always shows up in the body, and sometimes ‘permanently’ as blocks, whatever form it may take, I believe, is a top cause of … ( list examples). When we perceive a problem, we instantly tighten up. Muscles tense; teeth clench. Next time you notice a negative thought, scan your body to see what areas tightened; you’ll notice that the same areas get blocked with similar upsets.

The key is to learn how to remain open in the face of whatever scares, angers, overwhelms, or worries you. If you stay open, you won’t be pulled down by your reaction to it, and you can move through it much easier. Another thing you can do is learn how to reinterpret things so that your reaction is different, and you don’t shut down as a result. In a later lesson you’ll learn one you can do this called “reframing.” In the end, you have two choices, closing down or staying open, “yes” or “no.” The difference can be dramatic.

Allowing versus disallowing, a yes vs no, impacts us on a personal as well as a larger community. Here’s an excerpt from a journal by The Peace Pilgrim (read by Wayne Dyer):


Mamemba Tribe in South Africa
When a person acts irresponsibly or unjustly, he or she is placed in the center of the village, alone and unfettered. All the work ceases. The entire village gathers around the accused individual. Then each person of every age begins to talk out loud to the accused. One at a time, each person tells all of the good things the one in the center ever did in his or her lifetime. Every incident, every experience that can be recalled with any detail and accuracy is recounted. All positive attributes, good deeds, strengths and acts of kindness are recited carefully and at length.

No one is permitted to fabricate, exaggerate, or to be facetious about the accomplishments or the positive aspects of the accused person. The tribal ceremony often lasts several days, not ceasing until everyone is drained of every positive comment that can be mustered.

At the end, the tribal circle is broken, a joyous celebration takes place, and the person is symbolically welcomed back into the tribe.

Necessity for such ceremonies is rare.

What a powerful “yes” this gives not only to the person in the center, in this case the person who misbehaved, but to the whole group! Imagine the difference this could make for so many people if they just got a “yes” in their life, from themselves, and from their community.

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Putting it to use

Life Wants One Thing is a the foundation for Life as a Wave. “More Life.” Simple. That’s what it’s all about. Finding ways to allow vs disallow.

Here’s just one example of what you can do with this idea:
Application: Reducing stress, anxiety, worry over problems


Yes it

I’m usually at my worst when I’m first getting up in the morning. The day quickly begins to feel heavy as worries, concerns, fears start to flood my mind. But if I remember to, I will do a super-simple trick that’ll shift me into a better feeling state of mind. I’m almost embarrassed to share this little trick with you because it’s so simple. But it does go along the notion of allowing vs impeding and works well.


A big part of suffering comes not from what is, but my reaction to what is


We’ll explore this really important point later when we cover The Story and how the mind creates meaning to the things that happen to us (and just how good it is at doing this!).

Here’s what I do:
While I’m doing my morning routine, I’ll watch for a negative thought to surface and I”ll say the word “yes.” in my mind. But I don’t just hear the word, I try to feel the yes as an open feeling in my body, and I’ll relax any tension I notice.

No matter what the particular thought may be, I just notice it, “yes it” (to the thought being there, not to the actual content of the thought), acknowledging that it’s there, and then wait for the next one. I do the same thing to each negative thought that comes up. After a few of these, I’ll always begin to feel better about the day in front of me. Things start to lighten.

So, I’ll continue doing this, and what eventually happens is I’ll get a positive thought. I then do the same thing, I notice it, say “yes!” to it, and wait for the next one. What happens often is that one positive thought will lead to the next, and the next, and pretty soon I find myself in a better frame of mind, feel more awake, and looking forward to what the day may bring.

By intentionally looking for negative thoughts, I become the “observer” and begin to separate myself from the affects of the negative thought. And when I “yes” the thought, I’m dissipating my reaction to it.

Try it yourself. It’s silly perhaps, but effective.



Lesson Two – It’s All Waves

Today’s topic is on the fundamental fact of life that waves are everywhere and are in everything–without exception.

Check out this video:


Life is both solid and wave-like.
Life is both “solid” and “wave-like.” We learned in school that matter is made up of atoms. Like the planets revolving around the sun, the electrons orbit the nucleus of each atom. That’s the solid view. In physics, there’s the principle of duality – that not only is life made of “solid” particles, it is also, at the same time, made of waves. Life vibrates. As a matter of fact, when you take a close look at the “solid” material, atoms, they too are bundles of vibrating energy.

In general, we are much more familiar with the solid aspect of life. We can see it, touch it, measure it, manipulate it. Here, we are going to primarily focus on the second perspective, that of the wave and how it affects us.


Introducing the Simple Wave

Draw a circle, split it into two halves, move the lower half over to the right, and you get the “simple wave”:

Basic in shape and form, the simple wave creates everything known, specifically in the form of:

  • cycles, patterns, rhythm
  • push-pull, ebb and flow
  • contrast, positive-negative, duality
  • movement
  • objects

In the video, the sound is a simple wave that simply vibrates faster as it goes up in pitch.

How the wave shows up in life

The ripples in the water, the pattern of sand beneath, the sound of your friends voice …

Your Senses

Out bodies are wave interpreters. Touch a flower, and its texture is transmitted as waves to the finger tips and translated by the mind as a flower. Smell the rose, and its vibration is sent to the brain …etc.

You see waves

– By the way, did you know that you’ve never seen anything outside of the inside of your head?!
You hear waves
You smell waves – your nose has about 5 million smell receptors, dogs have about 220 million, and they can smell cancer! What exactly they’re picking up on, experts don’t know, but one thing for sure is that they’re interpreting vibrations
You touch waves
You feel waves

Radio – , and you get the wave signal of the station you’re tuning to
Cell phone, and you get that signal
Wireless internet, and you get that signal

Movement & Rhythm

When you walk, your feet are creating a wave – left foot, right foot
When you dance ….
When you drum ….

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How Life Uses the Wave for Creating Itself

Review: Four Principles of the Simple Wave:

  1. The wave is the building block of life and is found everywhere and in everything.
  2. The wave carries different kinds of information, including what your senses perceive, …. even your emotions.
  3. Waves connect with each other to communicate and pass information from one wave to the next
  4. Waves that vibrate more quickly than another has more energy and contains, carries, stores more complex and detailed information


So What?

When you can “see” the wave in all things, you gain deep insight that creates new options, choices, and possibilities for your life. The wave is one of “life’s tools” that it uses for creating “more life.” We can use this tool too, and in many ways!


The Take Away

We’ve learned that the wave can take different forms–as signals, as shapes, as movement, as rhythm. We’ve seen how life depends on the wave to create, perpetuate, and connect itself.

[add what you can do to integrate this info]

Before we get into how, in the next lesson we’ll take a look at one aspect of the wave – how they connect with each other through an incredibly important force of nature I like to call the “wave magnet” …


Lesson Three – The Wave Magnet

Place two individual heart cells into a petri dish, and they will begin to beat in unison.
women spend time in close proximity to each other, such as in a home or
college dorm, their menstrual cycles will eventually start to coincide.
new device, that dramatically improves the speech of some people who stutter,
works by mimicking what’s normally part of the brain’s feedback
system. The trick is to make it think there’s more than one voice
speaking at the same time. The result—the speech locks into flow.
Lempke is a savant who is able to play back any musical piece after a
single listening.
Fireflies during mating season will light up in unison, creating a beautiful show.

There is only one underlying force of nature that is responsible for these examples! And these are only a few of the ways this force at play that are directly responsible not only for the well-being of your life, including your health, peace of mind, and ability to connect. It is also responsible for your ability to focus and pay attention, as well as the key to doing creative expression or performance of any kind – this force of nature is fundamental to all of these activities.

In other words, this force is a big deal! And it’s not like this force is some “out there” woo-woo kind of thing. It happens to be a very well-established principle used in many scientific fields. It’s just that I haven’t seen many (or any for that matter) see the bigger implications and applications in the human experience. This is where I and a few others get to come in. I think you’ll find that once you really get what this force is about, you’ll realize huge insights into the nature of things have been staring at us the whole time.

So what is this force?
Ok, but first a story of how I came across this principle force. To this day, it blows my mind how I came to learn about it

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Bury the Beat

How the Drummer For Billy Idol Gave Me the Key to My Music & Life

Day one of “rock drumming” class at Los Angeles Music Academy, where I was studying percussion. I’m sitting in the first row of about 80 drummers feeling a bit out of place – being a hand percussionist, I knew the conga, the deemed, pandero, but not the drum set. So I figured what better way to get into it than by putting myself front and center. Little did I know that this would be the day that lead to the single most important discovery of my life …

The door opens to my left, and I see a guy with yellow-spiked hair, piercings, tattoos, and a beaming intensity bouncing up the aisle. I knew it was our teacher, Mark Schulman who’s toured with the likes of Billy Idol, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow, and Foreigner.

He walks up to the front of the class, puts his sticks down, turns around, and looks right at me(!) and says,

“Dude, bury the beat.” He puts a metronome (“clicker”) on my desk, turns it on !.. click ! click ! click ! click!

“There’s your beat. Now, go ahead, clap with the clicker and try to match the two up. Since the clapping is louder, when you clap at the same time as the click, the click sound will disappear, and you’ll only hear your hands clapping (hence, ‘bury the beat’).”

So I went ahead and started clapping. I tried to clap at the same time as the click, but I found it pretty difficult. I hit my hands together sometimes a little early and sometimes a little late. Clap, click !. clap, click !. click, clap. A few times I managed to get it perfectly on top of the click and I’d get a single clap!

After watching me struggle for a while, he said, “Stop. Ok, dude, just relax, close your eyes, breath, stick out your hands, and just let the sound of the click draw your hands together.”

Ok, so I closed my eyes, let out a long breath to relax my body, allowed myself to get absorbed by the sound of the click, and stuck out my hands!

I started clapping, allowing the click to do all the work. Eventually, my hands starting clapping closer and closer to the click, and then!! clap. I buried the beat! and then another ! and another ! clap, clap, clap, clap. I was somehow able to bury the beat for 30 seconds straight! It felt as though my hands were doing the clapping on its own, and I just had to get out the way and let it happen.

“Dude! That’s it! You got it! You just demonstrated a force found in nature and science known as entrainment.

“Entrainment is where one rhythm gets pulled into another.”

“Once you let it, your hands naturally entrained with the beat. It’s like when you tap your foot or move your body to the music; you don’t have to think about it; it just happens.”

“You don’t have to work hard at finding the groove of the song. As the drummer, you’re the ‘clock’ of the whole band. You need to be able to lock on and stay with the beat. To do that, you just have to create the right environment, and entrainment will do the work for you.”

“You mean, if I get out of the way, the beat will find me?”

“Yep. The Law of Entrainment says so. Cool, huh?”

“And it’s not just with the beat. Entrainment affects all aspects of the music. The rhythm, melody, harmony, even the emotions that you feel as the player as well as listener are all driven through entrainment.”

“The key is to let entrainment take over. And sometimes, that’s not so easy! You know how sometimes when you’re playing a gig, the pressure’s on, you feel nervous? You end up trying too hard, and what happens? You get off tempo, you make a mistake, you rush the beat, or your playing ends up sounding rigid. This is what can happen when you’ve broken out of entrainment with the music.”

“It takes practice to be able to stay entrained. Learn how to entrain really well, and your music will never be the same !”

Entrainment is a big deal … as we shall see …

Entrainment 101

En-train-ment – when one wave connects with another. It means to coax into flow, connect, bind, be carried along with. It is the “grand connector” that connects one thing with another by acting as a “wave magnet” and pulling one thing into another.

Entrainment has been in the background of our existence since the beginning of our story, when African drummers were using it to reach altered states of consciousness and gain access to the spiritual realm.

The principle of entrainment is universal, appearing in chemistry, pharmacology, biology, medicine, psychology, sociology, astronomy, and more. Do an online search on entrainment, and you’ll find over 200,000 conversations in the past year about its application for autism, A.D.D., peak performance in athletics and creative work, personal growth, meditation, and more.

Athletes like Michael Jordan use entrainment to get into “the zone.” Musicians use it to connect with the music and each other to find “the groove.” Other creatives of all types use it to get to the essence of their work. The possibilities are nearly endless.

How Entrainment Works

Mind as Radio [pic]

Like the radio, the mind tunes into different facets of life…. the ultimate “transceiver” picking up and transmitting literally millions of waves simultaneously. Question: How does it tune into some while filtering out others?

[explain band pass filter] [back to pointing to entrainment examples – that start to give insight into entrainment]….

Birds save energy by flying in the familiar “V” pattern ….. the same way race car drives, runners … will follow along closely behind one another, …. entrainment draws-in and carries-along one thing into another. Next time you’re on a highway or a long stretch of road, notice how the row of cars in front of you can form an undulating line.

The body coordinates through entrainment…



Summary of Entrainment



To entrain is to:

  • lock onto
  • draw in or along
  • carry
  • bind
  • fuse
  • connect

which enables:

  • communication
  • sharing
  • teaching
  • coordination

it produces:

  • resonance
  • synchrony
  • synchronicity
  • flow
  • peak states / higher vibrational zone

Entrainment can be felt physically and emotionally

Entrainment creates the experiences of joy, ecstasy
– when in the flow/groove
– listening and playing music
– during sex

Entrainment is also the force behind habits
Entrainment transfers energy
Entrainment transforms the many into one

So What?

When in synche with waves (rhythms/patterns):
with information – we receive that information, we learn, we grow with nature – healthy with people – authentic connection with other things: more creative, things flow, etc AND there’s no better feeling than connecting with the good waves: dancing, sex, etc.


Bottom line is that entrainment plays an essential role as the Grand Connector for enabling all of life to communicate and share resources with itself.

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Connections, connections, and more connections

There are various types of connections:

With others – based on the need to be part of the group, to depend on this connection for your survival. The need “to fit in” comes from this and is one of the root causes of dysfunction if you are unable to be connected with the group. In other words, we are highly motivated to do, say, and think things that fit in with the group’s framework of what is right and good. When we are connected, we feel part of a larger whole, we feel understood, we know our place, and we get acknowledgement for who we are – message is “I am good because people accept and like me.” Whereas if you are unable or don’t want to fit in with the rest and you are driven to go in your own direction, then you have a major challenge–how do you go your own way, be authentic and true to yourself, and yet somehow feel connected and supported and acknowledged by the group? Beginning in early school, the concern of not standing out or appearing different is big. Being different is scary. People will make fun of you, tease you, pick on you. Not safe!

There are lots of us who end up being disconnected from others … and when that happens, depending upon the severity of disconnection, it directly affects your health, mental well-being, ……

[Howard Bloom quote]

With my mind and body – when these are “connected,” in-tune with, synchronized, there’s clear communication and smooth functioning of all the various systems, in other words, health. As a creative performer, I am aware of what’s going on in the moment with my mind and in my body. I perform well, I am clear, I flow. It’s also when I enjoy things the most, where life is at its sweetest.

When there’s a lack of connection, there’s a lack of communication, and I am uncoordinated,, anxious, free-floating, scattered thoughts bubble up, etc.

With the natural world – synchronizing with the “master clock” (sun) and all that is driven by it is the stabilizing force that grounds everything else. Disconnected from natural rhythms and patterns that surround us leads to poor health, poor sleep, confusion, death.

The quality of your life directly depends on your ability to connect, which depends on your ability to entrain with your world.

So Knowing how to better connect on various levels through entrainment is of primary concern.

Getting a Feel for it

Sensing it
So that this isn’t just some interesting concept to ponder but something you can incorporate into nearly every facet of your life, here’s a few things to think about and try out:

Using Entrainment

Learning New Skills & Coordinating Movement

In percussion school, I learned how to do more than one rhythm at the same time. I would start by playing a conga pattern with my left hand … tone-tone—slap, tone-tone—slap, while with my right hand I might add a different pattern on two other congas … doh-doh, dah-dah—doh-doh, dah-dah. My left foot might will play a “2/3 clave” pattern on a cow bell… ding-ding—ding-ding-ding, while my right is taps the beat with the hi-hat cymbal…. ti—ti—ti—ti.

The trick to learning how to do more than one rhythm at the same time is to lock each one into entrainment, before moving onto the next. If I can count out loud, one – two – three – four, while playing the first pattern, I know its entrained. I then add the second pattern with my other hand and I count. When I can play both rhythms and count out loud, I now have two patterns entrained – with themselves and with each other. I go around until I have all four limbs playing and can count out loud.

I can now do all four patterns without thinking. I can be having a conversation with someone, glancing at the t.v., thinking about what I want to do later in the day, all while mindlessly playing – as long as the patterns are entrained. The only way something gets out of entrainment is if there’s something that pulls it out. If I have learned to “observe without affecting” what I’m playing, my mind is then free to wonder without affecting the groove.

In other words, I don’t have to control the playing; it does it on its own.

The same approach can be applied to things like juggling, where each ball has its own rhythm. ….

In fact, your body’s movements when doing just about anything are coordinated using entrainment. Your arms sway to the tempo of your legs as you walk down the street. As you talk with someone, your gestures match the rhythm of your words.


Flow in Creative Work
Doing more than one thing at the same time can be used for creative work as well. I have set up my desk to handle the flow of thoughts that often come into my mind when in “idea mode.”. I have a semi-circular layout with multiple pull-out writing surfaces – eight in all. I have a piece of paper and colored pen for each. I’ll write down my first thought on the surface to my left with a blue pen, and I’ll keep writing until I get blocked or another idea comes to mind, at which time I’ll switch to the surface to the right with a red pen and flesh-out the idea until it stops or another comes up. I keep going around until I have different topics on each of the surfaces. Now I can continue going around clock-wise or can jump spontaneously from one to another as ideas come up.

What I have done, in effect, is create a work environment that enables me to “play different rhythms at the same time.” Here, each topic stream has its own rhythm that I give physical space to play out. It’s an amazing way to capture free-flow thinking. Here’s a picture representing the different topics and the rhythm of ideas for each:

I let the patterns of thought determine themselves. I don’t try to control the outflow in any way. The result is massive output of free flowing ideas that very easily get put into some kind of order within their related topics.
So, yes you can do more than one thing at the same time. Multitasking can be a very powerful way of working with the nature of your mind. It is the difference forcing your mind to do what you think it should vs working with your mind and how it naturally wants to be. It’s about working with your mind, not against.

In the end, you’re going along with the principle of life wanting one thing, to move and to therefore keep the wave moving. And it flies in the face of discipline and forcing artificial form to your thoughts and ideas.


Try it out for yourself:

Where do you got bogged down with your ideas or whatever you’re trying to accomplish? What could you do to set up the environment for easy flow?

Create Your Own Flow Meter
What is a flow meter, you ask? This for me is one of the neatest things we can do with entrainment. How deeply you are entrained determines your level of flow. And your level of flow is dynamic – it changes second by second; it’s something that constantly wavers, even if just a tiny bit.

A flow meter helps me monitor my level of flow (and therefore, entrainment) second by second. Why is this useful? First, there’s nothing better than being in flow when doing just about anything, and having a feedback system to let me know when I’m there and when I’m not is priceless.

Second, It provides real-time feedback as to what’s going on with my body. There are times when I end up controlling my body too much while doing things like skiing, tennis, or drumming. We’ll soon go into more detail about how the Controller in your head can get in the way of your Higher Self (the part of you that is 100% capable).

Third, it can help me know what’s happening with my mind in any moment, above and below the surface. It’ll let me know when I have things going on that are pulling me down. The instant I have a negative thought or feeling, it will pull me out of flow, even if just the tiniest bit.


You naturally gravitate toward near-perfect synchrony with things, so when you aren’t, it tells you something’s pulling you out of it.


When you are perfectly entrained with something (which actually never quite happens, but close enough for our purposes), you become a perfect conduit and are able to execute things perfectly, and will continue to do so until something pulls you out of entrainment, perhaps a negative thought about your abilities or similar pops up and drags you down.

A flow meter can be created from anything involving repetitive motion. I use my hands while drumming. I’ll do a simple repeating pattern, such as R-L-R-L. I’ll let it lock in and then let my mind wander off. I might even focus on the tv or what’s going on outside. I’ll just allow myself to continue drumming. If all of a sudden I hear a “glitch” in my playing, my hand doesn’t hit the drum in the right place, or a feeling of “extra effort” is there, I then know something in me got triggered and pulled me out of entrainment.

If I simply notice, reset the tone by sinking back into the rhythm and letting go of any effort, I’ll get back into entrainment and am able to play “perfectly” once again.

You can get really good at sensing when you are out of flow in a moments notice and quickly get back in as you are doing any type of activity that involves motion, rhythm, or repetition. This has direct implications for learning and mastering your talent like dancing, playing music, drawing, or playing a sport like tennis, golf, skiing.

Lesson Four – Tension & Release

What would a spring be able to do if it wasn’t compressed? Put tension on muscle, it grows. Take it away, it shrinks. What would sex be without the build up of the ‘tension’ before the release?

No fun, I say!

Same thing with movies, books, and all stories – if there isn’t some kind of dynamic play of tension, strife, struggle, or pain with release, resolution, and pleasure, there is no story.
And the same also goes for music:

From one perspective, the perceived motion and flow of music is created by the resolution of tension (dissonance) to resolution (consonance), from the V chord to the I (or “home”) chord, the off beat to the down beat, and the push and pull of the various colors created through harmony, rhythm, and pattern.

The pressure, tension, dissonance, conflict – are all necessary elements in life. The trick is to take natures lead and transform into something good. Don’t fight them. Use them.
It seems like everything exists within the interplay of the “yucky” stuff and the “good” stuff. It’s a beautiful thing, you know? For me, it has completely reframed my relationship with this thing called “bad.”

Grit to Pearl

A new way of understanding “good” and “bad”
When I look at the natural world, I see a very stable, incredibly beautiful system at play where labels, judgment of good-bad, right-wrong do not need to exist:

In nature, “good” things are created from “bad” things:

  • The grit (actually not a ‘grit’ but a parasite that drills through the shell) “irritates” the oyster, which responds by creating a secretion called “nacre” turning eventually into the pearl.
  • Decay and rot provide the ingredients for new plants.
  • The failure of one life form brings about a new life form that is an adaptation to the problem.
  • Hurricanes, fires, and other natural “disasters” invariably create a clearing for new growth.


Part Two – The Ultimate Instrument for Our Own Creative Process – The Mind

Now that we’ve looked to life for insight into the creative process, we are almost ready to begin applying “life’s tools” like the wave, entrainment, grit to pearl for own creative purposes. But first we’re going to set the stage by talking about the be-all and end-all … that we have to play with–The Mind.
Section description

Lesson Five: It Begins and Ends with the Mind

Mind – field of .. that the body picks up on and the brain helps interpret and make sense of. Facets of the Mind Paradox, I Can, I Can’t, Either-Or, Past into Now ….

Power of Paradox – def

Paradox is so fundamental to the nature of the mind and how it behaves that if it were up to me, I’d make sure that we learned the concept of paradox (among other things) in school. This one principle, when understood, clears up many of the seemingly contradictory, catch-22, impossible-to-comprehend aspects of life, such as:

– why is it that sometimes the harder I try to change something, the more impossible it becomes? Like being in quicksand, the more you struggle, the quicker you sink.

– why is it that if I try to hold onto one thought that it becomes hard to do, where as when I try not to think of something, that’s all I can think about?


Lesson Six: The Slippery Mind


Vertical Lines Illusion – the mind’s interpretation of “what is” is not always what is!


Tricks of the Slippery Mind

1. The Story – the meaning the mind places on things

2. The Glass Jar – limits that aren’t really there

3. Past into Now

4. Mind Trick – The Glass Jar

Place a clear jar over a baby fish in a tank. It tries to swim around the tank but is consistently blocked by the jar, invisible to the fish. No matter how hard or how many times it tries, it can’t go beyond the barrier. Once the fish has grown, take the glass jar away. Guess what happens. It will continue to swim within the space where the glass jar had been.

No more jar, but to the fish, it makes no difference. The illusion
of limit will remain as “fact” for the rest of the fish’s life.

Tie a baby elephant to a post with thin rope. Keep him tied up until he grows into an adult. He too will act according to the illusion of limit. The reality is that as an adult, he is now powerful enough to easily break free, but like the curvy lines of the optical illusion and the invisible jar for the fish, what’s real and what is perceived as real are totally different.

[what this means for us]
How the Glass Jar Affects You

1. Seeing what’s in front of you

2. What you are capable of doing or experiencing

–skills, abilities in the moment and over time

–how “successful” you are in your life over time

–obstacles and barriers that don’t exist


What you believe you are able to do has a direct and immediate impact on the outcome



The Story

A story I once heard:

A shoe factory sends two scouts to Africa to see if there was a market for their shoes. The first guy looks around and sees that no one’s wearing any shows. He reports back, “Sorry, there’s nothing here, no one wears shoes.”

The second guy looks around and sees that no one’s wearing any shows. He reports back, “I have great news. There’s a huge market for our shoes. No one’s got any shoes!”

Exact same situation, two totally different interpretations (or to the two individuals, statements of fact). And therefore, two totally different outcomes – one with zero possibilities and the other with numerous possibilities for movement, expansion, and gain. Simple story but makes a great point. Within any situation or circumstance, there’s room for interpretation. It doesn’t matter what the facts are as much as what we do with the facts.


There is a difference between what we experience and how we react to it. “What is” and what I make it to mean. Knowing of and actually seeing the difference is critical to freeing up the mind.


There’s a part of the mind who’s only job is to add meaning to the events of our lives. I call it the Story Teller. There’s another part, the Evidence Finder, that makes sure the story teller is right at all times. And The Believer takes the story and evidence as fact, which in turn further builds on the story.

When I get stuck writing, if I look inward I’m sure to find looping thoughts about the writing . I can’t write, writing sucks, it’s tedious, boring, difficult. That’s my story about writing. And then I usually end up turning off the computer and walking away feeling defeated, angry, disappointed. Yuck! And then, when I eventually get back to the computer, I am already in my story which goes round and round and builds on itself. I end up dizzy, overwhelmed, and defeated, yet another time. I’ll try to “fix” the problem and use different techniques to blast through the blocks. But nothing works because I’m still in and responding to the story that “writing is difficult.” I can move the furniture around in my cell, but in the end, I’m still imprisoned by my story.

But if I see the story in the moment, I have a choice. I can either carry on with the story or wake up and decide to not further engage it.

I may not be able to stop the story from being created or triggered, but if I can see it in the moment its happening. The act of observing the story enables me to step out of its influence.

I can cut it out! The moment I become aware of it and observe it as something separate from the “real me”, something happens and my “natural self” begins to emerge. In that moment, my ability to express myself is better and writing flows with less effort. Writing then is not difficult, tedious, boring! It becomes dynamic, full of energy, and alive.

In the end, it’s not what or how I’m doing something, it’s who I am “being” while doing that makes all the difference. Separate myself from my story, and the results will naturally be different.

The Seemingly Not So Good News About the Story

– Parts of the story get triggered every second you’re alive. You can’t stop the story from happening. And by the time you’re aware of it, it’s already running through your system, triggering off a slew of things. How you think and respond to things directly affects:

  • your thinking – one thought pulling in other similar thoughts
  • your emotional reaction that follows an interpretation (story) of what happened
  • your mood, state of mind
  • your energy
  • your cognitive abilities
  • what you see, hear
  • and collectively how reality ‘shows up’ to you.
  • but perhaps most importantly, your stress level (unresolved stress is a big problem)


Every facet of who you are shifts moment to moment based on what part of your story gets triggered.


[scenario of sequence of what happens when story gets triggered]


The Good News

  • While you don’t have direct control over what gets triggered, there are some very interesting ways you can see precisely when part of your story gets activated
  • You can identify and map out the different facets of your story. The cool thing about doing this is that once you label the different parts, you’ll be able to see it
[pic of story map]
  • you can proactively reinterpret the events in your life. Once you get it just how much of reality is made-up, it becomes easy to write your own story to whatever happens to you. We’ll get into exactly how we can ‘reframe’ in a bit ….
  • you’ll not get (as) aggravated by things outside your control as much
    • ( …mention motorcycle reframe).
    • and this will reduce your stress!
    • gives you room to move, you can now direct where you want to go, instead of being done by your default reactions based on your story.
    • life becomes more pliable, you’ll have more options


Reframing – one way of dealing with problems, crises, and resistance

The key to working through any obstacles that come our way and to use them as “fuel for new growth,” is to change how it appears to me. I can “reframe” how the situation looks and feels to me. One of the ways I can reframe a situation is to ask the simple question, “What do I like about this?”

By asking the question, it forces my mind to go from focusing on what’s wrong with something to what’s right. I go from “destructive mode” where I see nothing but problems to get rid of, to “creative mode” where I can now move through the problem by creating new awareness, new understanding from it. And in doing so, I help the grit of my life turn into pearls.

I really got the power of doing this when I asked myself the ‘what do I like about this?’ question months later after my mom died of lung cancer. I realize that at first glance, this may seem like an insane question to ask about something clearly horrible, but I had already spent the last two months living with the devastation of my mother succumbing to a terrible disease. I knew the pain, the sorrow, the helplessness of it all.

But when I asked the question, what do I like about the fact that my mother died of cancer, I got some interesting answers:

One, I like the fact that knowing our time together was short, what time I had with my mom was filled with simple, yet precious moments together. We even got to talk about some things that we were never able to talk about.

Two, I like the fact that after she died, my family and I went to counseling, where we had the space to work out some of our differences, got to share our feelings and thoughts about mom, and became much closer as a result.

Three, I like the fact that her illness lead me on a path of new alternative healing methods as I attempted to save her life.

Four, I like the fact that I would learn to accept the choices people make when she at one point decided to not fight the disease.

Five, and this is one of the most meaningful for me, I like the fact that in the midst of her dying, I became aware of a new sense of wonder and appreciation for living. For the first time in my life, I truly felt the preciousness of life.

The pain and horror of the experience was real. The beauty and unexpected insight and healing? Just … as …. real.

By giving consideration to both the pain and the beauty, I honor that experience in all that it has to offer.

Your Turn

Pick one obstacle in the way and ask yourself what you like about it. Variations could be, “what’s good about it?” or “what’s the gift in it?” or “how can I work with this situation?” or “what potentially could this create?” You get the picture.

List out the answers you get and see what new perspective, insight, choices, and options now exist.

Three Ways to Reduce the Stress of Things that Annoy You
I may not have control over what happens around me, but I do have the ability to change how I respond to these things.

  1. Reframe – when spring arrives, so too do the motorcycle gangs with their roaring machines that go down the main strip. I used to complain about the loud noise and how obnoxious these guys are. But at one point, I got sick of reacting like a helpless victim who’s only route is to complain. I decided to write a “new story” around it. I began by confirming in my mind the fact that everyone wants to be heard and seen and that sometimes it’s not in the most appropriate way we go about getting this. Bad attention is better than no attention. And I also realized that we want to be able to express our “power” in whatever way we can find, that basically says, “I am here! Notice me!” So, the next time I heard a biker going down the road, I remembered the new story, “here’s a guy who’s here on planet earth who wants to be recognized and heard.” And you know what happened? Yes, my resistance and anger went away, but more than that, I got a surge of emotion as I felt the connection between him and I–that we’re both here trying to do our thing.
  2. Get in Rhythm with it – I recently had young college kids living in the apartment next to mine and could hear their all-night parties, with their rap music booming and reverberating through my walls.
  3. Get Soft – Ever since I was a young boy, loud noises
    have scared me, and I react to it strongly. So every time an ambulance goes
    by, I initially wince and …but …

How the Mind Puts us to Sleep
Noticing things and staying “awake” is an ongoing challenge because of how the mind stores and remembers things and perpetually projects stored memories of familiar experiences onto the present – thus the challenge of “being in the now.”


Lesson Seven: The Clear Mind

— everything better when this …
[depressed person vs child]

Benefits of a Clear Mind

Clarity There are days when my mind is in the ‘duh’ state where everything is fuzzy and can’t seem to get it together. But then there are those moments or days where my mind turns on a bit and I can think again. At its best, my mind will fully awaken and my thoughts are crystal clear.
Presence My Story, the meaning that I place on things, has less affect on me while in a higher state. Away from the dulling affects of the Conditioned Mind, I see things that are in front of me in their full detail and presence “as if for the first time.” For me, having a “fresh” mind is everything.
Creativity Ideas come easily, access to “genius”
Beauty The “magic” and essence of an experience are present.
Details Our senses are more in tune with the details and subtleties
Learning Ability to fine-tune and hone your skills, craft, talent
Flow The mind is able to focus and make connections, our bodies find the rhythm of our actions, things click into place
Energy My physical, mental, and creative energy is clearly at its peak when I’m in a higher state. My passion and enthusiasm are ramped up
Success “Success” is the ability to experience high levels of passionate engagement with life in any moment, no matter what’s going on.
Fun Though I love being in action for fun, like skiing, windsurfing, diving, I also love it when I find myself having a ball doing nothing much at all. This reminds me that its the state of mind while doing anything that leads to a life that is fulfilling and satisfying



Part Three – The Life as a Wave Approach (LAWA)


Lesson Eight – Power of Clear Intent

There is nothing more powerful than making a clear and definitive choice–like it’s a “done deal.” I know that when I absolutely have to have something happen, it does. This happens with my bills and other things. And the one time out of 22 attempts to let go of the smokes, I was clear about it; there was no doubt, no hesitancy, no ‘what if this or that,” no concern of how,

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans. That the moment that one definitively commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in its favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.”

“What ever you can do, or dream you can do–begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” – Goethe

I have found this to be so incredibly true. I know both sides of it–how all the hard work and struggle can lead to just about nothing when there is a lack of clarity or commitment, when there’s that hesitancy, seed of doubt. I have also seen the magic surround me when I am absolutely clear in what my intended goal/objective is. When things develop naturally and almost without intervention or controlling on my part, when the right people are “just showing up” and the ideas are flowing consistently, I know that I have clear intent and that I mean business.


Lesson Nine – The Creation Formula

Review and putting it all together
Going with the theme of following life’s lead to create more life, we now have a more or less complete “creation formula” that describes the interplay of what I want, the pathway towards that end, and how to deal with anything that gets in the way.

What you want may be big-picture like taking a new direction in your life. It can also be improving the quality and satisfaction of what is already in your life. Perhaps you are on the constant pursuit of mastering your particular talent or passion. Whatever it is, the creative process is essentially the same. In the end, it’s about “more life” in your life.

We have:
“more life” = clear intent + creating a conduit + using obstacles as fuel.

In other words, when you are clear about what you want, get in line and create a pathway for it to take form, and not only eliminate or reduce the challenges on the way, but you are actually using them as the fuel by reframing and working with them, then what you want then has everything needed to happen.

Using it for the first time
To help the creation process, we use and apply “life tools” that life uses itself to create “more life” … tools like the wave, entrainment, grit to pearl, etc.

Basic LAW Process
1. what do you want?
2. line up and create a flow channel for it
3. what are some of the challenges?
4. pick one and grit to pearl it
5. notice what’s happening in the moment and adjust


Lesson 10: How Deep You Want to Go?

[put sprinkles of this throughout course besides just here …] You now have a platform to build off of. It now becomes a question of how deep do you want to go?
[get pics for the following:] – Getting unstuck
Resolving conflicts
Revitalizing your health and well-being
Having a clear thinking mind
Finding the flow in all areas of your life
Mastering skills, talents, learning how to do cool things
Attraction principles

all leading to a life that is bla bla…

Life as a Wave helps you know more so you can do more and in the end, be more. In the end, it’s all about being “freely expressed”–to be given the means and the space to explore and create without limits …. to live life to it’s fullest, to taste the sweetness along the way, …. there’s no better feeling than “being in the groove of your life.”

Bonus Materials

Bonus Lesson: Synchronicity 101 – the law of attraction at play


Yellow Monarch Butterfly

My First Intentional Synchronicity

Back in 1997, my friend, Donna, and I were hanging out in my car talking when she reached down into her bag and pulled out a tape.

“Here, listen to this. It’s about this thing called Law of Attraction. It basically describes how the universe will reflect back to you what you think most about. Now, keep an open mind, Carl. You never know what could happen.”

You have to know that I was in a deeply cynical phase in my life at the time. I really didn’t want to have anything to do with anything new-agey or spiritual. I was fed up with these self-help gurus promising the world: my life was pretty much unchanged.

But I took the tape and told her I’d listen to it when I got the chance. Later that evening, I popped the tape into the player and began to listen.

According to the tape, if you could hold a thought in your mind for about 17 seconds, the universe would reflect it back to you in some tangible way. It suggested trying a simple experiment to pick an object of little importance, say a bottle or watch or maybe a type of car and hold it in your mind for 17 seconds, repeating the exercise if you find your thoughts wandering. Then a short time afterwards you will see various “reflections” of the object.

A few days later while at the beach, I remembered the experiment. I decided what the hell, I’ll give it a shot. I climbed up a sand dune, found an isolated spot surrounded by trees, and sat down in a comfortable position. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and emptied my mind of any doubts or concerns.

I decided to pick a yellow Monarch butterfly as my object to imagine. I visualized a butterfly fluttering around my head and landing on the palm of my hand. I saw its wings, the patterns, colors. As its wings slowly opened and closed, I felt its lightness. Now, try holding a thought or image for 17 long seconds – it ain’t easy! But after five or six attempts, I finally did it. At one point, I even felt what it would be like to be a the butterfly.

Alright. So I did it. I opened my eyes. And what did I see?

I saw a butterfly, right?


No butterfly. There were none to be found anywhere. For the rest of the day I looked for it. Nothing. Still no butterfly.

Ah, see? I thought to myself. This is all a bunch of new-age mumbo-jumbo. It’s crap.

The next day, I was still looking for the butterfly. Again, nothing. Hell, I couldn’t even manage to see a fly, mosquito, seagull flying … nothing.

Day three. I had forgotten about the experiment. And I remember playing my guitar and feeling frustrated for whatever reason. I think I was bored with playing the same things over and over again. So I decided to call my friend, Donna, to vent.

And in the middle of my ranting over the phone, she cuts me off.

“Carl! Just stop, will you? Just get that butterfly off your shoulder!”

“What? What did you just say?” I screamed (Remember we’re on the phone!).

“Get that damn butterfl…”

“Wait!,” I said. “What kind of butterfly is it?”

(Are you ready for this?)

She says, “It’s an Orange … no, it’s a yellow Monarch butterfly.”

My god! There it was! My butterfly had arrived. I told her that I had listened to the tape she gave me and that I had picked a yellow Monarch butterfly as my object to visualize. I remember her screaming and then dropping the phone. “Wow! Really? That’s so cool.”

She gave me my butterfly and in a way that I could never, ever have predicted.

Well, that was the beginning of what was to completely shift my perspective on this luck, coincidence, synchronicity thing. I have come to know that indeed we have a say in what comes into our lives.

This was to be only one of hundreds of what I like to call “intentional synchronicities.”

After getting my butterfly in the most unexpected way, I had a new sense of possibility. If it is true that we affect our reality and what we experience, I had some big-time “intentionalizing” to do.


A Check for $50,000

If I could have the butterfly come into my experience, what else could I have happen? I decided to go for the gold and apply the law of attraction to money. I closed my eyes and visualized a check for $50,000 (you have to think big, right?). I imagined holding the check in my hand and could see the details on it. My name written on the top, to the right the dollar amount, and below, the signature. I held the vision for a bit and let it go.

No, I’ll tell you right now, I didn’t get the money, but I did get an interesting “reflection.” About a week later, I went to my mail box, sifted through the junk mail, and was about to throw out a letter out when I saw what looked like a check with my name on it. Intrigued, I opened the letter and took out the check.

It said, “Pay to the order of: Carl Contino, for the amount of….”


What’s this? Could it be? ….Well, no. The check wasn’t real. It was some promotional deal for a home equity loan. Oh, well. But it was a check written out to me for the exact amount I had visualized.

But there was to be more. A few days later, I got another “check” in the mail, same deal, same amount, written out to my name.

Then, I got another! And another. Then, one day, I got an email about some contest worth $50,000. And then another promotional check. And then another.

In one month I got a total of five “hits,” each of them for $50,000 (except one was for $49,816). I was shocked, intrigued, but also frustrated that none of them had any real money attached to it.

What was going on? I was obviously doing something right. The check did materialize, and several times! And I used the same method for visualizing the check as with the butterfly. So why didn’t I get the money? Maybe this attraction thing is a bunch of crap after all. Maybe I just got lucky with the butterfly.

But then I remembered just how bizarre it was getting it the way I did – over the phone with Donna, and I became curious again. What if there’s more to it?

I realized I didn’t know everything there was to know about attraction. The tape Donna gave me was a great start. It turned me on to the notion of attraction and the experience of synchronicity. But apparently ‘attracting what you want’ wasn’t as simple as I thought. I obviously had more to learn. Little did I know that a few years later I’d be getting another key.

The Nature of Synchronicity

Break the word into its parts and you get “syn”, which means with or same, and “chron”, which means time. Synchronicity is defined as meaningful coincidences, a lining-up of events that are connected in some way. Made popular through the work of Carl Jung, synchronicity can be seen as an “acausal connecting principle.” Here there is no cause and effect. Instead, it is “reflective” in nature.

Much of what we know of the world fits into the familiar cause and effect model. Hit the baseball with the bat, and the force of the strike causes the ball to fly through the air. Newton’s Laws of Motion describe how the ball will react to the forces of gravity and friction. The ball predictably falls to the ground. We were taught that everything, without exception, is under the influence of well-understood laws of physics.

But the field of Quantum Mechanics adds an extra dimension to the picture. For example, the Heisenberg Principle states that what we observe, we affect. In other words, the mere act of putting our attention on something influences it in some way;the mind itself affects reality.

To be clear, I am not suggesting that by force of will that we can cause something to happen. I have heard of people using the power of their mind to bend spoons and what not. Don’t know about that kind of thing.

I also do not want to make it seem that all you have to do is put out a dream into the universe and that’s all there’s to it. And I’m not saying that it’s easy. Visualizing the $50,000 check didn’t bring in the money associated with it. Something was delivered; it just wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

Or was it?

One of the things about putting out an intent, thought, vision, or dream is that it is an exact match. That’s both the good news and the bad. There are subtleties at attracting what you want.

This was to be my second lesson in synchronicity and law of attraction. It was not enough to have a clear intention and to visualize it coming into my life. There’s another part to the equation.

Different Types of Synchronicity

Over the past nine years, after countless numbers of synchronicities, I have been able to categorize the different “flavors” of synchronicity.

Unrelated connection – when I make a connection between what I think is a synchronistic occurrence and some desire or intention I’ve had, but is not so. This is first on the spectrum even though technically its not a synchronicity. I only think it is, and therefore has meaning to me, and therefore, does.

Clear intention and completion – when I make a clear decision to do something, and then I find myself doing it without effort or any other influence by me, I say that this is a very simple kind of synchronistic event. You put out your intent and the universe (and your body and mind) completes it. An example is when I decide that I want to wake up, say at 7am. If my decision is clear and I have no reservation or doubts as to whether I can wake up at that time, I can open my eyes in the morning, and it will be exactly 7am.

Visual cues – when I’m in a clear state of mind, I’ve found that when I have a “high vibrational thought,” something that rings true, my eyes will pickup on something shiny, bright, colorful, or sparkly. For example, I’ll have a thought that is of a “higher level of truth” and all of a sudden my eye’s shift to a bright or colorful object

Quick reflection – you think of someone and they call. You think of something, and then you hear or see the word/thought on tv.

sdf – sdf

Perpetuated synchronicities – a string of synchronicities, one after another

Over lapping synchronicities – a synchronicity within a synchronicity

Turning up the Volume and Frequency of Synchronicities

At its peak, I have had as many as 40 synchronicities in one day. I’ve even had experiences where the synchronicities were perpetuated, where a string of them occur one after the other in a matter of a few seconds.

At other times, though, they seem to slip away. I’ll go through a dry period where very little if any occur. Is this random? Am I doing something that makes them happen more often at times than others?

Entrainment, Flow, Clear Mind, and Synchronicity

Entrainment, the connecting force that brings one pattern of vibration into another, is the underlying force not only with being in the High Vibe Zone and in flow, but also with synchronicity. It is the binding force that makes one event connect with another.

I have found that synchronicities happen more often when my mind is tuned to a higher state. It is then that I find things “clicking into place.” The amount and intensity of synchronicities

Key Distinctions to keep in mind

  • Intention = decision + expectation
  • Attracting what I want = clear intent + zero resistance
  • Synchronicities happen more often with a clear state of mind


Quick Reference: Benefits of a Clear Mind

Clarity There are days when my mind is in the ‘duh’ state where everything is fuzzy and can’t seem to get it together. But then there are those moments or days where my mind turns on a bit and I can think again. At its best, my mind will fully awaken and my thoughts are crystal clear.
Presence My Story, the meaning that I place on things, has less affect on me while in a higher state. Away from the dulling affects of the Conditioned Mind, I see things that are in front of me in their full detail and presence “as if for the first time.” For me, having a “fresh” mind is everything.
Creativity Ideas come easily, access to “genius”
Beauty The “magic” and essence of an experience are present.
Details Our senses are more in tune with the details and subtleties
Learning Ability to fine-tune and hone your skills, craft, talent
Flow The mind is able to focus and make connections, our bodies find the rhythm of our actions, things click into place
Energy My physical, mental, and creative energy is clearly at its peak when I’m in a higher state. My passion and enthusiasm are ramped up
Success “Success” is the ability to experience high levels of passionate engagement with life in any moment, no matter what’s going on.
Fun Though I love being in action for fun, like skiing, windsurfing, diving, I also love it when I find myself having a ball doing nothing much at all. This reminds me that its the state of mind while doing anything that leads to a life that is fulfilling and satisfying

Quick Reference: Signs of Resistance

Caused by either:

  • Trying too hard where The Controller is activated
  • Resistance – from triggered beliefs, etc
  1. Signs of resistance can be sensed as:
  2. effort
  3. work
  4. struggle
  5. lack of ease
  6. over time you can feel:
  7. fatigued
  8. spaced out
  9. low blood sugar
  10. headaches
  11. backaches
  12. aggravated injuries
  13. low energy
  14. burn out
  15. the body can experience:
  16. white knuckles
  17. lock-jaw/grinding
  18. scowling
  19. tight lips
  20. toes curled
  21. nervous ticks
  22. excessive blinking


Quick Reference: 10 Ways to Unstuck Yourself by Living Life as a Wave

Here are some ideas of what you can do when you find yourself stuck in struggle:

Phase 1: Be Stuck

Freak out, be frustrated, get depressed. Don’t hold back an inch. Vent out the emotions, let the stuckness just be there. Why?

First, anyone will tell you it’s better to let the energy of any emotions out than hold it inside for it to do its damage on your body and spirit. Secondly, when I can just allow the upset over the stuckness be there, I’ve now short-circuited the reaction to my stuckness. I’m stuck and this is not good! By default, we’re initially going to fight the fact. I mean, we don’t want to be stuck, so of course we’re, in effect, going to yell no! to the experience.

This no! reaction, if not then resolved, is the source of further perpetuating the stuckness. Fighting what is perpetuates what is. Hence, the quicksand trap.

Yes to the Stuckness
So once I’ve opened myself up to the fact of being stuck and am no longer for the moment fighting it, now I’m ready to say yes! to the experience of being stuck itself. Why would I want to do that?

I know, it’s weird, but the paradox shows up again, but this time in our favor. Fight stuck, you remain stuck. You allow stuck. You at least don’t sink further in. The pressure starts to decrease more. More than that, it sets the stage for what we’re about to do next.

Do Nothing
You can say, “I’m not doing it! I’m blowing off the work/problem,” and once your mind gets it that it now has permission to let it go, it does, and immediately your mind starts to relax and all of a sudden, in the absence of pressure, the idea comes to mind, the problem gets solved, I’m doing the thing that I just said I wasn’t going to do! That’s the power of paradox at play – permission to go in the opposite direction to get the result I want without pressure.

When I was studying electrical engineering, I’d play my drum instead of do my homework. Later, when I went to percussion school, I found myself not wanting to play drums and instead would find something else to do to have fun. Same activity, drumming. Two totally different responses. I can release the pressure of the should’s and must’s by giving myself permission to not do something, for now.

Sometimes, if the ideas aren’t flowing and that damn cursor is blinking at me, I’ll say the hell with it, I’m blowing it off and taking a nap! But, I will bring a marker and pen, just in case any ideas come up. And guess what happens. Just as I start to doze off the ideas start streaming. I’ve often got more work doing “nothing” than by doing the something!


Phase 2: Transform

Grit to Pearl
We’re working with the problem not against it. Here we follow nature’s lead on how to deal with the things that helped create the stuckness in the first place. We, like life, get to use the stuckness as “fuel for new growth.”

It’s after struggle we can sense the joy of the release. It’s the catastrophe that leads to clarity of purpose. It’s facing near death that brings up the preciousness of life. Here, stuckness, lack of flow, stillness is the ground in which new life gets to be birthed. New movement that has clear direction and that you can taste and feel.

A shoe factory sends two scouts to Africa to see if there was a market for their shoes. The first guy looks around and sees that no one’s wearing any shows. He reports back, “Sorry, there’s nothing here, no one wears shoes.”

The second guy looks around and sees that no one’s wearing any shows. He reports back, “I have great news. There’s a huge market for our shoes. No one’s got any shoes!”

Exact same situation, two totally different interpretations (or to the two individuals, statements of fact). And therefore, two totally different outcomes – one with zero possibilities and the other with numerous possibilities for movement, expansion, and gain. Simple story but makes a great point. Within any situation or circumstance, there’s room for interpretation. It doesn’t matter what the facts are as much as what we do with the facts.

The key to working through any obstacles that come our way and to use them as “fuel for new growth,” is to change how it appears to me. I can “reframe” how the situation looks and feels to me. One of the ways I can reframe a situation is to ask the simple question, “What do I like about this?”

By asking the question, it forces my mind to go from focusing on what’s wrong with something to what’s right. I go from “destructive mode” where I see nothing but problems to get rid of, to “creative mode” where I can now move through the problem by creating new awareness, new understanding from it. And in doing so, I help the grit of my life turn into pearls.

[ex story]

By shifting your perspective and widening your view of a problem, by honoring both the pain and beauty of a problem, like stuckness, new options, choices, and opportunities, that just a moment ago were invisible, are now revealed.

Get Super Clear

Create movement by recreating a clear vision as if it’s a done deal. You take any energy left over from your initial reaction to being stuck, the anger, etc, and you use it to laser focus and get super clear on your vision, what you want to create. You are now in “creative mode” where things can come to life because of, not in spite of, the stuckness (paradox again!).


Phase 3: Create Motion

An idea, project, goal, or dream can’t go anywhere if it’s isolated and disconnected from everything else. Life depends on connections and “channels of flow” to move, expand, and grow into new forms of life. Without them, life dies.

Creating connections and channels helps the flow of ideas, resources, people coming into your life to support you in your quest.

[story on connection]

Rhythmize it
Rhythm energizes, resynchronizes, and creates movement, but more than that, it can act as a “carrier” to help reconnect to the movement of thought, ideas, and your body.

When I get stuck writing, I will turn to my side where I have my conga drum waiting. I tap out some rhythms and invariably, every time, I’ll reconnect and the ideas start to flow.

Seek the effortless
Once things begin to move again, to help maintain it, we want to find the most direct, long the same line as Do Nothing, I can find the effortless in what I’m doing, thus keeping the stuckness away. ….

Mix it Up
Over time, anything new becomes familiar, and in that familiarity comes stagnation, dulled senses, and lethargy. Changing my environment, how I do my everyday routines, activities, will automatically wake my mind up by forcing it to pay attention to unfamiliar surroundings, new sensations, different patterns, which frees up my energy, revitalizes my senses, and helps keep things fresh and dynamic. Continued movement is the result.

Put … walk a different …


Summary: There is an organic approach to creating what we desire that entails a universal approach that comes from life itself. Be present, open, clarify, transform, connect, move in step, flow.

Try it
Pick something that’s stuck in your life and try some of the above ideas. Let me know how it goes. If you have any questions or comments, call me at 716-881-4827.

If you’ve found this useful and would like to get a deeper sense of what Life as a Wave offers, you can purchase the survivor’s guide to living life as a wave here.




Quick Reference: How to Raise My Vibe

Yes It All

A quick way to reduce the effect of anxious, stressful, or negative thoughts and feelings.

Reset Button

A total letting-go of everything in my past, present, and future where I give myself permission to just ‘be’ for a brief moment.

Seek the Effortless

Letting the work do you instead of you doing the work.

Hang with the Creatures

Allowing myself to be affected by their naturally curious, playful, and joy-filled world.

Create a “Carrier Rhythm”

Moving the body to a simple rhythm often allows ideas, thoughts, memories to surface.

Mix it Up

Breaking out of usual routines and places frees up energy and refreshes the mind.

Three Point

A visual exercise that helps change my state of mind.


Actively viewing a situation from various perspectives to free up rigid thinking.

What Do I Like About This

One way to reframe a problem.

What’s Perfect About This

Another way to reframe a problem.

Grit to Pearl

Transform problems into fuel for new growth by following nature’s lead.

Notice What I Notice

Increases my awareness of the subtleties of what’s happening around me and grounds me in the present.

Do Something Meaningless

Sometimes doing a meaningless, unrelated task when I’m totally stuck on something important will get things moving again.

Pick up a Sock

Clearing the clutter in my environment will often free up the clutter in my head.

Do Nothing

Permission to do and accomplish absolutely nothing for a moment.

Taste it Feel it

Using the power of imagination to put you where you want to be.

Act As If

acting and being the particular role or person that you desire right now.

Go into the Buzz

Sensing the body’s buzz of being alive will often act as a grounding force in the now.

Anger to Clarity

Using the energy of anger for clarity and sense of purposefulness to what you do want to create.

Go Bonkers

When things get beyond what I can emotionally handle, letting myself go absolutely nuts – to scream, cry, rant and rave – acts as a vent for the , leaving me with a lighter, cleaner energy



Quick Reference: How I Know When My Vibe Just Went Up

If I pay attention to what’s happening in my body, I’ll pick up on subtle cues that tell me exactly when I jump up to a higher state.

Note: to get the most out of this list, you should already be familiar with the “Life as a Wave” perspective.

Here’s a quick list of some of the more common cues:

  • my eyes will divert to something shiny, sparkly, or vibrant
  • a feeling of waking up/coming to
  • my “smart self” returns
  • I have a re-experience of a long-ago memory
  • my “natural self” emerges
  • my energy goes up
  • chills down the spine
  • I’ll hear tinkling sounds coming from a mobile or similar.
  • a horn will beep
  • nasal cavities will open up
  • a sense of relief
  • I can sense the air around me .. 3D space
  • The next two are a bit “out there” I admit:
  • I’ll get a “zing” down my back and both legs, and occasionally throughout my whole body.
  • My left foot will cramp up with a surge of energy going through it. I know this one sounds truly weird, and I can’t begin to explain it, but it does happen!

While drumming:

  • the sound improves
  • my hands feel lighter
  • drumming becomes effortless
  • the patterns lock in
  • if improvising, a nice pattern will emerge

While using my drum as a “flow meter”:

  • the pace will pick up
  • if I get a low-vibrational thought, I’ll instantly hear it in my music, a tiny glitch will happen

Further Distinctions:

  • There’s a paradoxical twist to this … when I am already vibing at say a 7 or 8, it’s then that I am most able to pick up on the cues. Unfortunately, that means that when I need it most, like when I’m at maybe a 3-4, is when I’m least likely to be able to tune in and pick up on these cues (which mainly exist in the upper vibrational domain).
  • the cues can be made up by associating with something such as a car horn beeping, etc.

Quick Reference: How To Know When There’s Clear Intentions

Intentional manifestation (Law of Attraction) is usually associated with getting things, a new car, a new job, a new relationship. While that’s fine and wonderful, our intentions that we “put out” to the universe extends way beyond this.

You can see it in action with the little things that we decide second by second. In other words, there are ways to see immediate feedback, such as when I intend/decide to hit the tennis ball cross-court, that intention, if clear, will result in a shot that goes exactly where I want it to.

Here are some ways that you can begin to notice the immediate affects of what you intend:

  1. Throwing a paper ball across the room into the waste basket …. practice
    intending it without trying or stepping in the way.
  2. Playing sports
  3. How my body reacts

Ways to Increase Your Wave Dynamic

Ways to

  1. Cleansing routine – by diverting your energy from digestion to “cleaning house,” the body, and with it the mind, will naturally resynchronize with external natural rhythms as well as coordinating of internal rhythms.
  2. Get into nature – getting outside will retune your body with natural signals in nature.
  3. Create tension – release cycles – you can create dynamic variance by creating to polar extremes in anything.
  4. Mix things up – over time anything new becomes familiar, and in that familiarity comes stagnation and a deadened dynamic of your waves. Changing my environment, activities, etc will automatically wake my mind up by forcing it to pay attention to new sensations, etc ….
  5. Add some chaos – sometimes what’s needed is to have a complete
    breakup of patterns, and the only thing that’ll do it is to have a complete
    “meltdown” where all hell breaks loose. This often happens in real
    life, where something reaches the boiling point and things totally fall apart
    or there’s total disarray, chaos, etc … You can intentionally introduce
    an “explosion” of energy of sorts …..



This book has literally been a life time in the making, and bringing it to life has been by far the biggest challenge of the past 10 years of my life. It is only in the past year, and especially the last few months, where I’ve finally been able to witness all the pieces coming together into one cohesive form.

It is with deep gratitude no words could ever express that I thank the following people for helping me work through the myriad challenges along the way:

I’d first like to thank the people that live in my neighborhood that have sat through my demos of my ideas …. like Bob Krause, …

I’d like to thank the folks who run the Product Factory that lead to the completion of this book, Michael Port and Mitch Meyerson, as well as my team leader Cara Lumen, whose …. and my buddy, Marilyn Caleb .

And lastly, I want to thank my mother and father for giving me the love, guidance, and space to discover my life’s path.



‘, ‘none’, ‘

Marketing Pieces

1. What it Looks Like – a quick overview of 30 different situations or scenarios and how they are traditionally approached compared with the Life as a Wave Approach (LAWA)- includes words and phrases to indicate a blend of features, strategies, tools – should be pretty self-explanatory and provide an idea of what’s offered

2. Top Distinctions – what I consider to be the most impactful ideas that address big topics.

(coming soon)

Comparison of common approach and LAWA

Situation Common Approach &/or when closed/fighting – “no” LAWA – “yes”
Overall Levels of current energy, passion, ability to learn, create, stress, health
state are not just biological, etc … or solely based on amt of sleep,
diet, age, history, background, etc … and can be over-ridden to varying
degrees, supplemented, improved upon
There’s a way to connect to and access these things that can actually over-ride current factors. Ex. tired but full of energy because ideas flowing, life is good, etc. Thoughts themselves give/take away energy.
Root source of our biggest challenges our mind does us and we don’t know it or see it in the moment it’s happening. ….. filler
Dreams/Goals sacrifice, will, discipline, force follow life’s lead, provide all elements needed for ideas to come to life, being pulled by vision, action driven by inspiration, etc
Untapped Genius person, rare, special talent/skill, you have it or don’t it’s built into everything by design, we access it to help us do our thing, we look for it and bring it out using LAW “life tools”
Learning from others, we attain something we don’t have, what to think, not all pieces there for integrating from natural “clean sources”, curiosity driven, what do we already know, 1-on-1 coaching for integrating
Change hard, force yourself to do what you don’t want to, push, shove, through denying/taking away seek the effortless, invisible change, clear intent, follow life’s lead, use LAW life tools
Beliefs rigid, fight for them, as fact, drive us, autopilot, done by our beliefs, conform, black and white allow, observe, step outside, hold loosely, modify, create empowering ones, identify what part of story belief or thought comes from, go to the “for sure universals”
Getting things done force, will, rigid vision driven, pulled by desire, etc, flexible, allow for doing alot while doing nothing, seek effortless, delegate, find the timing
Commitment first know the doable how then commit the how comes together as a function of commitment, like it’s a done deal
New Skills taught by someone, technique driven, can lead to wasted energy, inefficient use of body, injury, wear and tear tap into the genius found within the mind and body, focus on the rhythm which drives the technique naturally, find out what the body can already do, seek effortless, nondepletive, no/little wear and tear, use life tools to help
Dieting, etc fundamentally flawed concept, deprivation, breaks life wanting more life, force, will, can slingshot to opposite direction (binging), doesn’t take paradoxical mind into account, obsessive, becomes their everything go along with life wanting more life, fill up other areas of life, connect on many levels, being present to now, creative, flexible, forever adaptable, effortless, invisible change
Visual Arts technique, learning outside techniques (ok, but not best or complete), memory driven sometimes drawing is art of seeing which is ability to entrain w/ object before you, notice the details emerge, rhythm as conduit, use other LAW life tools
Physical Performance rhythm driven coordination/technique, use principles of flow, entrainment, use body’s built in genius, dance, observe
ADD problem, medicate, something wrong, flawed, try to fix/eradicate/deal with nothing wrong, gift within the challenge, create customized environment and system for thriving within the tendencies, create space to ALLOW one to defocus, space out, use rhythm/entrainment for focus (wide/narrow) when needed, curiosity driven focus, other LAW life tools
Teen force, control, limit, do what I say entice, huge playground w/ parameters, huge YES to them, coach/facilitate
teen’s natural desires, partnership
Getting Unstuck fight it, wallow in it, use discipline/will, something wrong, attack apparent problem allow the stuckness, yes it, honor it, use it, go into it, then, create the grease by re-membering/creating a compelling, forward-pulling vision, set up environment, rhythm/flow to move through , paradoxical approach
Tapping Creative Juice use rhythm as conduit and carrier, setup environment, use grit as fuel for new creations, mix things up, add contrast, fill up cup, do nothing, seek the effortless, reduce all pressure, should’s gotta’s, play
Resolving Conflicts make/prove wrong, debate, line between explore, seek similar points, same side of line, allow, be with what is, remember what’s real/true, what once was and recreate that connection
Health genes, diet/exercise, supplements, meds, break the wave/static, always on (supplementation, etc), rigid, discipline go w/ life wants more life, yes/open, introduce/build on healthy wave dynamics with everything (diet, etc), tension-release/stress release, increase connections (to nature, others, body, mind), whole person, clear vision/sense of purpose, dynamic/intervallic training, cleansing to reset body’s ability to entrain w/ natural rhythms and itself, movement, community, fun/passion
Manic, Obsessive, etc fix it, suppress it, let it run wild, depletes, hard to handle, medicate it, control it energy management, ride it, hold loosely, still point, use rhythm to set pace, ground body, create system/environment to capture thoughts and ideas
Stuttering, Fluency fight it, control it borrow carriers, use entrainment/rhythm to lock in and increase fluency, YES, allow/embrace
Emotional Upset block, fight, wallow, no yes, allow, vent, reframe thoughts that drive the emotions, YES, set up environment for connection, physical movement, rhythm, life tools
Depression fix, medicate, hide, wallow same as above more or less
Tick, neurotic stuff hide it, control it up connection through rhythm and entrainment, YES, conduits, environment, grounding, health, body awareness/movement
Stress reduction, sometimes avoid, not handled, not aware of sources release, use stress to create “more life” through the release of the tension, YES, use dynamic of contrast, grit to pearl, etc, use rhythm to work through, sometimes we intentionally create stress temporarily
Organization structured flexible system
Wild Mind, High energy management
Big Problems of World

================= END MARKETING PIECES ================


Topics to add

Lesson One

Lesson Two

Lesson Three

Lesson Four

Lesson Five

Lesson Six

key distinction for the story…

– when something comes up in your mind, if you believe it, it becomes true once again in that moment. If you identify it as something from your story, or other related illusions and misperceptions of the mind, you then can reaffirm that you do not believe it. It know its source – the story. And you know the story, as real and convincing as it always is, is a work of fiction.

Seeing it for what it is in the very moment it pops up in your mind will instantly disempower the thought or belief and pop you out of that part of the story’s influence.

Controlling Your Mind … is it possible?

Well yes, and no. Definitely no when it comes to controlling what thoughts and feelings and reactions you have while doing your day. Anyone who’s tried positive thinking or declared that they would never think about something again will know how futile it is. To control our thinking, and subsequently, our actions, can be the hardest thing to do on this planet.

Try it. Promise yourself that for one day you’re not going to have any negative thoughts. Try one hour. One minute. Forget it. It ain’t going to happen! It’s similar to if I were to ask you to not think of a pink elephant. The very moment I ask for your mind to not do something, it’s actually asking the mind to do that very thing!Ah the wonderful world of paradox that the mind is deeply steeped in!

This is not to say that there isn’t a place for thinking and occasionally stepping in and declaring the thoughts you want to have. Using thinking is one way to get your mind to do what you want. Another way is to work with your mind and give it a helping hand by doing the things that will shift your state of mind so that it naturally brings forth thinking that’s more desirable.

A great deal of self-help advice, in my opinion, is of the ‘control your life through thinking’ school. It’s a legitimate piece of the puzzle. Using thinking skillfully, it can steer my state of mind to a good place. But often the thinking isn’t done skillfully and we end up trying to do the driving.

It’s the mind’s job to do the driving. My job is to occasionally and very briefly navigate or steer toward a particular direction, but then to immediately give the control back to the mind so it can do its thing.

It’s very difficult to control our thinking. It’s like trying to ride a wild bull at times. It’s simply too powerful to stay in control for any amount of time. But again, to occasionally steer the mind’s power and natural capabilities is a very good thing to do – and necessary. This is especially true when you consider how off base our thinking is at times. When you see the story rearing its ugly head over and over again, no matter how much you try and stop it, you realize that its a futile cause. But its important to step outside of the story. So how do you do it without controlling your thinking?

The trick is to work with the mind’s power. It’s the quick little adjustments that matter. Asking the right question, remembering what I want, reclarifying are good ways to readjust the mind’s focus and state.

If you can, however, do things to realign your mind’s overall state, you can automatically and naturally have the mind do what you want. And when the momentum is built, the state of mind is sustained with little or no intervention on your part.

Changing state of mind shifts the field around it and affects everything within and around you. Placing myself in a particular environment will create that shift. Matter of fact, everywhere I go creates a shift in my state of mind. Because of this, I can go one step further and intentionally put myself in an environment that will create a desired shift in my mind. One of the best ways for me to gain perspective on my life or something I’m working on is to simply get out of town! Leave the familiar; go to places unknown; fresh vistas to gaze at, new people to meet, new experiences to be had – all create a fresh state of mind and with it an awakened sense of self, thinking that is once again clear, feelings that wash over my dullness, bringing me back to life.

I love coming home from a vacation, and I have new found energy and a clearer
head about the things in my life. Leaving the familiar and coming back to it
is probably the best way for me to gain a …..

What we’re talking about here is going along with what the mind wants to do. We’re just enticing it do want to do the things we want it to do! Isn’t it much better to automatically have positive and encouraging thoughts flowing through your mind than it is to generate them on your own through positive affirmations and the like?

To be clear, though, I am not saying that using thinking to navigate the mind is a bad thing. It’s how it’s done that matters. So in the end, there are times to intervene in my thinking and at the same time there are times to also approach it from the perspective of state of mind so that it can do the work for you.

Doing little things to change the state of mind can produce big results.

Lesson Seven

Lesson Eight

Lesson Nine

Lesson Ten

Lesson Eleven

Kids and animals are great conductors of synchronicity. There’s nothing getting
in the way of it coming through. It’s like a floating ball on the surface of
the water in a pool. It simply bobs up and down as a wave goes through it.

– and when its “on” it is undeniable. It is just as real as anything I’ve experienced. It’s just that it seems unreal! I am absolutely certain while the experience is happening but later I often forget the realness of the unrealness. Hmmm

The Shift QUOTES:
John Lithgow in Third Rock From the Sun: Quotes: Creativity
Out of suffering comes creativity. You cannot spell painting without pain.

Noam Chomsky: Quotes on Creativity
Discovery is the ability to be puzzled by simple things.

John Dewey: Quotes on Creativity
Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.

Franklin Roosevelt: Quotes on Creativity
Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.

Michael Vance: Quotes on Creativity
Innovation is the creation of the new or the re-arranging of the old in a new way.

William Blake: Creativity Quotations

To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wildflower .. hold infinity
in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour …

George Kneller: Creativity Quotations
To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.

Benjamin Disraeli: Creativity Quotations
We are not creatures of circumstance; we are creators of circumstance.

Henri L Bergson: Creativity Quote
To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.

Orison Swett Marden: Creativity Quotes
A will finds a way.

Robert Collier: Creativity Quotes
All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas – not money.

Eden Phillpotts: Quotes about Creativity
The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery
A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock pile when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind.

“Whatever you hold in your mind will tend to occur in your life. If you continue to believe as you have always believed, you will continue to act as you have always acted. If you continue to act as you have always acted, you will continue to get what you have always gotten. If you want different results in your life or your work, all you have to do is change your mind.”

Elizabeth Kenny:
Some minds remain open long enough for the truth not only to enter but to pass on through by way of a ready exit without pausing anywhere along the route.

Emily Dickinson:
The Brain—is wider than the Sky—
For—put them side by side—
The one the other will contain
With ease—and You—beside—

John Milton:
The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make heaven of Hell, and a hell of Heaven.

Ralph Waldo Emerson:
Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.

“Friendship is one mind in two bodies.”

“Few minds wear out; more rust out.”
Bovee, Christian Nestell

Men are not prisoners of fate, but prisoners of their own minds. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

The mind I love must have wild places, a tangled orchard where dark damsons drop in the heavy grass, an overgrown little wood, the chance of a snake or two, a pool that nobody’s fathomed the depth of, and paths threaded with flowers planted by the mind. ~Katherine Mansfield

Bodies devoid of mind are as statues in the market place. ~Euripides

It is discouraging to try to penetrate a mind like yours. You ought to get it out and dance on it. That would take some of the rigidity out of it. ~Mark Twain

We may think of peace as the absence of war, that if the great powers would reduce their weapons arsenals, we could have peace. But if we look deeply into the weapons, we will see our own minds – our own prejudices, fears, and ignorance.
Thich Nhat Hanh
A sensation appears, and liking or disliking begins. This fleeting moment, if we are unaware of it, is repeated and intensified into craving and aversion, becoming a strong emotion that eventually overpowers the conscious mind. We become caught up in the emotion, and all our better judgment is swept aside. The result is that we find ourselves engaged in unwholesome speech and action, harming ourselves and others. We create misery for ourselves, suffering now and in the future, because of one moment of blind reaction.

But if we are aware at the point where the process of reaction begins–that is, if we are aware of the sensation–we can choose not to allow any reaction to occur or to intensify… in those moments the mind is free. Perhaps at first these may be only a few moments in a meditation period, and the rest of the time the mind remains submerged in the old habit of reaction to sensations, the old round of craving, aversion, and misery. But with repeated practice those few brief moments will become seconds, will become minutes, until finally the old habit of reaction is broken, and the mind remains continuously at peace. This is how suffering can be stopped.

S.N. Goenka

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. — Einstein


What good are thoughts and emotions—in fact all of our experiences—if not to increase our realization?
Dzigar Kongtrul

I found that when you start thinking and saying what you really want then your mind automatically shifts and pulls you in that direction. And sometimes it can be that simple, just a little twist in vocabulary that illustrates your attitude and philosophy.
Jim Rohn

The Creation Formula

The creation formula is something I came up with to provide a way to viewing
the different elements of the creative process for bringing anything to life.
It goes something like this:

When you are clear with what you intend to create, get inline with your vision,
and move through (and specifically TRANSFORM) any obstacles in the way, “new
life”; is the natural end result. You get what you want!

The Course, in a Nutshell
A big part of this is seeing the familiar with “fresh eyes.” This gives us new understanding, ways of looking at things, choices to consider, and options to act on if we choose. Seeing things with fresh eyes helps keep you present to what’s going on around you. It’s when we’re at our best, brightest, and clearest.

Think of this as a tour, of sorts, where we’re going to soar up to a big picture
view of our existence, and then into the depths of then zoom in closer to the
details of our lives. What you’ll enjoy, hopefully, about this tour is that
it’ll be filled with fresh new insights, … and goodies I call “life tools”
to play with in your life. Don’t be mistaken though, what you’re about to experience
is unlimited in its potential for you, depending what you do with it all. Fun
stuff? Yea, for sure. Powerful? You bet.

First, we’ll look at what I consider to be the essence of creating any kind of change in your life. I call it the “Creation Formula.” Maybe you want to create a change in your life, get healthier, go in a new direction, improve your skills, whatever it may be, the Creation Formula can be applied to all of it …. because in the end, it’s all about “bringing something to life.” It’s about creating something new.

We’re going to look at what it takes to bring something to life. We’re going to go to the expert on this topic and see what she has to say about it.

We’ll then get into what the game at play is We’ll talk about the we’ll talk a bit about the nature of your mind, both its capacity and it’s own self-imposed limits and misperceptions that are at the heart of most of our struggles.

We’ll then look at how “Life itself” deals with each part of the Creation Formula.
The idea here is to then “follow life’s lead” in applying the Creation Formula to our lives.

Since Life is the expert at creating life, why not follow it’s lead
on creating my life?

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows
up. — Picasso

Life is the expert on bringing things to life.

The Creation Formula
New Life =

first we look at our main challenge, then we look to life itself for insight, then we take that insight and apply it back to our lives

you’ve never seen anything outside of your head

whole cultures have been shaped by misperceptions. Family histories, personal histories are fundamentally based on what we believe to be true.


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