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Wave Tools

A variety of approaches to freeing up your mind and moving forward!

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Mind as Movie

A fundamental practice that sets the stage for everything else

Gamify It!

How to take even the most serious challenges and turn it into a game.

The Equalizer

It’s all just “stuff” we’re doing!

5 Seconds Go!

How to get moving before your thinking gets in the way.

Big to Small

Turning big things into small, tiny things.

The Still Point

An active form of meditation when you’re doing whatever you’re doing.

Rhythm Check-In

How to tell if you’re pushing too hard.

Grit to Pearl

A way to turn your crap into something beautiful

Blank Slate

How to clear your mind of everything when you need to.

Bury the Beat

An easy way to get in flow

Reframe It!

Another fundamental approach to creating movement.

Yes It All

One of several approach to getting into “the YES of what is.”

Yes And

A very powerful YES approach.

3 Point Gaze

A visual exercise to raise your state and “wake up.”

State Check

A quick check in to see how your state of mind is doing.

Flow Meter

A way of tracking your level of flow second by second

Do Nothing!

Sometimes we need to do a bunch of nothing.

Randomize It!

A way to get creative or solve a problem.

Go into the Buzz

A way to get clear and present.

Open-Eye Meditation

One of many ways to get clear and present.

Groove For It!

A way to have the technique of what you’re doing “find you.”

Seek the Effortless

A great way to get more done with little or no effort.

Do the Trivial

A good way to reduce the pressure of something important to you.

Reset Button

A way to clear the deck and get calm.

Notice What I Notice

A great way to wake up to what’s around you so you can be more present and take it in.

Rhythm Check-In

A way to find and remain in rhythm and flow.

About Face

Changing your current focus from what you don't want to what you do. Quick Fact: The mind loves focusing on the upset, what’s perceived as broken, flawed, or shows up as a problem. Here are the steps: Allow yourself to spend some time focusing and feeling the negative Do an about face and declare something…

Go Bonkers

How to let things go so that you don’t have to be the victim to your emotions or situation.

Anger to Clarity

Using the energy of an upset to get clear on what you actually want!

The Fall Forward

Encouraging flow by “leaning in” to what you’re doing.

Are you an entrepreneur or creative and tired of just ‘getting by’?

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