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Life as a Wave Trainings

Overcoming the barriers to creating a life you’ve always wanted

I’m available for speaking, training, and workshops for your place of business.

As a personal development teacher and coach, I bring 20 years experience to the table along with my passion, energy, and mission to help people live happy and fulfilled lives. My passion is to help others live theirs by helping them free up the mind of the doubts, limits, fears, and other mental blocks that can get in the way of finding the flow in their lives.

I can talk on a variety of topics on anything from reducing stress and worry to tapping our potential waiting to be discovered and brought to life. Whether you’re looking for an inspirational talk or a hands-on practical oriented training, I can customize my presentation to match your business’s and audience’s needs.

Potential Topics

I can cover a wide range of topics and am happy to custom tailor one for your audience.

Framework based on principles of movement, rhythm, vibration, and other elements from the natural world, science, and music

  • No matter what you’re looking to create or experience – in your health, relationships, career, passion, skills, etc
  • Works both in the “micro,” moment-to-moment, and the “macro,” the overall trajectory of your life.
  • Benefits of the Movement Framework – there are a ton! Here are just a few:
    • Avoid common pitfalls to personal growth including:
      • Forcing change vs enticing movement
      • Intellectual concepts vs experiencing what the concept refers to in real time in your body and in your life!
      • Making things about right/wrong, good/bad, should, must, have to’s vs creating what you desire, want, crave
    • Working in conjunction with powerful forces from the natural world to create movement
    • See things only visible in the world of movement, vibration, and pattern vs the solid world from which we mostly come from
    • ONE set of principles for EVERYTHING in your life!

The mind is the main conduit for creating the movement we want and experiencing the beauty of life in the moment. If we can free ourselves from the impact the Slippery Mind has on us, we are in a powerful position to live the life we actually envision! The benefits are huge:

  • Have a fine-tuned, humming-along mind!
  • Break free from the limits created by your mind
  • Clear the muck of the mind to better access its higher abilities!
  • To not fight, control, or manage the mind (which don’ work very well!) and instead know how to entice, encourage, and invite the mind to be in a higher state.
  • Able to access clear thinking, generate the best ideas and thoughts, tap your higher creative abilities, perform at peak levels, and solve your challenges in powerful ways
  • Access the “higher vibrational domain” of life where it’s at its sweetest and the “subtleties, nuances, and magic found in the everyday”
  • Have a deep sense of peace and calm when you want it.
  • Experience high levels of (unconditional) happiness and fulfillment, even “peak states” of utter bliss and ecstasy!
  • Have more flow in all you do!

Your body operates on principles of rhythm, cycles, and patterns and can benefit from approaching it from this perspective. A few of the many benefits of using this approach are:

  • Know what your body is telling you about your current state – there are many clues!!
  • Enhance the overall functioning of your body
  • Improve your health and well-being
  • Open up channels or conduits of flow when performing
  • Move toward mastery of your talents and skills!
  • Tap the body’s higher abilities to better do what you are doing!
  • Work with any physical challenges you may have

Your life is a function of the movement you create in it. The movement we seek can come in many forms but all operate on the same LAW principles. As you learn to approach your life from a “vibrational perspective,” you’ll experience:

  • Less need to push, shove, and “should” your life into compliance
  • Learn to entice, invite, and tickle the movement you want!
  • To give up the endless game of trying to “change” and instead be the artist of your life and create what you want!
  • To remain steady and neutral in the midst of life happening in the moment
  • To transform any and all challenges, obstacles, and problems into “fuel for new growth,” creations, insights, and fulfillment!
  • To have amazing clarity about your life and what’s in it
  • To create a life that goes beyond what you’ve imagined as possible!


  • Inspiration / Motivation
  • Creativity
  • State of Mind/ Mindset/ Mindfulness
  • Mind/ Body/ Spirit
  • Mission/Vision/Purpose
  • Performance Improvement
  • Problem Solving
  • State of Flow & Peak Experience
  • Stress Reduction / Wellness
  • Youth development

Are you an entrepreneur or creative and tired of just ‘getting by’?

NOW is your time to THRIVE and we can help!


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