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The Life as a Wave Journey

The complete picture of what it is to live your Life as a Wave

The following is a big-picture overview of what the Life as a Wave journey looks like, what it entails, and the many beautiful, amazing outcomes that are possible!

The Central Game at Play (GAP)

The Central GAP – to create MOVEMENT in your life in all and any forms using a universal framework based on physics of movement, growth, and expansion.

The Life as a Wave Framework

Framework based on principles of movement, rhythm, vibration, and other elements from the natural world, science, and music

  • No matter what you’re looking to create or experience – in your health, relationships, career, passion, skills, etc
  • Works both in the “micro,” moment-to-moment, and the “macro,” the overall trajectory of your life.
  • Benefits of the Movement Framework – there are a ton! Here are just a few:
    • Avoid common pitfalls to personal growth including:
      • Forcing change vs enticing movement
      • Intellectual concepts vs experiencing what the concept refers to in real time in your body and in your life!
      • Making things about right/wrong, good/bad, should, must, have to’s vs creating what you desire, want, crave
    • Working in conjunction with powerful forces from the natural world to create movement
    • See things only visible in the world of movement, vibration, and pattern vs the solid world from which we mostly come from
    • ONE set of principles for EVERYTHING in your life!

LAW Core Principles

  1. Life Wants One Thing – More Life!It wants to move, grow, and expand and is looking for “conduits” to move through including your body, your thoughts, your desires, working through your challenges, and the overall trajectory of your life.
    • Everything we explore together will come from this one, singular, main-thrust of life with the idea that YOU too want movement, growth, and expansion! Whether you’re looking to get in shape, travel the world, start a new business, improve your relationships, make an impact in the world, work through your challenges, improve your skills, pursue a project, or anything at all – this one single distinction, that life itself, including your life, is looking for movement, is the foundation for everything we do!
  2. The 4 Principles of Movement
    1. Life Seeks Life –
    2. Grit to Pearl – how life uses its “challenges” as “fuel for new growth.”
    3. Rhythm & Pattern – that life moves in cycles, rhythms, and patterns
    4. Connections & Pathways – that life depends on connections to create movement
  3. The 4 Principles of the Wave
    1. Waves are in everything
    2. Waves have “information”
    3. Waves connect to pass information from one thing to another
    4. Fast Waves have more details and energy than slow waves
  4. State of Mind – the main conduit for creating (or blocking) the movement we seek
  5. Yes vs No – the only 2 possible responses to the moment
  6. Wave Maps – where we put it all together and begin mapping out different facets of your life, including:
    1. Your current State of Mind
    2. What “channel” of information or thoughts you’re presently tuned into
    3. The quality or level of your energy, thoughts, creativity, ability to learn, perform, and solve challenges – all in real time, moment to moment!

The Slippery Mind

  1. The Slippery Mind refers to the primitive part of our mind who’s singular mandate is to keep us safe!
    • It’s the main “filter” from which we experience life and is responsible for generating, triggering, and projecting all of the labels, judgments, assumptions, explanations, and other perceptions that we have – what we collectively call “our story” of something, someone, or ourselves.
    • It’s the main culprit for stopping us in our tracks
    • It’s very powerful but not very smart!
    • It believes whatever it comes up with as fact, not as opinion!
    • It is activated every moment that we are alive and cannot be stopped or directly controlled!
  2. Key Skills with the Slippery Mind
    1. To KNOW of the Slippery Mind AND its specific creations in you
    2. To SEE the Slippery Mind and it’s current triggered creations (thoughts, images, feelings, sensations) in the moment! 
    3. To OBSERVE its creations in the moment
    4. To be NEUTRAL in the midst of the creations
    5. To SHIFT and ENTICE a different state or story/interpretation of the moment

Key LAW Skills

  1. To take the LAW concepts we explore together and apply them to specific areas and topics in your life. Here are the most important:
    1. To become familiar with the specific “stories” generated by your Slippery Mind.This is a fundamental and ongoing process that will reveal how you filter the elements of your life and the meaning your mind has placed on them. There are literally hundreds of them that can be categorized so that once you know them, you can pick up on the familiar reactions to things happening in your life. Ultimately, we want to see them so we can be free from them without trying to remove them!! 
    2. To know when my mind is coming from the framework of Judgment (right/wrong, good/bad, should, must, have to’s) vs the Word of Movement and Possibility. This is an incredibly challenging and insidious place to come from that mucks all sorts of things up!
    3. To become familiar with how the mind is projecting its Stories (perceptions, judgments, assumptions) onto someone, something, or the past into your imagined future.
    4. The ability to shift from “what you don’t want” to “what you DO want” – not such an easy thing!
    5. The ability to identify your “No’s” that come in many forms including any doubts, fears, concerns, uncertainties, judgments, and the many other limits and blocks the Slippery Mind is so good at creating!
    6. To know in real time when a NO gets triggered – you can feel it!
    7. To know your current WURB (Who You Are Being) in the moment.
    8. To be able to shift your State of Mind whenever you want.
    9. To access your “higher abilities” found in your mind and body
    10. To entice the experience of Flow in all or any areas of your life

Key Wave Tools

  1. Mind as Movie – The most important and fundamental tool to help “step outside the affects” of the Slippery Mind that sets the stage for everything else.
  2. Reframe – A powerful and practical tool for turning any challenge, obstacle, or problem into “fuel for new growth.”
  3. Yes And – When the unexpected happens in the moment, do you fight it and panic or be “in the YES” of what’s happening? This is a huge skill to master because the unexpected is to be expected and how you deal with it is the difference between fumbling and turning the event into something great! It’s built off of the universal improv rule – that no matter what someone says or does on stage, you have to go with it and not fight it!
  4. Notice What You Notice – The mind puts us to sleep with most of what’s actually happening in the moment, so one of the main games at play is to wake the mind up so we can be more present in the now, as well as know our current state.

Are you an entrepreneur or creative and tired of just ‘getting by’?

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