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Do you find yourself
getting in your own way?

Close to the next level, but not quite there yet? 

Peak performers NEVER get where they want to go alone.
They ALWAYS lean on others to help them…

BE their best | DO what they love to do | HAVE a greater impact


Untapped Genius Mastermind

Magic happens when you bring hearts, minds & souls together with a common mission at play, especially when supported with cutting-edge mindset and creativity training!

Think of Untapped Genius Mastermind as the ultimate playground and support system to help you do your thing to the fullest … and THRIVE.

This mastermind will help you…

Meet Carl Contino, catalyst for living your passion

    Learn how to get past the obstacles that get in the way.
    Discover your innate abilities and access higher levels of creativity and flow…
    Uplevel the potential and impact of your ideas, projects, and talents…

This mastermind is perfect for the…

(click on images to learn more)

Untapped Genius Mastermind is a unique opportunity to…

Unleash Your Inner Amazing…

Tap Your Potential

Discover your innate abilities and access higher levels of creativity & flow…

Live Your Passion

Uplevel the potential & impact of your ideas, projects, talents.

No longer hindered by…






Lack of focus

Not being ready





Not enough time

Not enough energy

Questioning your passion

Imagine if you could take what you have and …

Tap into a power greater than oneself to help you do your mission at play

In real time, with real people.

What would be possible?

The Mastermind Magic Formula…

Your Passion  +  Power of Community  x  Optimal Mindset =

You living your life & passion to the fullest!

What can you expect with this mastermind?

  • Having more fun than you can imagine freeing your mind of doubt, fear, and other limitations.
  • Accessing your higher abilities, being at your best and producing amazing results.
  • Experiencing the thrill of FULLY living your passion and thriving!

And thoroughly enjoying the ride as we go on this adventure together!

Here’s what it looks like…

The Support

Vacation Silhouette Of Two Surfers Carrying Their Boards Home At Sunset

Guidance, Direction, Know-How

  • LIVE Virtual Meetings – weekly training, Q&A, coaching, hangouts.
  • Online courses & resources – mindset, flow, productivity, and more.
  • 30+ Wave Tools™ – based on music & physics to tap your potential.
  • Impromptu events – to stimulate, catalyze, celebrate.

The Playground

blue curling wave

Tap the power of community

  • Learn, support, encourage, collaborate with one another.
  • Transform your ideas in real time with me as guide & community as catalyst.
  • Experience synergy through fun and deep engagement.
  • Ugenie Gallery™ – share, celebrate, and sell your offerings.

“In my career as a filmmaker, there are countless risks that I have to take. I turn to Carl’s methods on a daily basis to help me make those choices with courage and conviction. He’s helped to give me a creative freedom that I might not otherwise have claimed as my artistic right.”



Founding Members Launch…

We are launching our membership with a special invitation for those who are truly passionate about what they’re here to do, want support, and would love being part of something new, exciting, and adventurous!

Special Offer…

Mastermind group coaching programs can be $250 – $3,000+ per month, but we don’t want money getting in the way of people getting support.

We’re offering our first 20 Founding Members a discounted rate of:

$97 per month

(That makes out to a little more than $3 a day.)

(Cancel anytime. Try it for 1 month, and if it’s not for you, you’re just 2 clicks away from cancelling your membership.)

Founding Member Perks

  • Enjoy life-time access to ALL upcoming courses, offers, and new features offered in the membership.
  • Help create an amazing experience for one and all by providing feedback and sharing ideas of what you’d love to see in the membership, including getting sneak peaks at upcoming features like Alexa-Enabled Coach on Demand AppCreations Gallery, and Virtual Reality Studio!

Founding Member Options

If you like the idea of weekly support, training, tools, and more to take what you do to the next level and ultimately thrive in the midst of whatever you face…

Choose one of the options below, and you’ll be taken to the member’s home page where you’ll find a calendar and details of our weekly training/coaching calls to get you started.


Weekly coaching and training calls, community, and access to all resources!

$97 per month
(save over $150)



Same as monthly
2 private coaching sessions

$997 per year
(save over $650)



Same as monthly
8 private coaching sessions
extra bonuses!

$1,500 per year
(save over $1,500)



Our Guarantee – If for any reason you find being a member isn’t a match, cancel anytime with 2 clicks of a button, no questions asked. That’s it!

Carl Contino has a gift for living in the moment and taking people BEYOND THEORY to practice.

After decades and hundreds of hours dedicated to my passions and getting blocked every step of the way, I ended up developing a new approach to freeing the mind based on my experience as an engineer and musician. It has worked wonders to break through my lifelong blocks and open the door for me to live my fullest life.

My own struggles began in my early teens, driven primarily by stubborn cognitive issues like ADD and dyslexia and dealing with health challenges like when I ended up in a wheelchair with 8 broken ribs and a shattered hip.

I tried everything in my power to overcome in spite of it all – reading over 300 books, taking countless seminars, and so much more, only to remain stuck and frustrated like you see me here kiteboarding, struggling …

The beautiful twist is that at my darkest hour, I discovered a breakthrough and created my own system that not only freed me of my cognitive issues but also ended up giving me access to “untapped genius” that every one of us has built within our minds and bodies.

Today, my mission is to touch a billion lives, helping each individual access their untapped genius and live their passion to the fullest. Through my Untapped Genius Mastermind I can help you overcome insurmountable obstacles and tap into your higher abilities so you can achieve your dreams. I hope you’ll join me…



“My big AH-HA moment was realizing that I was not FEELING the value
of my work. I could intellectualize the value and yet not feel it in the depths of my bones. Carl led an exercise that allowed me to FEEL my value. Now, I’m more excited than ever to create. To create from a place of value.”


Is this for you?

This might be FANTASTIC for you if:

  • You want to find a way to not only survive these turbulent times but use it for creating, innovating and taking things to the next stage.
  • You want to focus on what’s possible and what you’re here to do.
  • You’re into discovering what you’re capable of – your talents, abilities, creativity.
  • You have a sense of mission, wanting to make a difference in some way.
  • You’d love help turning your passion and ideas into something real.
  • You want to not only talk about things but be in action that produces tangible results that matter.
  • You like the idea of connecting with others with a common vision of bringing our passions to life.
  • You want to thrive doing what you love.

This might NOT be a match if:

  • You’re more or less ok with how things are and not looking for any changes.
  • You’re interested in pursuing your interests some day, but right now simply isn’t the right time.
  • You’re in a place where you currently have to solely focus on survival issues, getting by day-to-day.
  • Looking at things with a fresh perspective is nice but not of real interest for you.
  • Being part of a community isn’t something you’re into and prefer doing things on your own.
  • You are convinced that you just don’t have the time, energy, or wherewithal to create anything new in your life.
  • Your believe there’s no way you can set aside $3.33 a day towards your dream (if so, read the FAQ’s below).

Frequently asked questions

Sounds really interesting, but I'm not 100% clear what this is about

I know. It’s a unique offering that you don’t come across everyday.

Truth: Within you lives the ability and capacity to bring your ideas, creations, and passion to full fruition. It’s there, to be sure.

This opportunity is about tapping into the power, experience, and creativity of the community of those on a similar path. I act as catalyst and guide. And the other elements including the Coach on Demand App, the various Wave Tools to freeing the mind and finding the flow, the Ugenie Gallery to share with others, and more … are all supplements to the process.

Take your time and let it sink in.

Then, I encourage you to…

Take the leap! Check out the experience for 1 month, and if it’s not for you, cancel with 2 clicks, and you’re set!

If you really need to get a better idea of what this is about and how it could actually make a difference in your life, feel free to reach out and book a call with me se we can go over any questions you may have.

Why would I want to join as a Founding Member?

As a founding member, you’ll have several perks including:

  • Extra bonuses that other members do not receive
  • Help create the membership experience that you desire by:
    • Previewing existing content before others join.
    • Providing feedback on creating our signature content. Each week, you will be able to evaluate the content and topics based on what you need and want.
  • Surprises along the way!

And … most importantly, it’s your chance to get your shite happening NOW not later!

Do you have a program to help cover the cost of the membership?

I want anyone to be able to join no matter what their budget concerns may be, so…

When you join Untapped Genius, you automatically are added as a “Spread the Word” affiliate so that you can begin earning money by simply getting the word out.

It’s a win-win!

The 2-tiered Untapped Genius Promotion Program

If someone you know joins the Silver Membership ($30/month):

  • Level 1: you’ll get 30% commission ($10) every month per person.
  • Level 2: You’ll ALSO get 50% commission ($15) every month for friends of friends who join.

If someone you know joins the Gold VIP Membership where they get 2 private coaching sessions a month ($250/month):

  • Level 1: you’ll get 30% commission ($75) every month per person.
  • Level 2: You’ll ALSO get 10% commission ($25) every month for friends of friends who join.

So, yes, if you really want to join, and you’re concerned with the $30 per month investment, you now have a way to essentially pay for your membership and then some by simply sharing what this is about with your people!

I'm an artist (musician, creative) struggling with earning a living...can I benefit from what you offer?

Absolutely! The program is designed with creatives of all stripes in mind. Living gig-to-gig, project-to-project is a tough way to do things, yet the most common way of getting your creations out into the world and making a living.

There are other ways that can utterly change the game at play, including creating community-based membership experiences with a common passion or vision (like this one!). It’s a game changer for sure. We can show you the steps.

I'm not sure what my passion is and how to figure out what it is...

Absolutely no worries! That’s one of the things we love to do … point the way to discovering what that is and turning it into something amazing.

The membership is for anyone with a sense of mission at any level of discovery.

I'm already pursuing my passion but am struggling and not sure what to do next...

Part of the entrepreneurial journey is learning how to deal with things like uncertainty, disappointing results, unexpected challenges, and a slew of other things that can hinder the realization of what you’re after.

It’s normal and part of the game.

The key is to find ways to re-invigorate your passion and why you’re doing this in the first place and then to do the next thing in front of you.

Part of the process is reaching out and getting help from others.

We can help you navigate the uncertain waters of your adventure. That’s what this is all about.

I'm living my passion to the fullest and want to get to the next level...

Part of the thrill of pursuing your passion is that it is an ever-expanding entity that never ends.

We can absolutely help you up-level what you’re up to by helping you get clear on what’s possible, squash any limiting thoughts or assumptions that may be in the way, and how to leverage what you have to create massive impact.

Can what you offer help me develop my talents?

America’s Got Talent is the world’s biggest showcase for the vast array of talents, passions, and interests that exist.

If your everything is all about fully developing your talent, what we offer here is a unique and powerful approach to help you move toward mastery in what you love and are here to do!

Is this something that kids & young adults can benefit from?

Absolutely! I’ve run a program for several years called Untapped Genius for Young Minds where it’s all about helping them get clear on their passion and turning it into something productive. It’s also about creating an empowering mindset to deal with the challenges of life and creating a life they love!

Joining Untapped Genius will help them tap into the power of community and get all the support and encouragement they could ever need to spark life into what they are here to do!

They are literally our future. We need them and their built-in potential, passion, and energy unleashed into the world like never before.

You mentioned a wide variety of topics we'll be exploring...

Yes. Our live meetings, courses, and discussion topics will explore a vast array of topics that come into play on the entrepreneurial path.

And at the same time, we want to be sensitive to the potential of being overwhelmed with all that can be covered, so don’t worry, in the spirit of discovery, we’ll keep it simple, to the point, and have FUN with it all so that you can enjoy the entrepreneurial ride, bumps and all!

What's this Life as a Wave approach you've come up with?

Ah yes! This is my everything that I’ve dedicated my entire life to developing and sharing with others.

It is unlike anything I’ve seen out there, all great stuff but after more than 300 books, courses, and seminars on different topics, approaches, philosophies … in the end, I was still stuck.

So I wiped the slate clean and began at the beginning of what is this thing called life and what does it want? And from this 1 question emerged the most profound, simple, elegant framework that would finally help unleash my inner amazing!

And the idea of sharing with others who struggle as well with getting their thing fully happening is beyond thrilling and is the juice of the what and why of what I do!

Why are you doing this?

Discovering what you actually have within you, living your passion for real – these are the things that envelope my every day moments … it’s my everything!

So the thought of being in a position to share what I’ve discovered as a fellow-traveler of one’s pursuits, I can’t imagine a more exciting thing to devote my life to and share with the world!

it's not the first time I've taken a course or joined something like this... how's this different?

Me too! The number of attempts to get it all happening is astounding – the myriad courses, workshops, memberships, and business-building trainings I’ve been part of (and honestly enjoyed), in the end, didn’t produce the results I was looking for.

So how’s this going to be different, the thing that actually produces results?

While I can’t promise results in your case, since I don’t know who you are and what you’re ready to do to allow it to happen, what I CAN say is that we are providing everything you could ever need to increase the chance to near certainty of it happening for you, with the caveat that you give it your everything! Like as if it’s a done deal.

The idea of connecting with a community sounds great, but can I get 1-1 help too?

The power of community and the synergy that happens when you bring hearts, souls, and minds together with an overall common vision goes beyond anything that one single individual can muster.

At the same time, when you bring together community and 1-to-1 help, you’ve got an extra powerful combination.

So yes! To address your particular mission at play, if you are open to signing up for the Gold VIP membership while there are spots available (20 max), you’ll get private coaching with me twice a month for an incredible discount. You can also message me to explore other options for personalized assistance.

What's HOT SEAT coaching?

It is a surprisingly powerful way to be supported, whether you raise your hand for impromptu coaching during one of our calls or you simply listen and take in what another is being coached on (things that you may very well be facing yourself!).

It has to be experienced to know what this truly means!

Do I have to be there for every live virtual meeting?

Absolutely not! We all have different schedules, time zones, and availability, so you can show up when you want and for however long you can. All sessions will be recorded and available within your member’s page. But don’t be surprised if some go on for hours … if people are showing up, and we’re having fun and getting things done, we’ll keep going ’til we drop!

I'm not looking for a guru or a bunch of hype promising the world...

Oh boy do I get it! I have to admit I’ve fallen prey to the guru with the magic formula that, in the end, was a bunch of hooey or over-simplified crap that works for only the rare few!

So … is Untapped Genius and my approach, Life as a Wave, any different from what’s already out there?

You bet! And in so many ways … primarily by providing tangible, measurable, and reliable principles to getting things moving that are based in physics … that you can feel and touch in the moment.

And then grounding everything with tangible actions leading to real results.

What kind of things are we going to be doing?

That’s the fun of it all! The spirit of what the adventure entails is infused with knowledge, experience, insight, and hard-core tangible results along the way….

The possibilities of what we’ll be doing together is limited only by one’s imagination.

A special note…

During these extra-ordinary times…

What if it’s actually the perfect time to dust off your ideas, plans, and dreams and unleash your passion & potential into the world that needs it more than ever?

If not now … when?

What is before you now…

Is a chance to change things, to go beyond what you thought possible, to feel the thrill of seeing your ideas take shape, and the knowing that yes, you’ve got it in you, that there is a way to turn what you love into viable creations and ultimately, thrive in every way.

Become a founding member of Untapped Genius

And step into your desired future….

Founding Member Options


Weekly coaching and training calls, community, and access to all resources!

$97 per month
(save over $150)



Same as monthly
2 private coaching sessions

$997 per year
(save over $650)



Same as monthly
8 private coaching sessions
extra bonuses!

$1,500 per year
(save over $1,500)



Our Guarantee – If for any reason you find being a member isn’t a match, cancel anytime with 2 clicks of a button, no questions asked. That’s it!

What you seek is within your reach

There absolutely is a way to have it all happen for you and in the midst of whatever you may be facing. You have it within you.

And this mastermind will help you access it.

Want to talk?

Got questions or want to talk about your specific situation with living your passion?


Renee Lanoway

“Thank you so very much for your time, passion, energy and genius. My connections and synapses are firing again and I’m moving forward with a clear mind and direction. Your ability to create flow and symmetry allowing for incredible timely and much needed reframes speaks to your skills and talents as an exceptional and very valuable Mentor and Human.”


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