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Fundamentally, the coaching conversation provides an open, non-judgmental space where you can freely explore who you are and what makes you happy with the guidance and input from your coach.

A coach listens, acknowledges, encourages, and facilitates. When appropriate, the coach offers ideas, insights, frameworks, and distinctions to empower you to move forward with clarity and conviction.

What a Coach is Not

A coach is not a therapist. I do not go into the past and attempt to fix what’s perceived as broken. When called for, we may explore what might be getting in the way and use a variety of approaches to get past the blocks. It’s working within the constraints, not fighting them.

A coach is not a consultant who provides all the answers and expertise. I do offer my thoughts when needed, but the emphasis and game at play is to elicit the client’s own ideas, knowledge, and awareness themselves. The power is within, not in someone else.

My Coaching Sessions

I bring “the all of me” to each session – my energy, my enthusiasm, my skills, my experiences – including 20 years of coaching, extensive training in personal growth, building websites and courses for entrepreneurs, running a successful online business, playing Jazz guitar and world percussion, inventing gadgets, and enjoying an active lifestyle skiing, playing tennis, and kiteboarding.

My coaching sessions have a strong emphasis on both mindset and flow. Mindset creates the tone for everything you do and perceive. Being in flow helps create the best outcomes and progress – not by pushing, shoving, and forcing but instead by being pulled forward by passion, excitement, clarity, and the power of “serious play.”

What distinctions I do offer are from a body of work I’ve developed over 20+ years called Life as a Wave. It’s an approach to creating forward movement in all facets of your life using what I’ve learned from my various interests and training including electrical & computer engineering, music, web development, and more. You can get a free copy of my ebook, Life as a Wave: 4 Principles of Rhythm & Flow

What a session is like

Typically, we connect for 1 – 1 12 hours through the net using my Zoom video conferencing room for sound, video, and screen sharing. We usually meet once a week with ongoing check-ins between sessions.

Before each session, the client fills out a quick intake form to let me know how the past week went and what they want to focus on. We then connect and talk about what’s currently going on for the first 15-20 minutes and then dive in and work on the topic of the day.

We end the session by coming up with the “mission at play” for the following week. The client then fills out a post-session form to provide feedback how the session went.

All sessions are recorded and notes are taken. You will have your own secure personal page you log into for easy access to your recordings, notes, intake forms, and resources. You will also have free access to my Coach on Demand app for quick access to key distinctions, tools, games, and ways to connect to their included Untapped Genius Membership, a comprehensive support system and playground to collaborate, inspire, and support each other.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about what I do. My hope is that, together, we can create the very best situation to get you fired up and ready to rock!!

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