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Freelancer’s Freedom Path

1-1 Personalized Program to Help Grow Your Income & Impact

Who This is For

  • Freelancers, entrepreneurs, online businesses
  • Creatives of all types – writers, musicians, artists, graphic designers, filmmakers, performers, comedians, inventors
  • Leaders –  visionaries, thought leaders, influencers


Freelancer’s Freedom is a personalized 1-1 coaching program that will boost your business by walking you through the path to:

  • Clarify your mission
  • Build momentum
  • Clear what’s in the way

The Transformation

Freedom from …

  1. Feeling stuck and overwhelmed
  2. Lack of follow-through and consistency
  3. Self doubt and anxiety

To …

  1. Feeling like you’ve got momentum and clarity
  2. A simple plan that you can complete
  3. Staying on track with the help of your coach, tools, and other resources
  4. Moving through internal and external blocks and barriers with ease
  5. Confidence in your identity and what you bring to the table
  6. Trust in your decisions and actions will yield results!
  7. Grow your income and impact so you can thrive doing what you love … and make a difference in people’s lives!

What We’ll Do Together:

  1. Big Picture Overview of Your Business And Life
    1. Your Business:
      1. Where you currently are
      2. What’s working and what’s not
      3. What’s getting in the way
    2. Your Life:
      1. What’s in your life?
      2. Areas of stress, overwhelm, anxiety
      3. Time and energy management
      4. Self Care – sleep, relaxation, recreation
  2. Plan the Path to Growth
  3. Execute the Plan Together
  4. Grow in Income & Impact


Along the Way, You and I will:

  • Clarify Your Vision
  • Get Organized
  • Clear What’s in the Way
  • Get Your Mindset Set
  • Utilize Systems, Tools & Resources

Are you an entrepreneur or creative and tired of just ‘getting by’?

NOW is your time to THRIVE and we can help!


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