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Project Creation

From Concept to Completion

If interested and appropriate, we go through all the phases of creating a project to help transform ideas and interests into something tangible they can share with others.

Together, in real time, we’ll use freely-accessible online tools to brainstorm, plan, organize, and then “co-create” a project.

I walk them through all the steps to completing a project that’s based on their abilities, interests, age, and imagination.  I then use my background in web development to take what we create and share it with the world in a variety of forms including websites, print and online books, online courses, mobile apps, and more.

We’ll work through the challenges that come up and track progress along the way. When we’re finished with the building phase, we then use social media and other means to market to their target audience (their friends to start), and take things to the next level.

The possibilities are endless 

Writing a poem, composing a song, inventing a mobile app or gadget, coming up with a business plan, creating a music video for their YouTube channel, building a website, training for a sports competition, leading a workshop, organizing a school event, putting together a job resume, crafting an outreach program, planting a community garden, organizing an art show, performing a science experiment.

Create and Expand …

The benefits of completing a project are all encompassing and touches every facet of one’s life. Clarifying ideas, gathering information and materials, creating something, taking it out into the world, working through the challenges, learning how to work with others – all provide a powerful experience of seeing what it takes to turn an idea or passion into something real.

  • Brainstorm a wide spectrum of ideas or solutions and refine to a single, workable idea.
  • Create, organize, and act on a plan of action.
  • Break out of rigid thinking.
  • Get proficient at problem solving.
  • Research, collect, and organize information.
  • Practice time management.
  • Learn how to work with others.
  • Get comfortable sharing your vision in a compelling way.
  • Use internet technologies to connect and create in real time.
  • Experience the magic of synergy.
  • Process feedback from others.

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