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Frequently asked Questions

I am available to talk and answer any questions you may have anytime. Go here to schedule a time to talk or send me an email.

About Your Young One

What's the age range you work with?

While I’ve had clients between the ages of 6-72, this particular program is designed for kids from about 10 to their mid 20’s, depending on the level of development and interest level of the individual.

What if they don't know what their passion is?

It’s there somewhere, and we’ll find it! I have yet to be unable to start somewhere and over time get clear on what fuels them. At that point, it’s about turning up the flame and clarifying and refining. Once they are tuned into what gets them jazzed and things are cleared out the way, their desire drives them into action naturally.

What if they don't like it or want to quit early?

First, we’ll find out what the reason is, and if it’s simply not a match, then we’ll stop the sessions and a partial refund will be given based on how far into the program they are.

If it’s a match for them but something’s getting in the way (losing focus, doubts, fears, confusion – completely normal and to be expected from time to time ), it’s a perfect opportunity to show them how to see past it and get to the next level.

If it’s just a particular aspect of the program, then we can make adjustments to customize the approach (change the time, duration, frequency, or some part of the program that needs to be modified).

How do you handle addiction, depression, ADD, OCD, and other conditions?

While I don’t directly work on these types of issues, I am happy to coordinate with the client’s therapist or counselor to make sure coaching plays a supportive role.

I can help create a mindset and an approach to help manage their condition, find ways around it, and ultimately, use it to their advantage.

There are countless examples like Edison, Einstein, and others who have found a way to have a thriving, successful life in spite of, and often because of, their challenges!

About Coach Carl

What's your background in coaching?

I’ve been coaching before it was called coaching! Way back in my high school days, I was the one listening to you and trying to help.

I’m honored to have been a part of a development team for Thomas Leonard, known as “the father of coaching” and a brilliant coach who helped make it a profession around the globe.

I’ve been trained by the International Coaching Federation, Coachville, and other organizations. I am also co-founder and technical adviser to a local ICF Chapter here in Buffalo, NY.

The core of what I offer comes from my own body of work twenty years in the making called Life as a Wave. You can get a copy of my free ebook called Guide to Life as a Wave – 4 Principles of Rhythm & Flow.

Who have you coached?

I’ve had the great fortune of working with folks from all walks of life – from the homeless, like Dr. Fit’s’n’Stiches (one of the funniest guys I’ve met) to the famous like Kern Konwiser, a multi-Emmy-winning film producer and director in Los Angeles. I’ve worked with Chinese teenagers new to the United States, a learning-challenged teen with an alcoholic father, many business owners, musicians, artists, and more.

What's your experience with kids?

Besides being their coach, I’ve been their tutor, ESL teacher, guitar teacher, percussion teacher, friend, uncle, and more …

I love their energy, spirit, and ideas, and it’s hugely rewarding working with them – they keep me inspired and moving! I may be 49, but the kid in me is alive and kicking!

About the Program

How long does the program last?

While it’s designed to be a 6-12 month program so that we have ample time to fully explore and express their potential, I also offer a 3-month version and can do month-to-month if desired. We can also discuss other options as well.

What does the program include?

  • Three 90-minute sessions per month – we will sometimes go longer if needed.
  • Unlimited check-ins between sessions using Skype, email, phone, text, or WhatsApp (a walkie-talkie feature for quick, instant voice messages to one another).
  • Their own Private Coaching Page for quick access to all recordings, notes, resources, and more.
  • Unlimited use of my Coach on Demand mobile app for tips, tools, games, and connection to the Untapped Genius community.
  • Free signup to my Untapped Genius Membership.

Does it have to be every week? What if they need time off?

I am very flexible and will always make adjustments to fit their needs and schedule. If an extended break is needed (going on vacation, etc.), we’ll be able to continue the process when they return. Ongoing check-ins creates a sense of continuity during the hiatus.

Note that since our sessions will be through Zoom, we can connect from anywhere in the world as long as there’s access to the Internet.

How do you track progress?

Any of the following can be used as metrics:

  • How the client feels about the progress being made
  • Growth of the client in abilities and/or awareness
  • Measured progress of a project or endeavor
  • Log or Journal

They’ll have access to and can reference all session video recordings, notes, post and pre-session intake forms, and any other visual aids used.

Can they continue after the 6 months is up?

Absolutely! Many of my clients stay on for several more months, sometimes for a year or more. The power of partnership is undeniable, and once you have it, you want more it.

And as a 93 year old artist said when asked if he would ever retire, “What?! I have too much to learn, too much to create, too much to do … Bah! I’m just getting started!

Other Questions

Do you offer any payment plans or discounts?

I want to help empower as many of our young ones as I possibly can! If the desire is there and the intention clear, we will find a way to make it work. It is a considerable investment, and I completely understand any financial constraints you may have. I’m happy to set up a payment plan if desired.

Other Options

Talk to me. We’ll find a way that works for all involved. If you’re a college student or just starting a new career and are paying for this yourself, I offer a sliding scale discount. If you have any special circumstances, we can find a way to accommodate it.

Do you offer coaching for the parents, family, guardian, teacher, or ?

Absolutely. I coach parents and others on how to better understand and work with teens and young adults – definitely a great way to support their journey through the program. I offer weekly or monthly sessions.

Note: Before your teen’s first coaching session, I will schedule a complimentary session with you to talk about where you find your teen currently – what he’s up to, what you think his potential is, and what his challenges are.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about what I offer. My hope is that, together, we can create the very best situation to get your teen fired up and ready to rock!!

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