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Flow is fundamental to everything you are wanting to experience, do, and have.

~ The Flow ~

Means to what you seek …

You want …

To move forward. Be at your best. Enjoy the hell out the ride.

Wake up and be present to life around you

Be more creative in your work and play

Thrive in every way – your life, your business, your dreams.

Flow for it…

Flow is at the heart of everything and anything you and I are looking to experience and have. Regardless of your background, profession, interests, passions, challenges, opportunities – if you’re a stay-at-home mom or a CEO of a business, an emerging artist or pro athlete, a young person or young at heart – the one thing we are looking for (whether apparent or not) is experiencing more flow. 

Why? Because it’s fundamental. It’s the conduit for:

  1. Having a smooth-running day where resources appear, connections are made, and results are produced.
  2. Experiencing a clear-thinking, awake mind so you can learn better and get things done effectively and with the least amount of effort.
  3. Creating optimal health and well-being.
  4. And ultimately, experiencing maximum enjoyment and fulfillment.

Matter of fact …

Whether it be playing music, dancing, making love, connecting with another, taking in the beauty of the day – there is simply no better feeling than being in flow.

Contrary to what most may think of when it comes to this elusive yet desirable experience

Turns out that …

Flow is a tangible, measurable, and track-able experience that you can “directly” influence.

The ability to flow is built in your mind, your body. It’s in you, in me, in our fellow creatures (think pet tricks!).

Actually, you don’t need a mind or a body to be in flow! It’s built-in the very fabric existence – life itself depends on it for the movement it seeks.

However …

If you’ve ever “tried” to be in flow, you know that paradoxically, the more you try, the more it slips away.

There’s a solution to this challenge.

While you can’t directly influence the flow, you can intentionally focus on what I call “elements of flow” – things that create the environment necessary for flow to take affect.

The amazing thing is … there’s a single force of nature that is responsible for flow that provides rare insight into enticing flow to show.

With me so far?

Before I go any further, let me tell you why I might be the last person you’d ever expect to get insights about flow from …

~ The Adventure ~

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What’s included

  1. 6 live webinar sessions (90 minutes each)
  2. 1 personal tour where we apply what you learned in the course
  3. Unlimited texting between sessions to get your questions answered

Our Journey


Here are a few of the things we’ll explore together …

  • How flow is fundamental
  • The force of nature that creates flow
  • Life from the perspective of movement
  • How your state of mind affects everything – your energy, thinking, creativity, skills, and ultimately, your flow in every moment.
  • The only 2 responses to the moment
  • Using Wave Maps as a guide
  • How to use Wave Tools to entice flow
  • Using Flow Meters for real-time feedback
  • How to apply to any facet of your life
  • And more

The Map

What we’ll be exploring each week

What we’ll be exploring each session

Week 1 – Orientation

  • Nature of Flow
  • sdf
  • sdf

Week 2 – Life as a Wave

  • Realm of Movement & Vibration

Week 3 – Wave Magnet


Week 4 – Your State


Week 5 – Wave Maps


Week 6 – Recap


Bonus: Your Personal Tour

A 45-minute session with me to begin applying the wave to entice the flow in your life.

The Tools

The tools we’ll be picking up along the way.

Your Flow Kit

Wave Glasses for viewing from the perspective of movement, rhythm, pattern – waves.

Wave Tools to entice the flow.

Wave Maps to know where you are and wanting to go.

Flow Meters for moment to moment feedback.

~ Your New Abilities ~

Using your Flow Kit to:

Your Mind

Tap the power of your mind

Sharpen your memory, clarity, and focus

Experience being more “awake

Shift into optimal states

Access your highest creative abilities

Step outside the constraints created by your mind

Pick up on cues from your intuition

Your Body

Tap the abilities found in your body

Increase your ability to learn new skills, sports, and other abilities

Master your talent and passion

Waken your senses

Reduce pain and injuries

Your Life

Create momentum

Achieve more

Manage your energy more effectively

Reduce stress

Turn your challenges into fuel for growth

Remain steady in the midst of the unexpected

Connect with others

When the rhythm is right, you feel it with all your senses. It’s in your mind, in your body.

Your guide…

Yes, as an engineering student, I studied how waves connect, as a musician, I learned about principles of rhythm, and as an explorer of life, I’ve discovered how movement is created in the natural world.

I’ve learned the most from my what I call my “flow glitches.” They come in many forms and affect every facet of my life.

They’ve given me more insight into this thing called flow than anything else, and I’d like to share my experience with you.

What Others Say

Teen & Young Adult

The moment you meet Carl, the passion and enthusiasm for his work is undeniable. Carl’s coaching methods include practical, interactive and fun approaches to handling real life challenges. He has been a mentor, a coach, a supporter and a friend to our son who continues to grow and develop in his social interactions and personal connections.

We’ve seen a better attitude, improved self-confidence and a heightened social ambition. My husband, myself and especially my son, highly recommend Carl, with his unique style and distinctive positive outlook.

Margaret Kazz
Management Consultant & Mom

Q & A

Are the webinars recorded?

Can’t make a session? No worries, a full-featured video recording of the entire webcast will be available.

What's included with the course?

This that the other

What's included with the course?

This that the other

What's included with the course?

This that the other

What's included with the course?

This that the other

The Next Adventure Series ...

Join us for what promises to be a one-of-a-kind journey into the experience of what it is to be in flow.

Next 2016 Tour Series:

Format: Online Live Webcast

Number of Excursions: 6 Group + 1 Personal Tour

Day & Time: Tuesdays, 4 - 5:30 EST

  • May 17th, 24nd, 31th
  • June 7th, 14th, 21st

Fee: $495

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