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Programs by Untapped Genius

For Creatives, Entrepreneurs, and Freelancers who want to tap their higher abilities, grow their business, and increase their income and impact.

Moving Toward Mastery

Accessing Peak States & Higher Levels of Flow, Creativity, and Abilities

1-1 or group training for those who want or need that extra edge of ability and performance by learning how to tap your built-in abilities of your mind and body, neutralize any sense of limit or stuckness in the moment, and consistently grow in talent, creativity, and skills so that you can do your thing to the fullest, thrive, and and be in full-on flow every step of the way.

Freelancer’s Freedom Path

1-1 Personalized Program to Help Grow Your Income & Impact

90 Day Journey where we take a broad overview of your business (and life!), see what’s working and what’s not, and then craft a plan and strategy that we walk through step-by-step toward an agreed upon tangible result so that you can create a sustainable, thriving life doing what you love.

Untapped Genius Membership Portal

Giving You Everything You Need to Tap Your Potential & Do Your Thing!

Monthly membership program that provides all the support, tools, insights, and inspiration you could ever need to help do what you’re here to do, including:

  • Weekly LIVE training and hot-seat coaching calls through Zoom
  • Life-time access to Signature courses like Moving Toward Mastery and Freelancer’s Freedom Path, and all future bonus courses.
  • An extensive Discussion Forum to tap into the power of an aligned community to help encourage, support, and collaborate with one another
  • A Showcase Gallery to show off and market your creations and build your income and impact.
  • Use of our up-coming Alex-enabled app called Coach on Demand for instant access to the specific support you need in the moment.
  • Mega tools, insights, and how-to tips for everything you need.
  • And so much more ….

Let’s connect…

If you are at a place in your life where you are open, ready, and able to move forward with what you’re here to do, and you want to truly get to the next level from where you find yourself right now, I invite you to schedule a time to talk about what you’re working on, where the struggle or challenge is. Once I get a clear understanding where you’re at, I’ll be able to recommend a potential path for you, whether its one of the above programs or something else.

The singular goal for our conversation will be to end up with a clear path you can take.


Are you an entrepreneur or creative and tired of just ‘getting by’?

NOW is your time to THRIVE and we can help!


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