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Untapped Genius 

Tools, training, coaching, & community to clear what’s in the way to accessing your higher abilities, creativity and flow so you can fully DO your thing, GROW your impact, and THRIVE.

Any of this sound familiar?

“I like doing my own thing, but I’m struggling to make money”

“I’m stuck and can’t seem to move forward”

“I believe what I do matters, so I want to grow my impact”

“I want to get better and be the best I can”

In the Untapped Genius Membership Program, we help creatives who are stuck and who want to be free to fully do their thing by providing tools, community and coaching.

And unlike other programs, you have everything you need in one place to tap into your amazing potential, get out of your own way, and live your life to the fullest.

Who specifically does the Untapped Genius membership program serve?
– Creatives in various forms including entrepreneurs, performers, artists

Why specifically the Untapped Genius membership program?
The UG Membership Program is ONE central place to get what’s needed for
… those who are stuck in their head by providing solutions…
… those who are struggling to put themselves out there by providing community and other solutions…
… those who are out there and good at what they do and want to take their abilities and what they do to the next level by providing tapping genius solutions and community…


Here are the main areas of struggle …

  1. Making a sustainable living doing what they do
  2. Having the time, energy, and creativity to do their thing while juggling everyday life like paying the bills, taking care of the kids, dealing with life’s challenges
  3. They feel invisible and need their work to be seen by more people so they can sell more and grow their business
  4. Question whether they are good enough and compare themselves with others

Being at their best and most creative selves when it matters most, the pressure is on, and deadlines are approaching.

5 Ways We Can Get in Our Own Way

I get it.

And, you’re not alone! There are many of us who have struggled with getting our ideas, passion, talents, and what we have to share with the world.

What if…

You could wave a magic wand and instantly find yourself utterly comfortable and at ease on camera, even thoroughly enjoying the experience?

What would then become possible for you and the impact on the world you want to have?


The Membership

Monthly membership program that provides all the support, tools, insights, and inspiration you could ever need to help do what you’re here to do, including:

  • Weekly LIVE training and hot-seat coaching calls through Zoom
  • Life-time access to Signature courses like Moving Toward Mastery and Freelancer’s Freedom Path, and allfuture bonus courses.
  • An extensive Discussion Forum to tap into the power of an aligned community to help encourage, support, and collaborate with one another
  • Showcase Gallery to show off and market your creations and build your income and impact.
  • Use of our up-coming Alex-enabled app called Coach on Demand for instant access to the specific support you need in the moment.
  • Mega tools, insights, and how-to tips for everything you need.
  • And so much more ….

You are here to tap your highest potential, do great things, live your life to the fullest, make a difference, and thrive in every way!

But you are struggling with

If you want to …

and you doubt your abilities … yet you KNOW there’s SO much more in you but you keep getting in your own way … have tried 100x to get things happening but you’re still struggling … read further …


Where do you currently find yourself?

  1. You have an idea but don’t know how to act on it
  2. .
  3. sdf
  4. sdf


What do you think will help?

Maybe you know you want help but don’t know what kind!

Maybe …



The 2 Magic Ingredients

  1. The Power of Community – to support, encourage, and collaborate!
  2. The Life as a Wave Framework – the most kick-ass, awesome, powerful, flexible, and creative framework for tapping your highest potential and getting into flow with what you’re here to do and/or create!

what would it be like …

You had everything you needed to … ?

What that looks like:

The Offer

Here’s what you get:

  1. Access to the most incredible approach and framework for tapping your highest potential and do your thing, whatever it is, to the fullest!
  2. A community to tap into to connect, collaborate, encourage, and create with!
  3. Access to BETA version of our Coach on Demand App to give you instant access to what you need most in the moment!

Teen & Young Adult

The moment you meet Carl, the passion and enthusiasm for his work is undeniable. Carl’s coaching methods include practical, interactive and fun approaches to handling real life challenges. He has been a mentor, a coach, a supporter and a friend to our son who continues to grow and develop in his social interactions and personal connections.

We’ve seen a better attitude, improved self-confidence and a heightened social ambition. My husband, myself and especially my son, highly recommend Carl, with his unique style and distinctive positive outlook.

Margaret Kazz
Management Consultant & Mom

What you now have is a complete support system to thrive in every way.

And with all essential elements in place...

Schedule a Call with Carl
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The Complete System of Support

Live Coaching

We connect for 60-90 minutes each week through the internet using Skype for sound, video, and screen sharing.


Your teen can text or email me anytime with questions, share what they're working on, and celebrate wins.

Project Creation

Learn what it takes to fully develop an idea or passion by doing a project together. Find out more here.

Notes & Videos

They can review past sessions including notes, videos and screen sharing.

Personal Page

Secure login for their easy access to all recordings, notes, intake forms, and resources.

Resource Library

Access to all of my Life as a Wave content including tips, how-to's, core principles, and more.

Free Membership

To the Untapped Genius Club that offers courses, webcasts, group coaching, and a forum to connect, collaborate, and inspire one another.

Coach on Demand

My app for quick access to the Resource Library, the Untapped Genius Community, online tools, and more.

I've coached folks from all walks of life, from the homeless to the famous, and I know the power of partnership and what it can do, especially for those discovering their own path.

I've been there myself. Like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, from the book by Richard Bach, I realized at an early age that I didn't want to merely "hang with the flock to find food and shelter." I wanted to discover the world,  find out what I was capable of, bring new creations to life! 

I've experienced first hand how exhilarating travelling one's own path can be. I also know the journey can be rather challenging and scary at times and that the right kind of support and encouragement are absolutely essential.

When I coach, I bring the "all of me."

My energy, my enthusiasm, my skills, my experiences - including 20 years of coaching, extensive training in personal growth, building websites and courses for entrepreneurs, running a successful online business, playing Jazz guitar and world percussion, inventing gadgets, and enjoying an active lifestyle skiing, playing tennis, and kiteboarding.

CLICK HERE to learn more of what I bring ...

My training & background …

  • Studied core coaching competencies through the International Coaching Federation, of which I’m a founding member and technical adviser for the local chapter here in Buffalo, NY., and through Coachville, a premier source for learning the art of coaching..
  • Witnessed cutting-edge coaching while on the development team for Thomas Leonard, known as “the father of coaching.”
  • Explored other sources of insight and know-how including the 300+ books I’ve read and seminars I’ve taken on personal growth and the nature of life and mind.
  • Learned a ton traveling my own uncharted path and working through the myriad challenges of pursuing my passion.
  • Studied Electrical & Computer Engineering as well as music at the Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts, Musician’s Institute, and Los Angeles Music Academy.
  • Synthesized all of the above into a body of work I call Life as a Wave. Read my ebook, Life as a Wave: 4 Principles of Rhythm & Flow to learn more.

I’ve had some amazing adventures …

  • Lived for a short time on a sailboat in the Grenadine islands searching for the ultimate kiteboarding spots (my #1 passion).
  • Ran a business selling my tabletop waterfalls.
  • Invented gadgets from what I learned as an engineering student like my Automatic Guitar Tuner and Talking Caller ID.
  • Studied Jazz guitar and world percussion with legendary musicians like Pat Martino, Stanley Clarke, and Norman Brown.
  • Played percussion for an Emmy-winning movie, On Hallowed Ground.
  • Climbed to 14,000 feet to ski through the “no fall zone” of Jupiter Peak in Park City, Utah in chest-high powder.

I’ve overcome challenges along the way …

  • Learned how to remain positive while living in my van for 6 months when the music thing didn’t work out as planned.
  • Chose to not be a victim to circumstance while the helicopter flew me to the hospital after a serious ski accident that left me with 8 broken ribs, fractured collar bone, and dislocated hip.
  • Found ways to live my adventures despite my fuzzy mind that often refuses to focus and pay attention.
  • Felt peace within myself after years of loneliness and frustration of not being understood.

And I’ve celebrated wonderful victories …

  • The benefits of committing to exercising every single day (631 days and counting!).
  • The freedom of unconditionally accepting who I am, flaws and all.
  • The satisfaction of getting lost in drawing, painting, and sculpting.
  • The fulfillment of making a difference in people’s lives.

What it's like working with me

Some of the incredible people I've had the honor of partnering with:

Mindset & Creativity

Carl has created one of the most original and invigorating frameworks for enjoying creative freedom in even the simplest and most mundane parts of everyday life.

It’s a simple and achievable way to engage in courageous living. If it’s true that everything that we do is motivated by either our hopes or our fears, then Carl’s created a way to act on our hopes without being distracted by our fears.

In my career as a filmmaker, there are countless risks that I have to take. I turn to Carl’s methods on a daily basis to help me make those choices with courage and conviction. He’s helped to give me a creative freedom that I might not otherwise have claimed as my artistic right.

Kern Konwiser

Life & Business

I just got off the phone from a 2-hour conversation with Carl Contino – WOW! The dynamic? Easy and smooth with many moments of laughter.

The richness and experience Carl offers? Twenty years plus! The insights that I’m integrating now? A WHOLE BOAT-LOAD!

My big AH-HA moment was realizing that I was not FEELING the value of my work. I could intellectualize the value and yet not feel it in the depths of my bones. By the end of the call, he led an exercise that allowed me to FEEL my value.

Now, I’m more excited than ever to create. To create from a place of value.

David Sullivan

I believe to my very core that every one of us has something beautiful inside wanting to come out and be expressed - to do good work, to have an impact in this world. Untapped Genius for Young Minds is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity for your teen or young adult to be fully supported in their quest.

I promise I'll bring the all of me to help empower your teen to do what he or she is here to do, no matter what the situation or challenge!

Ready to take the next step? Click below to get in touch.

Life. Is. Good.


Are you an entrepreneur or creative and tired of just ‘getting by’?

NOW is your time to THRIVE and we can help!


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