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How to clear your mind of everything when you need to.

Quick Fact

Sometimes we need to just let everything go … temporarily.


Here are the steps:

  1. Get comfortable and relax
  2. Be aware of all that’s going on with you, your thoughts, your stress, etc
  3. Think about all that you’re concerned or worried about, all the things you’ve experienced in your past, and any thoughts about the future
  4. Let it all go! Just for the moment. Give yourself permission to simply allow what is to simply be what it is!
  5. Allow yourself to go absolutely blank where you have zero concerns, zero thoughts about anything, and zero goals or desires
  6. Now go do something to “fill yourself up” with something good.


  • This is a short but sweet exercise to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed
  • The key is to give your mind permission to let go all of its concerns for just a bit!
  • It’s really great to then go do something fun, enriching, healing, or anything that brings you joy!

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