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Do Nothing!

Sometimes we need to do a bunch of nothing.

Quick Fact

Life is busy and can be overwhelming at times, especially when we get caught up in the perpetual to-do list.


Simple instructions:

  1. Do a bunch of nothingness
  2. Let everything go for the moment … there’s nothing:
    1. To do
    2. To think about
    3. To worry about
  3. Simply be with the moment


  • Remember that it’s only for the moment so don’t worry about a thing!
  • This is especially handy when you’re lost in the muck of what you’re doing (like a project, getting organized, etc.), and you’re overwhelmed, lost, or confused.
  • Paradoxically, by doing nothing, you sometimes can get a ton done … especially when it comes to coming up with solutions or ideas for something.
    • It’s in the blank moments that the mind can show you ideas it’s come up with

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