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Grit to Pearl

A way to turn your crap into something beautiful

Quick Fact

Nature uses the grit to create new life … no exceptions.


Since nature does this, that means you and I can do this! We can be proactive about transforming our challenges, problems, and nuisances into new insights, new actions, new creations of any kind.

Here’s one way …

  1. Think about your particular challenge or problem in your life.
  2. Notice and express any emotions you may be feeling .. simply allow it at first.
  3. Now get clear on what you want based on what you don’t!!
  4. Decide that you are going to create something beautiful from what you’re dealing with
  5. Ask your mind to work on creating this in your life
  6. Pay attention to any hints or nudges your mind gives you and take note!
  7. Act on any ideas that surface.


  • Make sure you vent any frustration or other emotions first!!
  • Getting clear on what you actually want may not be easy or natural because your mind wants to focus on the problem!
  • It might be helpful to write down on paper what you want to create or experience that the opposite of the problem or challenge at hand.
  • Immediately take action on any ideas that surface.
  • Have fun with it all!
  • Confirm to yourself that yes indeed you can turn your problem into something great! You can look for stories of how some have turned their challenges into creating a beautiful life because of, not in spite of, the challenges.

Are you an entrepreneur or creative and tired of just ‘getting by’?

NOW is your time to THRIVE and we can help!


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