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Reframe It!

Reframe It!

Another fundamental approach to creating movement.

Quick Fact

I rely heavily on my #1 favorite approach to dealing with the unwelcome – to shift one’s perception when dealing with any challenge .

Life happens. The unexpected is certain. How we deal with it is everything. It is human, natural, and expected that the first reaction you and I will have to anything that is not desired is to be in a state of “No!” and our minds will struggle:

  • I can’t believe this is happening!
  • Oh no, now what am I going to do?
  • This sucks!
  • I can’t deal with this!

The key to working through any obstacle, challenge, crisis, or undesirable situation is to change how it appears to your mind  – to “reframe”  it.

No matter what it is. Big or small. Catastrophic or trivial.


Ask yourself any of the following questions when facing a challenging situation:

  1. What’s the opportunity here?
  2. What can I do with this?
  3. What do I like about this?!

Come up with lots of reframes, even dozens!


This works really well if you approach it (and everything else!) like a game.

  • make it up
  • use your imagination, creativity, and spirit of play
  • realize that it’s all made up … and … real at the same time
  • It’s your choice in how you want to interpret the events of your life
  • You are the artist of your life, and your life is your canvas … create something beautiful from the “crap” you have in your life!
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