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A way to clear the deck and get calm.

Quick Fact

Sometimes life throws a whole ton of things at you and can be beyond overwhelming. You can always reset the tone by doing this exercise.

  1. Lay or sit down and get cozy comfy for just a bit. You may want to spend a moment focusing on your breath, the weight of your body, or other similar thing.
  2. Then, pretend that you … aren’t you.
    • For just a brief minute or so, you have no:
    • Past or Future
    • Personality … you’re blank and simply alive, breathing in the moment
    • Desires, goals, wishes
    • Problems, issues, challenges
  3. Continue to feel the weight of your body and breath!
  • Doing this for even a couple seconds can help!
  • Might be a bit tricky but give yourself permission to do this for just a bit
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