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State Check

State Check

A quick check in to see how your state of mind is doing.

Quick Fact

Our state affects everything moment to moment including our energy, thinking, creativity, skills, problem solving, and how “life shows up” to you.


There are a number of ways of checking in:

  1. Notice if and when you get a dip or increase in your energy
  2. Notice if your thinking gets clear or muddled
  3. Notice your body and how it feels
  4. Notice the details of what you see


  • Once you get an idea of where you’re at, you can do any number of things to raise your state – check out the other wave tools to do this
  • Remember your state changes moment to moment
  • There are only 2 possible responses to the moment – yes/opening or no/closing
  • The only thing that can change your state is a yes or no response
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