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Yes And

Yes And

A very powerful YES approach.

Quick Fact

The trick to being present to the unexpected is to train yourself to be in the Yes And of it so that you can remain in flow and respond accordingly.


When something unexpected happens, like you trip and begin to fall, you knock a glass off the counter, or any number of snaffoos that can happen, you can respond by “being in the YES And” of it.

  1. Something happens
  2. You immediately get into the YES of it
  3. And keep moving forward
  • This approach is inspired by the classic comedian improv rule … that no matter what happens, you have to go with it!
  • This will create a totally different outcome compared to “being in the NO!” of it where you have a knee-jerk reaction and scramble to get a handle on whatever is occurring.
  • Your mind and body can respond exponentially quicker when in flow!
  • You can turn a bad thing into a great thing!
  • Examples:
    • A model is walking down the runway, her heel breaks, she begins to fall, and then crashes to the ground and says, “Tada!!” with a smile on her face, allowing both her and the audience to be ok with what’s occurring, instead of being embarrassed.
    • Your elbow knocks a wine glass off the counter, and as it’s falling, you find your leg kicking out in time to cushion the fall instead of it smashing into a million pieces!
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