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We all have to get stuff done, right? But it’s how you do your doing that makes all the difference! We have a choice (whether we realize it or not!):

  1. Force it
  2. Tease it

The common approach to getting stuff done

The typical way of approaching our to-do list is that we have to push through each day so we can feel a sense of completion and satisfaction … and can then relax and enjoy things. This creates:

  • Added stress as we try to get ourselves to do what we’d rather not be doing!
  • Depleted energy and feeling worn out, tired, fatigued
  • “Force it” mode where we have to push through any resistance we have
  • A lower state of mind where we are not at our best
  • Stifled creativity
  • The need for things like discipline, will power, and perseveranceall limited resources
  • A not-fun situation!

More effective approaches to getting stuff done

So let’s explore a different approach to getting stuff done that, as you’ll see, has many benefits!

First, let’s set the tone for things …

A critical point is that the only thing that makes doing “hard” is our thinking about what we have to do. This is how we can begin to change the experience in a powerful way.

So let’s shift our thinking on this, shall we?

There’s “what is” vs. how we perceive “what is.” The key is to find ways of “being in the yes” of what you have to do, and therefore, have lowered resistance to it. That requires the ability and permission to play with your perceptions.

There are a number of “Wave Tools” I’ve created to help you do just that! Here are some you can explore:

The benefits of taking a lighter approach to getting stuff done

The benefits are huge:

  • Access to more energy before and after you’re done doing what you have to do
  • Less stress, worry, and fatigue
  • Higher state of mind which gives you access to higher levels of creativity, better ideas, and improved ability to solve challenges
  • Things “click into place” where synchronicities and other things fall into place
  • Things appear to slow down as you are in the rhythm and flow of what you’re doing
  • You’re more calm and at peace
  • Less rushed
  • More fun!!!

So there you have it! Lots of different ways to approach your to-do’s – all with the single distinction in mind, that it’s only our thinking that makes things hard!

It’s your choice.

What are you going to do??

Are you an entrepreneur or creative and tired of just ‘getting by’?

NOW is your time to THRIVE and we can help!


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