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A cutting-edge up-coming program …

Moving Toward Mastery

Accessing Peak States & Higher Levels of Flow, Creativity, and Abilities
Doing what you love (and actually, everything and anything…) to the fullest.

You Will Learn …

  • How to tap into the (little-known) higher abilities that are naturally found in your mind and body so that you can …
  • Get “good” at anything and everything, including what you’re most passionate about – music, art, sports
  • Grow your talents and abilities much more efficiently and naturally
  • Consistently experience deeper levels of flow in all you do, giving you …
  • Know precisely in the moment if, and to what degree, you are in flow
  • Entice the flow experience instead of “chasing after it” so you can relax into it
  • Use the 3 Essential Signposts of Flow to guide you moment-to-moment.
  • How to effortlessly get “back into flow” when you lose it without missing a beat.
  • How to get out of the way of the flow by being a “conduit” to what you seek versus the “doer” of it
  • How to “direct the stream” of flow to new pathways when improvising like guitar soloing
  • How to remain “in the yes” of the unexpected glitch, unforeseen, mistake, etc
  • How to know when your ideas or thoughts are coming from higher-self/source/gut/intuition versus from your “localized” thinking/head, trying, making, forcing …
  • How to access Energy on demand, regardless of how much sleep you’ve had or the food you’ve eaten for energy.
  • How to cultivate sense of effortlessness, ease, and  … while creating, performing, and any actions you’re taking
  • How to relax within the constraints like deadlines, important gigs, big projects, or other limiting factors
  • How to “get out of your head” like over-thinking and trying too hard
  • Create less wear-and-tear on your body common with spending 100’s of hours doing what you do.
  • Increase the frequency and depth of synchronistic events in your life – those perfect timing, magical chance happenings or encounters ….
  • Attraction principles

Discover How

  • You can use a framework for achieving higher levels of ability and experiences that is based on a fusion of distinctions from 3 main areas:
    • Music – principles of rhythm, pacing, duration, and other dynamics found within the nature of music itself.
  • Use a little-known “force and phenomenon” found in nature and science called en-trainment (or what I like to call a “wave magnet”) to get into ever-higher levels of flow and access to the very best, juiciest, mind-boggling kind of ideas, creations, and experiences to be had in life!
    • super wicked cool thing you’ll absolutely LOVE… this is my area of specialty and …

Who This is For

  • Freelancers, entrepreneurs, online businesses
  • Creatives of all types – writers, musicians, artists, graphic designers, filmmakers, performers, comedians, inventors
  • Leaders –  visionaries, thought leaders, influencers


Freelancer’s Freedom is a personalized 1-1 coaching program that will boost your business by walking you through the path to:

  • Clarify your mission
  • Build momentum
  • Clear what’s in the way

The Transformation

Freedom from …

  1. Feeling stuck and overwhelmed
  2. Lack of follow-through and consistency
  3. Self doubt and anxiety

To …

  1. Feeling like you’ve got momentum and clarity
  2. A simple plan that you can complete
  3. Staying on track with the help of your coach, tools, and other resources
  4. Moving through internal and external blocks and barriers with ease
  5. Confidence in your identity and what you bring to the table
  6. Trust in your decisions and actions will yield results!
  7. Grow your income and impact so you can thrive doing what you love … and make a difference in people’s lives!

What We’ll Do Together:

  1. Big Picture Overview of Your Business And Life
    1. Your Business:
      1. Where you currently are
      2. What’s working and what’s not
      3. What’s getting in the way
    2. Your Life:
      1. What’s in your life?
      2. Areas of stress, overwhelm, anxiety
      3. Time and energy management
      4. Self Care – sleep, relaxation, recreation
  2. Plan the Path to Growth
  3. Execute the Plan Together
  4. Grow in Income & Impact


Along the Way, You and I will:

  • Clarify Your Vision
  • Get Organized
  • Clear What’s in the Way
  • Get Your Mindset Set
  • Utilize Systems, Tools & Resources

Are you an entrepreneur or creative and tired of just ‘getting by’?

NOW is your time to THRIVE and we can help!


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